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See Also: to say to your boyfriend to make him feel loved. I am happy to know that no matter what may happen, thoughts of you will bring happiness.

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I have tried and I am still thinking about you. You love the way that you keep popping up in my mind all day long. Today is going to be wonderful from the moment you walk through the door to the second we fall asleep together. The thoughts of your arms around me, your silly laugh, your crazy hair when you wake up in the morning.

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I doubt it because you would never get an ounce of work done if I was. Thinking of how you make me happy. I wish I knew because my mind always goes back to you. Why am I smiling?

I am thinking of you. I am thinking about you again and waiting for the moment that we see each other again. I will tell you a secret I have never told anyone else: I think of you night and day. It must be my happy thoughts of you illuminating the night.

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You go to sleep thinking of this person and he is the first thing you think of in the morning. Sounds familiar?

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Our thoughts are a sacred place. Hence, by telling friends that you are always thinking about them, you let them know how important they are for you. But, why not do it in a cute and funny way?

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Here are a few good examples. Have you ever loved anybody so much that all you could think of was only this person? You think about them day and night. Then these quotes are for you.

Danger Danger - I Still Think About You

Though the state of being in love can get in the way of work productivity, who cares about that, right? So, here they are, a lot of inspirational quotes that will help you tell your sweetheart that you are constantly thinking of her.