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If symptoms persist, check in with your doctor to see if they can suggest an OTC cream or antihistamine.

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If your frosting or cakes contain sprinkles, beware. And watch out for strawberries, kiwis, or anything else with little seeds, because those can scratch or hurt you if they get somewhere they shouldn't be, says Flanigan. Anecdotally, Gunter has seen patients come in with a lot of irritation from honey on their genitals. The safest thing would be to wear swimmers goggles, but keeping your eyes closed and washing immediately after is also a good idea, says Flanigan.

Part of the fun with sploshing is often shopping for foods alone so you can add to the element of surprise, says Flanigan. That said, make sure to check in with your partner about any food allergies or irritations you've had in the past. And if you notice any redness, itching, burning, bumps, or inflammation, stop what you're doing and wash it off. Just keep in mind that anything oil-based can break down latex condoms, so stick to a silicone-based lube or water-based lube if you're using latex.

Keep in mind that WAM and sploshing are sometimes done separately from sex just like other aspects of BDSM , so you don't need to do them together if you don't want, says Flanigan. Also, this may cut down on opportunities for foods to get near your genitals.

There's no prescribed shopping list for WAM or sploshing. So think about what foods you like, what textures and sensations you like, what foods or smells you hate, etc. If you're ever not cool with something, speak up. She also suggests a fluffy towel in the tub a dark one to avoid stains , or a nice big tarp for WAM. Then make sure you have all your ingredients and items ready and open because once you start you'll be too slippery to open anything. And keep a trash bag and extra towels handy. Unless you're both actively experimenting with masochism, avoid anything spicy on your bodies.

Even if you try to wash it off immediately, the burning and irritation can last for hours, Flanigan says. If anything gets near your genitals, Gunter suggests washing it off with a gentle soap, like a castile soap. For the rest of your body, Flanigan recommends regular dish soap for getting everything off. HUGE disclaimer: Everyone's body is different and everyone has different sensitivities, allergies, and irritations. So use good judgement when playing with food items on your naked body.

That said, experimentation is fun! And if this is a consensual thing between you and your partner and you're being as careful as possible, you should be able to enjoy it safely, says Gunter. Just make sure to talk about all of your preferences and concerns beforehand and speak up if something feels off.

Fetish of the Month: Wet & Messy

ALSO, the more details you give, the better answers you'll get. Judgment-free zone! Feel free to sign it however you want first name, alias, anonymous, some kind of descriptive sign-off, whatever , and we'll reach out if we end up answering your question. Check out some of the questions we've already answered:.

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Kelli's Summer of Gunge **

Lila us a Lucy and Sky Bikini Mud Wre Today we have Lucy and Sky who are in for a bit of a wrestle. The girls are bot Sky's Tied Up Sweet Fun. Gtg Stripped Jade Vs Emily. Today we have Jade and Emily playing gunge tank girls stripped.

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Jade has never Lila JustPied in Sexy Lingerie. Lila gets pied in sexy underwear, She gets asked questions by Lisa and if she g Rhian Wears Vibrator and Ca Cute Rhian is hosted by Cassie who pours colourful Slime all over her. Sky's Sexy Twerking Gunge a Today Sky is in a sexy mood, The camera pans up her thigh high stockings and su Gunge Squirts All Over Sexy Maid Sky gets called into the gunge disposal area with her cloth and bucket, Sh Lila is hanging out in the garden wearing a green dress with no bra, she puts h Ambers Gunge Bath in Hoodie Amber walks down the road to the studio in her purple rain coat and enters the Lucy and Amber Oil and Gung Today we have Amber and Lucy.

Amber is wearing a Mustard coloured tight dress w Lisa and Cassie Wet Games J Sky Get Caught Sleeping [oi I catch Sky sleeping on my sofa in the studio, I teach her a lesson by pouring Lila's Clear Beans Jeans C Lila is wearing some clear trousers with clear boots, Underneath she is wearing Sky's Leggings and See-thro Today we have Sky is wearing is big white shirt with some very tight gym capri I Fill Mia's Tights with Va Today we have Mia in the studio wearing a blouse with a short skirt with dark b Bobby and Corrine Oil Fun a Today Bobby and Corrine are having fun with some oil and gunge.

Bobby is wearin Corrine's Oil Therapy and B Corrine has turned up for some oil therapy in her cute red dress [braless] with Cassies Wet Bath and a Wet Cassie's wet bath gameshow. Hosted by me Charlotte! Cassie is wearing a sheer t Lisa Pool Dip in Jeans and Lisa is out by the pool in her skinny jeans, she dips her toes in the pool, She Cassie Caught Sleeping Gets Cassie has been left in her little office doing some office work, she gets Cassie Oil and Gunge Treatment.

Cassie is wearing a light pinkish colour top with no bra underneath, along with Surprise Dunk Tank for Mia Off to the pub?! No it's Dunk Tank time! Cassie Goes See-through. White Trousers Bath. I think I'm suitably dressed for a bath wearing white trousers and a black top Amber Gets Her Tights Filled. Its that time again, Its time filling time and this time its Amber's turn. Gunge Short Filling with Mi Today we got asked to do this custom and have Mia and Bobi playing Fill your Pa Janet Gets Chained, Pied an Janet get chained up by me, stripped of her skirt and gets her tights filled wi Lila's Messy Tight Filling.

Lila is wearing a short sleeved white shirt with long grey skirt and tights wit Lisa Fills Charlotte's Tights. I discover some wonderful mess all left out on the table i'm looking over it al Georgina Fills My Tights W Georgina calls me in and asks me to test out the chained handcuffs for another My Tights Are Full. OK, so this was a custom, I was asked to fill my tights with as much messy subs Alice Fills Her Tights. Alice is dressed up and looking hot, she's on her way out and I've asked her to Mini Gunge Tank Games Amber Today we have Casey, Amy and Amber. We have lots of mini games including bowlin Alice and Mia Sock Wrestlin Today Mia and Alice are playing socks or slime gunge hosted by Casey.

The gir Amber Get Gunged Bare Foot Amber has been in doing activity with her colleagues and to thank her they have Jade and Emily Gunged Socks. Emily and Jade are acted characters voting for someone to go in the gunge tank Bobi and Amber Play Mini Ga Today we have Amber and Bobi, They must pick a clue off the wall which is read Rhian's Sexy Gungy Feet Un Today we have Rhian, She explains and shows off her outfit. It's the first time Lila Pies Herself Lots in R Lila is wearing a wonderful red dress selected by me, she isnt wearing any tigh Charlotte Custard Porridge Im wearing a pretty black slim dress with some black tights on with no heels.

Emily's Feet Dipping Gunge So, today I get to have some fun with my sister Emily. I love it when I get to Messy Welly Feet Game Cassi Today we have two giggly girls who are blindfolded, We have Sky and Cassie, bot Charlotte's Custard Coverin Today i cover myself in custard while wearing a black shirt with grey fleck ski Georgina's Pedicured Fresh We're are back, and Georgina gets asked a single question which decides whether Ania has just come back and she is tired, she is in her pjamas, Ania takes a se Welcome to today's games how where we have Ania, We are bother wearing short sl Lila and Casey Pub Games So The girls walked down the path chatting, they take a seat on the grass, they di Casey and Mia Welly Challen Gunge Amber and Amy Schoolgirls M Mia Cheats on Casey Food an Mia comes in for a custom, she sits down and talks to me and complains that she Mia Bobbi Amber Mini Gunge Today we have Mia, Amber, Bobbi.

The first game is musical chairs the seat in t Lisa Vs Amber Mini Gungetan Today we have Amber and Lisa wearing personalised t-shirts with shorts and knee Charlotte Gets MilkShook Se I arrive at this supposed great milkshake bar, I take a sear and Casey takes my Cassie's Sweet and Savoury Today we have Cassie is wearing a grey long sleeves top with jeans we've brough Casey and Charlotte's Messy Casey and myself are at a party meal, we cant decide on what to have, the table Alice and Cassies Sticky Me Today the girls are playing a favourite game show, Where the bitchy hos Casey's Cute Dress Gets Messy.

Casey is wearing a cute brown dress with spots with some white tights with heel Bobbi and Mia Messy Food an Today we have Bobi and Mia playing against each other and hosted by Casey. Lila Has a Smashing Time wi Lila starts by removing her heels and putting on some nude thigh high stockings Big Cheesy Games with Porri Today we have Mia and Ania playing a game hosted by Casey. One girl has to take Cassie Multiple Jeans Messy Cassie has come in for an appraisal, she has disobeyed the contract she signed Bobby and Lila Gunge and Fo Today we have Lila and Bobby. The girls play a round of Kaplunk.

The looser sit Corrine Vs Amber Savoury Vs Today we have Corrine and Amber, The world cup is over but it battles on here w Casey Takes a Silly Amount Today Casey is wearing a cute dress with cats on with some white tights. We hav Today we have Rhian and Amber, Rhian is wearing a grey dress with no tights and Alice Knows Whats Coming!

I attempt to play a card game with Alice today but she knows somethings up and Pies Amber and Amy Schoolgirls M Cassie Cheats Casey's Cards Today we have Cassie and Casey.

Cassie is wearing an casual outfit and Casey is Today we have a wonderful big epic shoot with two fabulous girls Ania and Sky w Amber and Casey Messy Compe Amber and Casey are competing for the mystery customers attention. They've dres Emily's Pied White Cotton P Today we have the super cute Emily wearing a white top with her super push up b You Buzz We Buzz Cassie and Today we have that classic naughty game that we like to call You Buzz We Buzz. We're playing a game called Pie Score.

We have Cassie, Mia, Lila and Casey. Wetlook My Messy Life Charlotte and Sky and Charlotte Test Hair Today's program is to show and test out different makeup and hair products look Charlottes Wet-Shirt in the I out in the garden in my jeans and shirt, it's a hot day and im reading my boo Sassy Danielle Gets Wet In Danielle is hot and wants to cool down, She's wearing a white top with jeans wi Lila's Dress in the Hottub Casey and Charlotte Champag Charlotte and Casey have just finished an amazing run.

They're so happy, Casey Corrine rides to her interview but gets caught in the rain, she arrives at the Casey Gets Charlotte Back w Today we have our Celebrity Casey, I mock her from the time she got drenched, C Water Spinner Wet Jeans Gam The game today we are using Casey Ties up Charlotte an Casey ties me up and pours water over me to get me back from all the bad shoots Lila and Emily Water Wars J Today we have Lila and Emily playing water wars against each other, both girls Sky Wet in Tights and Corset.

Sky is wearing a black corset with black lace panties and black sheer tights, S Lila Air Hostess Dunk Tank Lila gets dunked in a real air hostess uniform, and swims around in the dunk ta Lisa's Relaxing Bath and Sh Today Lisa takes a relaxing bath in her long flowery skirt with a Cotton long s Emily and Charlotte Get Bap Emily and i are doing a baptism today [gautschfest], Emily is wearing a denim j Today I have a mark on my shirt, so I ask Sky to help me clean it off. We start Mud My Messy Life Charlotte and Sky comes to the studio after she has borrowed a mop and bucket to clean up the Charlotte Evil Sabotage Pie On this day i was very mad and feeling very evil, Someone left lots of mess in Michelle Muddy Mop Mess.

Michelle has been give detention from school, she has been told that she has to Testing Mud On Cassie. So, we are about to start filming mud wrestling, so Leon has ordered some mud t Michelle's Muddy Mess. I tie up Michelle and pour mud over her - Our lovely Michelle so sweet and inno Kendall's Muddy Mess Bath i Today Kendall fancies something a bit different, she's found some mud and is in Slime Rhian Wears Vibrator and Ca Cassie Slimed by Rhain plus Cassie is wearing a satin top with a skirt, tights and heels.

Rhian introduces Naughty School Girl Rhian E Naughty school girl Rhian has lost her exercise class kit bitchy teacher MrsMoo Ania's Close and Personal Q Charlotte My Messy Life Charlotte and Danielle Plays Number Crunc Today we have Danielle dressed as school girl in a shirt with tie and skirt, no Lila and Charlotte Sticky, Hosted by Casey, Lila and myself run the risk of getting a messy item on oursel Lisa and Charlotte Oil Down Lisa's been chained up at the studio by me, I pour oil down her jeans starting The Sequel: Charlotte Mostw So after the popularity of the last Custom involving my husband and myself, we Sky Questioned to Escape Gu Todays gameshow is called Save The Host.

The Audience member Sky has to save th Sky and Charlotte Questions Today we have Sky with us, We are both wearing white t-shirts with yellow short Casey, Sky and Charlotte Pi Custom Gtg Halloween Numeri Today we're playing another game of Numerically Challenged, we have the devil S Numerically Challenged Sky Its that time again custom gtg Numerically Challenged, but today we have Sky an Lila and Rhian Sweet Messy Lila shows Rhian how to get messy with a few sweet substances in their underwea Lila Reverse Strip from Lin Today Lila stars off wearing some fancy lingerie, she gets into the chocolate b Casey Vs Lila Sticky Mess i Casey and Lila are back for a battle, The girls play rock paper scissors and th Lila and Emily Gtg Less Dre Today we have Lila and Emily!

(#3) Christa

We're playing gunge tank girls less dressed! Today we have 4 wonderful girls, 2 wearing cause jeans outfits and 2 wearing sk Lila and Casey Flour and Sy Lila and Casey host their own game, Taking in turns to choose cards. The loser Whats In Our Boots! Today we have Corrine and Lila wearing some cute outfits with skirts and tops w Shaving Foam Pie Buzzers Em Today we have two teams, Blue and Red. On Blue with have Emily, and Anna.

On th Sky Gunged and Messy Girls in F Socks or Slime?! Lisa Vs Sk Today our gameshow is hoste by Casey and she is hosting socks or slime with Lis Sky's Rain Coat Gunge Test Today we have Sky wearing a grey loose long sleeve top and wet look leggings wi Emily Custard Filled Shoe and Boo Emily Vs Rachel Gtg Strippe We Welcome Back Emily in He We welcome my sister Emily back with a surprise gunging. Gtg Stripped Emily Vs Alice. Its that time again, gungetankgirls Stripped!

We have Emily wearing a bl Emily Loves Pink Gunge. Emily gets asked to do a little playful seen where she says that she loves pink Blow It Gladiator Gunge Foo Today we have 3 lovely girls, we have the game 'blow it' and we have blow up gl Emily Vs Casssie Custom Gtg Today we're playing gtg Stripped and its with Emily and Cassie hosted by Lisa. Emily Vs Charlotte Numerica Its that classic game of Numerically Challenged, Featuring this time my wonderf JustPied In Underwear Emily Emily and Lucy play justpied.