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#19 – Shawn Chesser, author, left coaster, man with strong jawline.

Dazed and confused, the woman follows Severian and Agia. Severian secures the avern and the group proceeds to an inn near the dueling grounds. While eating dinner, Severian receives a mysterious note warning about one of the women. After dinner, Severian meets with his challenger, and though stabbed by the avern he miraculously survives and finds that his challenger was the male owner of the rag shop, Agia's brother.

When Severian wakes again, he finds himself to be in a lazaret. After finding Dorcas and identifying himself, he is requested to perform an execution. The prisoner turns out to be his challenger, Agia's brother, whom he executes. Severian and Dorcas return to their travels. While searching his belongings, Severian finds the Claw of the Conciliator.

Apparently Agia stole the Claw from the altar they destroyed and knowing that she would be searched, placed it in Severian's belongings. Eventually Severian and Dorcas encounter Dr. Talos, Baldanders and Jolenta, who are almost ready to perform the play they had invited Severian to the morning before. Severian assists in the play, and the next day the group sets out toward the great gate leading out of Nessus. When they are at the gate, there is suddenly a commotion and the narration abruptly ends. The book continues shortly after the previous installment left off, skipping Severian's journey from the gate of Nessus to the nearby town of Saltus.

Having been separated from the rest of the group he was traveling with, Severian pauses his search for them here as he is given an opportunity to practice his art in this case, execution on two people. The first was accused of being a servant of Vodalus, a revolutionary leader. As the man is dragged out of his home by a mob, Severian glimpses Agia amidst the crowd, a woman who with her twin brother had formerly tried to swindle and then kill Severian to gain his valuable executioner's sword.

Severian executed the brother at the request of the local authorities. Realizing she has been sighted, Agia flees and Severian, still in love with her, follows, searching for her at the town fair. Unable to find her, he ends up at a tent containing a man whose skin is green. The green man is held as a slave, and his master makes money off of him, claiming he can answer any question. In answer to Severian's queries as to how he could know everything, the green man tells Severian he is from the future. The green man does not know where Agia can be found, but Severian takes pity on him and gives him a piece of his whetstone so that he can free himself by grinding through his chains, thus recalling his mercy to Thecla, another prisoner, in the first book.

Unable to find Agia, Severian returns to town where he later executes a woman accused of being a witch. Eating dinner with his friend Jonas whom he met at the gate at Nessus that evening, he finds a letter he first thinks is from Thecla but is actually from Agia asking him to meet her at a nearby cave. In the cave, Severian encounters and barely escapes a group of man-apes.

The light from the Claw a relic he accidentally came into possession of, which had previously been held by a religious order stops the man-apes' attack, but it also seems to wake a gargantuan unknown creature deep below in the cave, who is only heard and not seen. Severian has little time to ponder this as he escapes, only to be attacked by Agia and her assassins outside the cave.

One of the attackers is killed by one of the man-apes, who had its hand cut off by Severian in the battle in the cave. The ape gestures its stump at Severian, wanting him to do something with it, but Severian does not know what. Severian prepares to execute Agia, but, still unable to hate her, lets her go and returns to Saltus, where he and Jonas are kidnapped by Vodalus' gang for having agreed to execute one of its members.

Severian recalls to Vodalus that he saved his life some years past, so Vodalus allows Severian to enter his service. Severian and Jonas attend a midnight dinner with Vodalus, where they consume Thecla's roasted flesh, which, when combined with an alien substance, allows Thecla's memories to live within Severian.

Given the task to deliver a message to a servant in the House Absolute, the Autarch's seat of power, Severian and Jonas set off to the north. They are attacked by a flying creature who feeds on the heat and life force of living beings, and escape only by tricking the creature into attacking and killing a nearby soldier instead. Severian feels guilty and, having a suspicion of the healing powers of the Claw, uses it to bring the soldier back to life.

They are then captured by guards of the House Absolute and thrown into an antechamber designed to hold prisoners indefinitely. Severian's Claw heals a wound Jonas receives during the night they spend there; then the pair escape some unknown horror using a pass phrase to open a secret door — Severian remembers the phrase using Thecla's memory. Walking the corridors of the House Absolute, Jonas is revealed to be a robot who once crash-landed on earth and is now partly covered by human flesh, and steps into a mirror and disappears, promising to return for Jolenta when he is healed.

Severian is lost and eventually encounters the Autarch himself, to whom he swears service, upon being shown a portal to another universe. Talos, and Baldanders, who are preparing to once again perform the play they put on in the first book. Severian participates again, but the play is cut short when Baldanders flies into a rage and attacks the audience, revealing that aliens are among them. The band is scattered and Severian finds them a distance away the next morning, heading north. Talos and Baldanders part ways with Severian and Dorcas at a crossroad, Severian heading toward Thrax, and the giant and his physician headed toward Lake Diuturna.

The waitress Jolenta tries to have Talos take her with him, but he has no more use for her now that the plays are no longer necessary, and Severian is forced to take her. As they head north, Jolenta is attacked by a "blood bat" and becomes ill. It is revealed that she had been scientifically altered by Dr. Talos to be gorgeous and desirable, but is quickly becoming sickly and unattractive. Soon the trio meets an old farmer who tells them they must pass through an enigmatic stone city to get to Thrax.

Upon arriving at the ruinous city, Severian sees a pair of witches initiate a dream-like event in which ghostly dancers of the stone town's past fill the area and engage with the witch's servant, who is actually Vodalus's lieutenant Hildegrin. The book ends with Dorcas and Severian emerging from a stupor in the stone town, Jolenta dead, and the witches and Hildegrin gone. Having completed the journey he was sent upon when he was exiled from the Citadel, Severian takes up his position as the Lictor or Master of Chains of the city of Thrax.

His lover Dorcas falls into depression, in part because of her position as the partner of a reviled and feared figure in a strange city. She is also becoming increasingly upset by her mysterious past, and convinced that she must unravel its secrets, however disturbing they may turn out to be. Escaping an exotic creature that incinerates things, which seems to have come to Thrax to find him, Severian finds himself again showing mercy to a condemned prisoner and is forced to flee the city. He and Dorcas separate, and he journeys alone into the mountains in search of the Pelerines, whom he believes to be the rightful keepers of the priceless relic which he carries, the Claw of the Conciliator.

On the road, he battles his enemy Agia, and the Alzabo, a beast which acquires the memories of those it consumes, as well as a gang of men who have opted to become as animals. In the wake of this violence, he takes an orphaned boy, little Severian, into his care. They encounter a village of men who claim to be sorcerers, and who possess more power than Severian at first believes. Escaping amidst the threat that yet another dangerous creature has been set upon his trail, Severian discovers a monarch from the past, Typhon, in an ancient city. Typhon tries to manipulate Severian during a complex confrontation.

Little Severian is killed. Continuing his journey, Severian is drawn into a local conflict on the side of a group of islanders being enslaved. He then discovers that his old companions Dr. Talos and Baldanders are the enslavers, and is forced to battle the giant Baldanders. In the wake of this battle, in which his sword and the Claw are both at least apparently, in the latter case destroyed, Severian seeks to digest a series of revelations: about the nature of Baldanders, the nature of the aliens who manipulate events on Urth yet profess to be his friends, and the nature of the Claw which he carried for so long.

As he does so, he finds himself approaching the edge of the war in the North. Severian finds himself wandering around when he first happens upon a dead soldier whom he revives with the Claw. The soldier remains unable to speak as they make their way to the Pelerines camp. In the camp, Severian suffers a fever and is treated along with others injured in the war. While recovering, Severian judges a story telling contest. Before leaving he returns the Claw by putting it in an altar.

Outside the church Severian is tasked to visit a friend of the Pelerines in the mountain, to bring him back from the danger of the war to the safety of the camp. Severian arrives to the man's house but, due to time-travel related phenomena, the man disappears as he is led away. Upon returning to the camp, Severian discovers it has been attacked and abandoned.

Severian soon finds the new camp where most of those he met during his stay are dead or dying. Eventually, Severian is drawn into war against armies of the North composed of people known as Ascians. Severian nearly perishes but is rescued by the androgynous spy he met in the House Absolute, the Autarch of the Commonwealth. Severian is nursed back to health and converses with the Autarch about his role in the Commonwealth. They board a flier and while heading out over the war zone, they are shot down. The Autarch is dying and tells Severian to consume the alzabo vial around his neck and consume his flesh, as Severian is to be the next Autarch.

Severian does so and thus he acquires hundreds of consciousnesses that the Autarch once had. Barbossa offers him to handle that in his stead, implying that he recruited men with the intend to mutineer against his captain. Ten years before the events of The Curse of the Black Pearl , Barbossa led a mutiny against Jack Sparrow and marooned him on an uncharted island. Arriving at the treasure of Isla de Muerta , identical pieces of Aztec gold, they claim it and spend it all.

They realize too late that the cursed gold has turned them into undead. Shortly after the mutiny, Barbossa has Bootstrap Bill Turner killed by attaching a cannonball to his foot and throwing him overboard. The crew spend the next years retrieving the Aztec gold and amassing treasure, unable to find the last piece of gold, as Bootstrap Bill had sent it to his son. When Elizabeth Swan falls into the sea wearing Will's medallion, it alerts the cursed pirates to its location. Mistaking her for Bootstrap Bill's child, he takes her to the Isla de Muerta to use her blood in a ritual to break the curse, which fails.

Will reveals himself as Bootstrap's son and offers Barbossa his blood in exchange for Elizabeth's safety. Barbossa has Elizabeth and Jack marooned on exactly the same uncharted island where he marooned Jack years earlier. Before Barbossa can perform the ritual, the island is attacked by the British Royal Navy. A fight ensues between Barbossa and Jack. As Will breaks the curse, Barbossa is shot to death by his old captain. However, it is revealed in the closing scene of Dead Man's Chest that Barbossa was revived by Tia Dalma, who is actually the sea goddess Calypso in human form.

Sao Feng agrees to provide them with the map and a crew. He proposes to free Calypso, which leads to a fight between the parties. When Elizabeth Swann is elected Pirate King, she decides to make a final stand against the trading company. After negotiations fail, Barbossa frees Calypso with the Pieces of Eight and the wrathful sea goddess creates a maelstrom , in which Barbossa captains the Black Pearl in a duel with the Flying Dutchman. During the fight, he officiates the marriage of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. However, Jack has stolen the map from him.

In On Stranger Tides , set over a decade after the third film , it is revealed that Barbossa had lost the Black Pearl to Edward "Blackbeard" Teach , who attacked the ship without warning and used his magical sword to turn the ship against his crew. Barbossa lost his right leg in the attack, and vowed to avenge the Pearl by killing Blackbeard. He joined the Royal Navy as a privateer to attain a new ship and safety from prosecution. Barbossa forces Joshamee Gibbs , now in possession of the map, into assisting him on his quest.

When they arrive at White Cap Bay, their ship is sunk by mermaids. Making their way through the jungle, Barbossa reaches the ship of Ponce de Leon in search for the two chalices required for the ritual, where he meets Jack Sparrow. The man left, unmoved by the cruelty he just commited.

He felt no guilt. She was among those who were responsible for his betrayal, there could've been no doubt about it. The advisors shared a similar fate as the queen, they died, one after another. In the end, only the king himself remained. The man knew exactly where to find the "Defender of Mankind". The quest rooms, one particular guest room.

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The man could hear laugher, the king had more pleasure in bedding his most exotic guest than his wife. Soon, all three would be united again - in death. He entered the room the same way he entered the others. The man closed the door behind him and then broke the king and his lover apart with his magic. They looked at him, both confused and shocked. The king of Rendar and his "company" — the elven queen. It was rumoured that, soon, she'd allow her daughter to take over so she could enjoy her immortal life without ruling the Elven Kingdom.

That day would come sooner than she thought. She was a vile woman who only used the Humans to fight her battles for her. The man had many good friends among the Elves, her daughter was said to be more popular than her mother but not to be trusted. The man had met her once. He didn't like her back then. Only time would show, but tonight, the Elves would lose their queen and the people of Rendar would lose their king. The man rose his hand to gather his magic and then pointed at her. A loud crushing. An ice meteor had fell from the sky — it landed directly on the elf and crushed her body completely.

The king stared at her, not believing what he just saw. He tried to call the guards, but he was silenced by the same spell the man used on his wife. This king would die a slow, gruesome death, he would suffer the same pain as the man did. First, the man entangled the king in this bed. Then, he froze the arms of the king while also burning them at the same, creating a magical symbiosis that was both effective and really painful.

The king tried to scream but the spell prevented him from doing so. The man removed the insects once they were done eating the feet and used dark magic to make the king feel pain from both the inside and the outside. He had no chance. The man opened his mouth and an unnatural, strange sound, that made the king look at him filled with even more fear than pain, was the last thing, the king would ever hear. His blood began to burn in black flames, slowly killing the king in agony.

The deed had been done. The king and everyone else responsible for the betrayal of the soldiers were dead. Still, the man felt nothing. He left the palace the same way he entered it and also left the city. In a few hours, the people would realize that their king is dead and since he didn't have any heirs, chaos would reign for the next few years. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore.

The man disappeared in the forest and, for the first time since days without rest, he stayed at one place. His journey was over, but the man somehow knew that his story wasn't over. This thought was confirmed sooner than he had expected. We should meet, in person. Come to me, Rahandir Drakeskull, and hear me out.

You won't regret it. Dark Heart and Mind. Dark Heart and Mind I sat in the corner and sighed. I had no idea how long it had been since they threw me in this prison. I was alone for hours. Sometimes, the guards passed by, but they wouldn't dare say a word. I didn't know why, but they only looked at me, grim expressions in their faces. They despised me, they couldn't understand that I wasn't one of them.

I've never been one of them. I was raised far away from them, by an Orc as an Orc among Orcs who couldn't accept me either. Only the one who raised me, the one I even called father, and the one I called brother really accepted me. Others tolerated my presence, but I never got anything from them without fighting for it — but that was a common thing among Orcs. I was happy that I had so many opportunities to prove my worth. I had forgotten everything that was before.

My orcish foster father said that he'd unite the Orcs one day. That he'd create a future for his people that would make them get the life they deserved. While pillaging was part of the culture, it shouldn't be the limit. He wanted to see the Orcs in their own kingdom, he kept telling me. I loved listening to him and discussing his plans with him. He also insisted that I'd have a respected position in that future. I had forgotten so much. I was more than happy to fulfil every single order he had for me. It wasn't the first time he sent me to infiltrate the Empire, not the first time I got information for him since the Humans always believed that I was one of them.

However, on the last mission, they caught me. I still have no idea how they could have found us, but they had. The Imperial knights rushed the camp we had built just a few hours ago and killed everyone inside, excluding me. I managed to escape while the Orcs sacrificed themselves for me. In the end, it was in vain. I reached a Human village and tried to get through unnoticed. While doing so, I overheard many talks between the Humans. Before, I had never really cared about their small-talk, I was only interested in the things I knew.

I realized that the Humans and the Orcs weren't so different. However, before I could start to ponder about this, the knights found me. They had noticed me when I escaped and rode after me. This time, there was no escape, no battle. They caught me. There was a mage in brown clothes who accompanied them. He just had to wave his hand and I couldn't move anymore. I was helpless, when they enchained me.

The mage had a short talk with one of the knights before he and half of the knights were on their way. The knights said, there was someone who wanted to talk with me. I was thinking about this capture, when I suddenly heard noises and looked up. From far away, I could see light. A tall figure, bearing a torch, was coming my way.

I could already hear the heavy armor from afar. When he came closer, I noticed the dark armor he was wearing and knew who it was. It was the very person I had been brought to after the knight captured me. I had never seen anyone else with this armor. It was black with some golden ornaments on it, but that wasn't all of it. Dark magic. He put the torch aside and looked at me. The torch allowed me to see his face.

It was completely cold. He didn't say a single word, he just looked at me. I wasn't scared of him — unlike the Imperials. I had heard several tales about him, claiming that he was the most intimidating, living Human. But I was no Imperial, I grew up among Orcs. Orcs don't fear their enemies.

He didn't reply. Instead, however, he opened my cell and entered. From this close, I could see how tall he was. Had he been an Orc, he would still be tall in comparison to others. Even taller than my foster father. You should run, you cannot hope to have the power to withstand them! He smiled. He came closer and as much as I tried to deny it, his presence started to intimidate me. I blamed some spell of his armor. He removed his helmet and came closer until his face was almost touching mine.

I could've tried to use this opportunity to try and kill him to escape, but I couldn't do it. I had to listen to what he told me next, what he whispered in my ear. I had to listen to the dark and sinister secrets, that he told me. My eyes widened, the longer I listened to him,the less horrified and the more fascinated I was by this secrets. He whispered of things, unable to describe. I forgot everything I had known, he was filling my mind with things so monstrous and so wunderful at the same time, I couldn't have dreamt of.

He talked for hours and the more I listened to him, the more obsessed I became with learning more. More knowledge, more power, there was nothing else I could think about.

First Undead Book of Arkain

I completely forgot everything else. It didn't matter anymore that I was imprisoned, it didn't matter that he should've been my enemy, I just wanted power and knowledge, no matter how dangerous it was, I WANTED it. When he stopped talking, I begged him to continue. He told me, that he would tell me more next time we met, but also that he had to go now. Then, he just left. I knew that he had changed me. He had darkened my thoughts by simply talking with me. Sometimes, I could still hear his whispers afterwards.

The moment he left, I forsake all the plans Rangul had. There was only one thing left in my mind: Power. I longed for it. It was like an addiction and I wanted to see it satisfied. I would find my own ways of gaining power and then seek him out again.

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Uuuu, nice. MogulKahn , May 6, Review TIME! You have done a decent work in the heros skillsets exluding Saphira and Largoth in my oppinion Largoth skill set was just "meh" You could have done a better work on that. However not that much work on the rest of the tech tree. We just got a new toy to play with the Frozen Ghosts they were really helpfull tho about the Legionares they are just overused unites. We were doing all this erands THEN hell breaks lose Ardion had a spy within Demon army,there is another powerfull being that can really mess up Ardion plans,Largoth makes a run for it and betrays Ardion and to top it off even Ardion fails to forsee the Demon army invasion which leads me to question his abilitys to see the future.

Bugs -In chapter four even tho i had no cheats on the Demon slaves army still could find my hidden mine the one at the left of your base and destroy it with the gryphons -Chapter four on of the heros did not drop a "Life" artifact DD Mikasa , May 7, Kasrkin , May 8, Joined: May 9, Messages: Resources: 0. Admiral Proudmoore , May 8, Joined: Nov 14, Messages: 64 Resources: 0. I'm playing in easy mode and found out that enemies do rebuild lost buildings.

I recall in the very first mission against the orcs and in the sea battle chapter against both humans and orcs. Easy mode isn't that "easy". In the first mission, it is difficult to siege the orc base because they train units so fast you can barely attack the buildings. I can't imagine how it must be in higher difficulties. Last edited: May 8, KingLich , May 8, Joined: Mar 7, Messages: Resources: 4 Maps: 4.

Imperator , May 8, Generally, the terrain was not really well done. Let's say it was mediocre. Sometimes the tile variation and the doodads were used well yet most of the times it was not like that.

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The thing that disappoints me most is the heavy restriction of the terrain. Due to the large use of Blizzard cliffs, the battling area is very limited. Just in the first mission, when I had to siege the orcs, for the abomination at the ramps it was like one after the other. One dies, the next goes. The same awful thing occured in the rest of the chapters. That's not good because I'm unable to manipulate my army at its full potential which makes your missions both tedious and insane; all this trouble for the terrain!

The fog was also used badly just as the doodads. On some occasions, it was so weak that I couldn't see it or it had such a large Z Start that at long distances, the terrain was coloured with a deep colour I recall Chapter 3 having a dense blue fog on long distances and no sky. Well, it looks very unnatural, peculiar and, honestly, terrible. All in all, the terrain requires greater attention for a more attractive gameplay. Well well well I must say the plot kept me intrigued till the end of the campaign.

The characters were enjoyable with each one clearly having different personalities. A betrayal wasn't missing in the story and that made things more interesting. However, the gameplay didn't flow so smoothly as the plot.