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The machines above this varied palette are fixed to a rail that enables them to stably move back and forward. At the lowest level, conveyors cross from one end to the other. The view from any point in the open-cast Garzweiler mine is desolate.

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However, RWE says once the mine is depleted, it will be filled with water to one day become a recreation area. But for that, coal mining first has to be phased out completely. Meanwhile, activists have been living for more than two years in what remains of the Hambach Forest. They oppose RWE's plans to extend the Hambach mine - close to Garzweiler - which would see the remnants of the ancient forest go.

Jus is one of the activists who has made the forest their home. They welcome interested visitors, providing them with information about their efforts. Support is constantly growing, Jus said. Living in the forest is not only a way to stop the mining activity, it is also the perfect way to demonstrate a more sustainable lifestyle, activists believe. They say they build with sustainable materials, in harmony with nature and respecting wildlife. Climate and energy experts believe the elections and the formation of a new government will be the turning points in reaching a final phase-out of coal mining.

And if the Hambach mine invades the forest, activists fear the next generations will face a desolate panorama.

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Emphasis is laid on the composition of the soil - to examine what has gotten into the ground over the decades and how much contamination it has experienced. Then a grid of the area is created so that we can then fully grasp the site. Only after that can we see what we can do where. In today's world of increased environmental awareness, land is virtually one of a company's business cards. But now if we do sloppy work, we are done," said Hans-Peter Noll.

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In the 40 years since our company's founding, there has never been an incident where an area had to be demolished because of ground contamination. To date, RAG Montan has invested around 60 million euros in measures aimed at the revitalization of land.

In addition, almost 75 million euros of grants are provided by the state government of NRW. Building land costs between and euros per square meter. For commercial premises, the price varies between 30 and euros, depending on the location. The contaminated soil is also not removed from the areas. Instead it is processed in so-called landscaped buildings. There, soil is lifted. Thick plastic planes, which are to last years, are laid out and the affected soil is poured up.

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In addition, depending on the case, up to six meters of pure soil comes available, which is then planted. The process is accompanied by a constant supply of groundwater. In China, there are nearly 70, mines, and some of them are always facing closure. The Chinese need the space and are very interested to see how we are doing it. Logging has begun in Hambach Forest, where activists have sought for years to protect ancient trees - which grow over coal coveted by German power company RWE.

Under heavy police presence, the fight is about to get real.

Researchers and economists at UFZ Leipzig are examining the value of nature in specific places in Germany as a means of better managing natural resources. Their findings are revealing. Located in a former coal-mining region, it's reinvented itself as a "green city. Greenpeace is serious about acquiring coal mines and power plants owned by Swedish utility Vattenfall in eastern Germany. But the environmentalists don't want to pay anything.


The operations, they say, are worthless. Our values and how we implement them Our employees are the core of the company and their motivation and knowledge are the most important assets of UNIQUE. Their identification with the company, its goals and principles, is very important to us. We practice a participatory leadership style with opportunities for codetermination, a culture of dynamic feedback and the principle of high individual responsibility.

We learn together with our partners, and promote the professional and social skills and the personal development of our employees. Our corporate responsibility and commitment to sustainability is ensured through ISO quality management certification and by adhering to FSC principles and criteria.

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