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Introducing The 3-Week ‘Find Your Dream Job’ Boot Camp

Do you want to open a brick and mortar business like your own gym or studio? Maybe a little flower shop? A dog shelter? These businesses will be much different than starting an online business which often requires much less startup capital. Might as well gain some clarity before you dive in. The allure of owning a business is tempting to many people — you get to be your own boss, have an unlimited earning potential, and much more. Your business could be online or a traditional brick and mortar business, with variations of both. More on why you should start your own business in this article.

You know yourself and you have a few options for dream jobs, but how do you actually obtain a dream job?

The Art Teacher’s Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired

While there are many strategies for a successful job search, your best option is to invest your time into making genuine connections with people who have the power to hire you. If I asked one of your friends about you, how would they describe you? Would they tell me that you work well with others and love helping people?

Take advantage of the LinkedIn search features

Whether you like it or not, you already have a personal brand. People already think some type of way about you. How do you ensure that your personal brand is what you want it to be? You start by crafting a personal mission statement. Think about the bio on your Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. What does it say? In those sections you have a chance to convey your personal mission statement, and when trying to obtain your dream job, you can tailor your mission statement to your desired job.


LinkedIn is a must for almost any career, but Twitter and Instagram are other options to consider. Having a personal website where you can actively share original articles and videos demonstrating your expertise is such a value add to your dream job search. You can link to your personal website on your social media profiles and use this as an intro for making new connections. Create a few articles or film a few videos related to your dream job and include them on your website. Reach out on Linkedin, ask if you can talk with them for minutes , and discover the challenges the business is facing and where there may be opportunities.

You can follow up with potential solutions to those problems after the call. You should also ask if their company is hiring or what positions they have available right now. Of course, if you already know someone at the company you want to work at, you can reach out to them and do the same thing. Ask what challenges their company is facing and see where you could be helpful.

10 tips for landing your dream job in 2018

Remember, companies hire for a reason. They need something.

Look for ways you can add value to a company. By talking to your friend you should be able to find a few ways. You can find plenty of resume templates available online, but those two pieces of information are most important. The cover letter gives you a chance to expand on your resume and showcase your personality.

As I mentioned in this article , employers are really only looking to answer 5 questions in an interview:. You can expect that a few common questions or variations of these questions will be asked in your interview. Ahh yes, the interview is over! Using any of the tools you can find here, you can build a gorgeous website showcasing yourself in a unique and impressive way that will get you ahead right from the start.

There are plenty of tools out there, and you can get on online resume completed in a matter of hours. Each of these 3 techniques will instantly make you stand out above your competition and give you a fighting shot at your dream job.

What your CV should contain

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Job - Just Go Grind

If you want to get your dream job, you need modern job-seeking strategies that work. Have you always been dreaming of a specific role or industry, being in a management role, etc. Keeping all of that in mind, the most important thing you need to think about is what gets you going in the morning?

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Great, now look for a job that allows you to pursue it. Now that we know what we need to take into consideration when searching for a job, let me tell you how I searched for a job and what I found useful on my way to securing the best job ever: Make sure you do your research. Is my resume enough to qualify for a job? If you are a strong candidate with a great application, the lack of experience might not be as relevant as it would be for other candidates. You scheduled an interview? Great news. What do they do?

Job Interview - How to get Your Dream Job - Grant Cardone

What do people say about the company? Read the reviews, come prepared. You got a job offer.