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Not an obstacle. Not an animal. Not a god to be worshipped. Your neighbor is not a mere object to be lusted after, murdered, or stolen from.

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He or she is your fellow image-bearer. This lawyer thought he was okay until the piercing eyes of the only One who has ever fully and perfectly loved His neighbor revealed the depravity of his heart. Jesus does this to this outwardly religious man by telling a story about the vulnerable and the pious. And neither are we. But there is good news for less-than-neighborly lawyers and 21st Century passers-by like me. This is how the Great Commandment and the Great Commission fit together and help us see fully what it means to be truly human.

Because Jesus defeated the corruption that keeps us walking by on our roads to Jericho, we can be restored to our original image-bearing purposes. Obeying Jesus means proclaiming to the spiritually vulnerable that they were created by a Creator in His image, have been alienated by their Creator because of sin and can now be reconciled to God through Christ.

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And obeying Jesus means, like Jesus, loving our neighbors as ourselves by entering into their suffering, advocating for the vulnerable, and showing the world a glimpse of the new kingdom of God. Andrew Menkis May If you want to have meaningful conversations with teenagers about how to use social media wisely, this article may help you start a discussion. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions on transhumanism, if Christians can kill when in the military, and salvation by grace alone Daniel Darling Feb Why does Paul say love is the greater than faith or hope?

At BioLogos, we think there is a better way.

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Some of the strongest evidence for the common ancestry of all life forms comes from genetics. Genetics is the study of how changes are passed down from generation to generation through DNA. What happens to Christian theology if evolution is true? Does BioLogos believe that God is the creator?

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Yes, all Christians believe this; the question is, how did God create? Well, that depends on whose plain reading you mean. So how did God bring about the diversity of life we see on earth today? First he needed a place where life could survive—a planet that is just the right distance from the sun, and full of the right kinds of elements. So how old is the earth? Some people think the Bible says it was created about 6, years ago. While the Bible does include a number of genealogies, many conservative Bible scholars believe that these lists are not intended to be a complete method of dating the age of the earth.

Whales provide a clear example of macroevolution. They are superficially similar to fish, but are, in fact, mammals! Darwin himself wondered whether whales had evolved from mammals on land, but he had no real empirical evidence for such a claim.

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Now we have impressive evidence. Our podcast, Language of God , has officially been launched! Listen now.

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How should we interpret the Genesis flood account? How long are the days of Genesis 1? How should we interpret the Bible?

  1. Unterrichtseinheit: Kinder dieser Welt (5. Klasse) (German Edition).
  2. What do “fine-tuning” and the “multiverse” say about God?!
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What is Evolutionary Creation? Are science and Christianity at war? What does the fossil record show?

The Failure of Christian Love in the Holocaust

What is the genetic evidence for human evolution? Does the Cambrian Explosion pose a challenge to evolution? Are gaps in scientific knowledge evidence for God? Did death occur before the Fall?

Were Adam and Eve historical figures? Enjoying our resources? Receive our monthly newsletter and more from BioLogos, tailored to your interests! Book a speaker for your next event! Common Question. Personal Story.