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During your intensive training, start watching a lot of television and figure out where you fit in the business, then get some photos that represent what you are selling and put yourself out there. And practice. Build your credits and demo reel. When you feel ready to book and your package is together, look for representation. Keep practicing and studying during your entire career until you are consistently working each job. When your jobs are compiled on IMDb, then you are on your way to building your business. You can have a small business or a big business—that is up to you how hard you are willing to work.

A job is not a career. Set goals and achieve them. Then you are on your way to a successful career. Anthony Meindl , L.

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Once you make the decision, you should research the industry as much as you can. After that, you can go audit and check out as many acting studios as you like and find the one that best suits your creative sensibilities. Joseph Pearlman , L. At my studio, every actor leaves every class having experienced an undeniable acting breakthrough.

There is no one-size-fits-all path to an important acting career—you must forge your own career path and create your own acting opportunities. Most actors think having an agent or manager is a magic pill. Nothing meaningful will ever just fall into your lap. You must be pleasantly persistent and tenacious in always creating your own work and in building and maintaining relationships with industry professionals.

Ask yourself what kind of acting you are most interested in—theater, film, television, stand-up comedy, etc. Read and study as much as you can.

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Try to find like-minded individuals—other actors, writers, etc. First, make sure you love acting, and have some talent for it.

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Dreams are wonderful, and it is important to have them, but reality has to factor in, too. Ask yourself which is the largest slice of the pie you easily fit into. Start developing a repertoire of target market characters that fit into that slice of the pie. Getting people talking about your show was true success. Every day is a blank slate. Come into the newsroom. Take deep breath. They are the offensive lineman of the newsroom, vital to the success of every broadcast but get little notoriety unless they mess up.

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Include them in your coffee run and teriyaki drive-bys. These guys are the key to late-breaking news and insure all of the best content is available in time for your show. Most of the content falls into one of three categories:. Feature packages are things like feel-good stories, analyst segments or investigative reports. I always found a good spot for the features and then filled in around them with other content.

Some guy told me once to put all of your big rocks in place first, then sprinkle the pebbles in around them.

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That guy got fired a month later, but it kind of works. If you run out of ideas, turn on ESPN and copy what they are doing. Sort of.

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Teases are the pieces of video just before a commercial break that describe what is coming up next. Well written, compelling teases make an audience return to see more.

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Make your anchors look good by giving them the stories they are most comfortable with. Exchange the Beer taps for computers and this is kind of what it feels like in a sports newsroom. Bring it on! Every night is a day at the sports bar, sans alcohol. Sometimes you get some work done.