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What Goes On


I like this song, not because of the lyrics or any specific instrument, but the overall balance and crispness. It is just so clean.

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The Velvet Underground - What goes on (1969)

Silly Gossling. General Comment It's about a guy who's been betrayed by his girlfriend, presumably by way of infidelity.

What Goes On (Beatles song)

Fairly self-explanatory in that regard. I can really relate to this song. I've actually never had someone cheat on me. In all, this a very underrated song, IMO.


A lot of people don't like for its sound or don't realize it even exists, which is a shame, since I think it's a lovely and somewhat tragic song. General Comment yea, what the fuck does go on General Comment They say Ringo wrote this, but he says he "only wrote 3 words". Anyway, this is my least favorite Bealtles song. I think it is a gap in the great album Rubber Soul. General Comment I kind of like this song.

As a singer, Ringo was a hell of a drummer. Anyway, this song is about a guy finding out his girlfriend has been cheating on him and he's asking her what she was thinking in breaking his heart like that. Pretty self-explanatory. General Comment At first I really didn't care for this song, but after a few times hearing it, it sort of grows on you.


This is my favourite song of the album because of that same reason! General Comment I love the lyrics and I love Ringo's voice! General Comment i heard this stupid song, or a cover of it by someone who sounded like sufjan stevens, the night i was thinking about a guy i was confused about. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for What Goes On lyrics.

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This article is about the Beatles song. The Beatles Lyrics.

The Velvet Underground - What Goes On Lyrics | SongMeanings

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