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Now don't get me wrong here, Mr. Sullivan is not a complete novice when putting pen to paper, yet, there is quite a large chunk of the book that will leave the re There can be no doubt that Robert J.

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Sullivan is not a complete novice when putting pen to paper, yet, there is quite a large chunk of the book that will leave the reader walking through the spiderwebs of inadequate structure and disjointed characterizations. But before I get too in depth with the things I think need work, let me first break down the books premise and purpose.

In The Honest Man human civilization has expended to new worlds and has contacted incredible new species of life along the way, and true to the knuckle dragging barbaric nature that humanity can sometimes thrust upon the more helpless, the human expansionary forces bare little regard for those that get in their way. But of course every human civilization needs a keeper of the peace and a man willing to due what is right, even if it is sometimes for profit. And so in comes Sam Dane, your typical hard-nosed detective that seems to have a knack for explaining the unexplainable.

But like many a good detective, he too, cannot solve a tough mystery without a good drink in one hand a burning cigarette in the other. With a quick visit to the wife of an affluent man an honest Abe type character , Dane sets out to solve a murder that even the police have given up on.

Together with one of the detectives from the old case file, Dane and Co. Standing in their way are political leaders using their power to slow the men down, the high cost of interstellar travel, and the desperation of a refugee population. Sullivan offers the reader a different perspective to the tools used by a many science fiction reader. This new view brings fresh ideas to other worldly species and their way of life and way of communication, a new found avenue of describing a worlds mechanized constructs, and an unorthodox view of social life where humans are not the only sentient being around.

These new ideas are very imaginative and offer the reader a new way to view a very new world, but there are times when Mr. Sullivan lacks the depth to make the scene have that connecting feeling that bonds the reader to the story. This is mostly brought on by a thin writing style that opts for a faster scene building script rather than an emotional connection between character and reader brought on by detailed information. My only suggestion is the Mr. Sullivan offer his works to experienced science fiction readers before putting them to market.

The author provided this book in exchange for an honest review. Oct 20, Todd Fonseca rated it really liked it. Sullivan Format: Kindle, Paperback Sam Dane looked across at his client and wondered if she truly knew what she was asking from him given what he thought the resulting investigation would uncover. Isla Beauchesne was not an attractive woman, not necessarily unattractive but given her murdered husband was quite the looker, Sam figured the answer to who and why he was killed would not be one Isla would want t This Honest Man: Blade Runner meets Lee Child's Jack Reacher Rating: 4 of 5 Author: Robert J.

Isla Beauchesne was not an attractive woman, not necessarily unattractive but given her murdered husband was quite the looker, Sam figured the answer to who and why he was killed would not be one Isla would want to hear. None-the-less, he took the case, and soon found a story more complex than he imagined.

Off-world megalomaniac drug cartel lords, playboy rich sons of greed, a beach party vacation town for the rich and famous, and political and alien race relations nightmares, are just some of the troubles Sam finds himself in the middle of. Will he find the killer before everyone involved ends up dead, even Mrs.

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If you are thinking Blade Runner, you'd be a little off - this is a detective story based in the future with future technologies, travel between, planets, some AI here and there, but even with the various alien races this is less about the science fiction and more about a murder investigation. In fact, this type of story could very well take place in modern day, it just so happens it all takes place in the future.

Uncovering who the murderer was and why it happened is plotted and paced well and there are enough turns and action in the story to keep things moving. Sullivan's protagonist - Dane - is a flawed character and a bit of a loner, but he does know how to have a good time and take advantage of a situation and turn it to his favor which I find refreshing and 'real'.

But if you enjoy a good detective story and want something a little different, give the Sam Dane series a try. Note: A complimentary copy of this novel was provided in return for a review. Dec 31, Kara Jorges rated it liked it. Surprisingly, however, his investigation uncovers the life of an honest man. Paul Beauchesne had no mistress, but he was working on some rather large interplanetary transactions, so Dane starts tugging on some of those threads.

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I enjoyed this novel, and the character of Sam Dane. Unfortunately, his smoking was immensely overdone. The point that Sam is a chain smoker could have been made with just a touch more finesse. My other complaint is that this story could just as well have taken place on Earth. When a book makes a point of taking place on other planets, more attention needs to go into those details.

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Sep 07, Randy rated it it was amazing. The marrying of science fiction and crime has been going on almost as long as SF has been around. Author Sullivan has written a SF detective thriller that was fun for this old man to read. Sam Dane is a private investigator that has arrived on planet Talos to investigate the death of a banker named Beauchesne.

The police say it was a mugging gone bad. His wife, Isla, says murder and she's quite willing to pay whatever it takes to find the killer. It doesn't take Dane long to determine that murder The marrying of science fiction and crime has been going on almost as long as SF has been around. It doesn't take Dane long to determine that murder was more likely than a mugging. As he speaks to friends, family, co-workers, all say the same thing. The victim was an honest man.

He didn't cheat on his wife, he didn't adjust funds of customers, he didn't steal. Dane was skeptical at first, but came to believe it. He wanted to wrap it up because there was no one else to talk to. Isla convinces him to keep on poking. He must be doing something because an assassin tries to take him out, groups grab and question. Even some of the police help him to "fall" into doors and walls.

Only one cop believes him, but knows the stakes are high on this one and he has to live here. A nice little thriller with political intrigue entering things and making his simple investigation get really tough. Liked this one, the second entry in the series. I will surely be finding the first book.


Dec 04, Darcia Helle rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , indie , fantasy-and-sci-fi , suspense-thriller-mystery. That's a combination I rarely see, and it was a pleasant surprise.

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The mystery is in the style of a noir or pulp fiction. Sam Dane is a private detective with a rough edge, who likes to play by his own rules. We follow him as he works to solve the case of a man who, on the surface, seems too honest and likable to have been murdered. While the setting is futuristic, his character reminded me of a throwback to Sam Spade or even Columbo. The science fiction aspect is really just a backdrop here. Sam Dane travels from one planet to another, where aliens and humans cohabitate.

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