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The loony tree that grows stuffed animals and enraptures kids

Would they have recognized his intrinsic value unlikely! Then in another go-through of the storage unit, there he was after all, in another box. The relief of that buoyed me for months — and actually, continues to and seems to have put things in permanent perspective.


Lost my good birding binoculars? Pfff — replaceable! I paid more than I care to admit to have my stuffed elephant shipped home from a conference in Vegas after forgetting it in the hotel. She goes on all business trips with me.

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I had a house fire that tragically took our beloved pets, as well as the majority of our belongings. It was absolutely awful, but soon afterward my dear cousin picked through the wreckage and found my cherished stuffed sheep, Baa, who I had had since babyhood totally intact. We all cried tears of joy, he was a light in the darkness.

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My mom washed him a million times with special detergents to rid him of the smoke smell, and he permanently resides next to my bed now. I received a teddy bear when I was between four- and five-months old. Nounou is now 40 years old. A note to readers who are not subscribers: This article from the Reader Center does not count toward your monthly free article limit.

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She covers reader reaction to breaking news and popular articles on topics ranging from politics to business to sports. An Anchor in Turbulent Water Two years ago, UPS lost an enormous duffel bag that contained, among other things, a teddy bear my mom received when she was The tree survived Hurricane Sandy, which took out many others nearby.

It will survive its few detractors, Fellner hopes. Read Next.

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This story has been shared 36, times. This story has been shared 34, times. A tree full of stuffed characters grows in Brooklyn at the home of Eugene Fellner.

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Robotic 'skin' transforms stuffed animals into soft bots. And that's just the beginning.

Email required. Comment required. More On: stuffed animals. Eugune Fellner says he's hung "just short of 1," stuffed animals in a tree in the front yard of his Brooklyn home. Paul Martinka.

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