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John the Divine. Glasspool said she was anxious about encountering him, and she did in the crowded sacristy. I hope you will forgive me and we can begin anew. I understand.

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Thank you. Thus, she said, she was shocked by a letter from Welby on Dec. However, on Feb. The Rev. Thomas Brown is due to be ordained and consecrated on June 22 as the next bishop of the Diocese of Maine. He is married to the Rev. Thomas Mousin.

My Spouse Won’t Come to Church. Help!

The diocese elected Brown on Feb. The consent process is underway. He married Mohan Sharma, his partner of nearly 10 years, on Dec. Robertson and Sharma are the parents of two young children. I really appreciated her perspective on service and how to create boundaries and know your limitations. I enjoyed the person I started reading this book years ago when my husband first got called as Bishop, but I only got halfway through.

I enjoyed the personal stories the author shares and found all the tools she shared helpful when life and callings get demanding. I only wish I would have finished reading it years ago. Aug 16, Jill rated it really liked it. Great book full of practical ideas and personal stories; I will refer to it often and recommend it to friends.

Sep 12, Julie rated it really liked it. I appreciate the practical tips throughout. Some of it seems dated, but the meat and bones of the book was beneficial to me. May 18, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: lds , books. After thinking about this book more, I upped my rating. It is really a great book, and wonderful resource.

There is not a lot out there as far as instructions go to be a supportive spouse to someone with a heavy calling. When my husband was a Bishop, I longed for a good resource to answer many of the questions I had. This is that book in a very big way. I wish I'd found it 5 years ago. Smith offers practical advice for balancing, prioritizing and making appropriate sacrifices of time and talents After thinking about this book more, I upped my rating. Smith offers practical advice for balancing, prioritizing and making appropriate sacrifices of time and talents.

She discusses the way the calling affects the marriage, the family and children, and how to handle many hurdles that may arise. Kimball, " View all 7 comments. Jan 15, Lesli rated it liked it. I read this book, because it was only 2 dollars, and I was about to make my husband quit being scout master. It helped me put my church service, and my husband's in perspective.

I would totally lend it to anyone who was struggling with the high demands of LDS church service. The author was cheesy but she got her point across.

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Jun 26, Kristiana Silver rated it it was amazing. Excellent book for anyone whose spouse has a demanding calling. I learned so much about how I could support and help my husband serve in his calling without it taking over our lives. There has to be balance between church service, the day job, and family, and there is practical advice here on how to achieve that. Have your spouse read it too!

Apr 25, Diana rated it liked it. Worse yet, these same people try to tell us what easy jobs we have. I remember a verse that speaks of straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. For some reason, your question brought it to mind. Through the years as my spouse would interview for a position, he would always make a point that they would be hiring him. That I am a follower of Christ and will serve as I feel led by Him. There have been circumstances, many, where I have had to fall on my knees and pray forgiveness over comments or negative intent toward my spouse. Especially, since I am the one who knows his heart.

I do understand the isolation that comes with the role and have struggled with not feeling connected at times. We may go months without chatting but I know if I need a purge moment, accountability check, or just some girlfriend time, they will lift me up in prayer and provide words of wisdom. I believe you will find many comments and for those who have expressed painful circumstances, I join with you in prayer for healing.

My heart breaks for all the loneliness of you spouses. So many are introverts and need support without feeling overwhelmed. They also need the encouragement of the members to seek help when needed and not feel the need to take on everything their spouse does not have time to do, whether paid or not. I encourage all churches to share it. Changed the life of our church which was already loving well but found ways through these passages to love even better.

In the meantime, pray for our pastors and their families. This post is terribly important for everyone in the church to read. In fact, I think every church should start at learning how Christians do relationships-period. Personalities and dynamics and sin can spiral out of control very quickly. At our current church it is the executive staff who are in position of authority yet have no real idea what I actually do in my ministry who isolate and bully me the most.

Constantly asking God how much longer He will allow a person like this to have so much power and abuse it the way he does. There were some times in there where I wanted to just run away and could have easily.

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God has kept me here for many reasons. I have a great ministry and feel so much love and support from the people I serve. The church gets its. The isolation in this case stems from the members not knowing the truth about how there is no one above you who celebrates your successes and there is only someone there to bring you down or spitefully give credit to someone else who had nothing to do with my ministry event, etc.

But any words of wisdom are appreciated. My wife suffers from 4, Isolation. She often says this is the loneliest she has ever been. I served as a pastor of an English language church in Japan made up primarily of military families. We also had a number of Japanese who attended, so my wife, who is Japanese, tried to minister to that group.

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She had taught preschoolers for over 30 years and had never taught adults, so she made some mistakes. Because she lived in the States for over 30 years she is more American than Japanese and she clashed with some because of cultural differences. As a result the Japanese group excluded her from anything they did and some of the Americans constantly complained about her because of her inability to work with the Japanese. Some things were said and things blown out of proportion and that caused even more division.

See a Problem?

She tried very hard to reconcile with people but the undercurrent kept things stirred up. My wife, though, felt very isolated and hurt. They treated her with respect and compassion. They accepted her into their fellowship and she developed some great friendships and that helped helped her during the rest of our time in that area. Since she attended this group in another city, there was almost no connection to the our church, so she could be free to be herself and relax.

She received encouragement that helped her stay at and minister to our church. She was also able to encourage the ladies there and helped them when some problems developed when a new pastor came. Later we moved to southern Japan and I became an associate pastor in a Japanese church using English as a means of outreach. My wife was accepted and loved by the people. My wife was able to minister to a lot of people and it was a rich and rewarding time and many friendships were made.

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I encourage pastors and their wives to find friends and fellowship outside the church. One elderly gentleman, a non-member but regular attendee, constantly complained about everything, especially the pastor me , to my wife in her coed Sunday school class. Many times, she would be in tears after the morning service.

When I confronted him about how his insensitivity was hurting my wife, he tried to change the subject and blamed me for not caring about him. After that, he called me out 3 out of the next 4 weeks, as I was in the pulpit, with loud and unfounded accusations. When a young family that had just started attending recently stopped coming and said it was because of his actions, an elder and I simply asked him not to return. Sometimes we just have to cut down the tares that are among the wheat.

I have little patience for axe-grinders that slander a pastor behind his back, but I have ZERO patience for hecklers in a church service. We have been in the ministry for over 35 years. As the wife of a pastor, I find your points are so accurate. I have served in staff positions as well. People can be demanding and their comments often cruel. I know the work the Lord has for me and I will do that work. I know where God wants me to serve and that is where I will serve which includes behind the scene at home, keeping our household functioning and supporting him while he ministers to others.

While I am pretty tough and continue on, I have seen friends who were spouses of pastors incredibly hurt to the point of depression. I have also seen our young ministers families hurt and confused by mean comments and unrealistic expectations of some congregants. I have seen pastors children losing interest in church be cause they face such intense scrutiny. This all can lead to discouragement in the very work God has called these families to do. That is what I find to be so sad. Many, many years ago when my husband was first in the ministry an elderly lady who was dying had a family member call my husband…she spoke great words of encouragement and love to him for his ministry, telling him to always continue on in his work for the Lord.

Wow — if everyone could have her heart. Even to her dying days she found it important to share words of love and encouragement. Ron Cook is the president and is an excellent counselor. It is a safe place! It meant so much to me that I served on their board of directors for 6 years. Be brave! Make the call or visit their web-site careforpastors. It is free. The worst treatment is when those who set salaries finance and personnel committees, senior pastors know that the wife of the staff member makes a decent salary in the medical field.

Beyond cruel…….. That option was never a consideration.

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  • I finally had to stop reading the comments. Our church just went through a season of vicious attacks on the pastor and some very ugly things were said about him and his family. Some of the comments here echoed the attitudes of the ones who were hyper critical of the leadership. Lots of opinion, little Scripture. My children feel under the microscope and have lost a sense of purpose.

    At the same time I asked the church people to do the same and let themselves to be used for such purpose and manner. If anyone would do this, be sure to listen even if its painful but most of be greatful that people had the corage to come to you. The end result is a trust on the pastor and built strong communication between the pastor end the churc.

    One last thing, and I belived to be the most important: DO a follow up on the issue. Please forgive any misstakes I might have for english us my second language not mastered yet. The fact that an article like this has to be written saddens me. Jesus gave instructions on His ideal church and we have strayed from His leadership and adopted the traditions of pagans as our own. God is our shepherd not salaried pastors not biblical and God intended everyone one of us to be used not just a select few.

    I think you need to go back and study your Bible a little more carefully, particularly First Corinthians. She literally caused about half of the problems that made the membership dwindle to the point they could no longer afford to keep a full time pastor. I tangled with her a time or two and had others have to apologize for her, because she could see no wrong in her doings.

    Now that my husband is pastor there, I find myself in a position of trying to live down her past. Boy is that hard. The women, especially, are totally limp and have a zillion great visions, most of which never materialize. As someone said above, I try to get over it. I know these dear people are injured and scarred and taking forever to heal, but patience is beginning to bear fruit as Jesus proves in their lives that His ways are not my ways. I have a question, though… Is there a good Website that is dedicated to this problem?

    I keep seeing it, keep wishing I could go to such a place, keep wishing I could refer to such a place, keep wishing someone would address it. We truly feel as if we actually are running a hospital. Only a very few of the patients are well enough to help us and many have sudden, unexpected relapses. He is so right. Hurt hurts, but we can rise above it and keep working.

    I would so love to find that Website! Thank you so much for sharing such a great article with us. I really like the way you write and address your posts. Your email address will not be published. Comments Nothing ticks me off more than using clergy spouses for ulterior purposes or as an issue in an evaluation.

    Rich, In the most Christ-like way I can say this…you are an idiot. Nice — I support your freedom to share your opinion. If you would let both genders be or take turns in leadership, the problem would be solved. Joyce, I did not make the comment. I quoted Rich R above. Joy — Basically, if each of you does your work, there should be no major issues. Rainer, Great post. You are in my prayers right now, Mary Jo. You are in my prayers as well. My wife has felt the same things through the years. This is a needed topic. SO much hurt caused by church members. God Bless you all. I am so sorry for you and your wife.