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Since the Mutter Tour , starting in , Rammstein have worked with stage designer Roy Bennett, who helped the band in developing the look of the stages. At this tour, the upper level rose over 2 meters above the stage floor and had an oval entrance just beneath the drums. At both sides of the upper level, a special lift made it possible for the band members to access both stage levels. This time, however, the upper level only had about half the height as on the previous tour.

Stage entrance was possible by a hydraulic ramp in the middle of the stage floor. At each end of the upper level, stairs are placed in order to gain access to both levels. This tour included not only the extensive use of pyrotechnics, but also a massive lighting show, such as the famous band logo-cross as big lamps and four enormous collapsible towers, forming the industrial backdrop of the set, capable of doing different lighting effects.

During the arena shows of the " Made in Germany Tour ", the stage was slightly altered with new set pieces such as a large industrial fan as well as new backdrops. The most noticeable addition was a long catwalk, connecting the main stage to a smaller b-stage, placed in the middle of the audience. During the festival leg of the tour, the bridge and b-stage was omitted, with the only major addition being a big expandable cross with built-in lighting and pyrotechnic effects, resembling the band logo. According to Kruspe, the on-stage wackiness is entirely deliberate Rammstein's motto according to Schneider is: "Do your own thing.

And overdo it! The aim is to get people's attention and have fun at the same time. You have to understand that 99 per cent of the people don't understand the lyrics, so you have to come up with something to keep the drama in the show. We have to do something.

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We like to have a show; we like to play with fire. We do have a sense of humour.

Ab nach Pakistan ! Weltreise Vlog / Backpacking #192

We do laugh about it; we have fun We take the music and the lyrics seriously. It's a combination of humour, theatre and our East German culture, you know? Their onstage antics have also garnered controversy. The New York Times described Rammstein's music as a "powerful strain of brutally intense rock Till and Flake's stage act earned them a night in jail in June after a liquid-ejecting dildo was used in a concert in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Back home in Germany, the band has faced repeated accusations of fascist sympathies because of the dark and sometimes militaristic imagery of their videos and concerts, including the use of excerpts from the film Olympia by Leni Riefenstahl in the video for the Depeche Mode cover "Stripped". MTV Germany studied the lyrics, talked to the band and came away satisfied that Rammstein are apolitical; Peter Ruppert, then head of Music Programming at MTV Germany, stated that the band "aren't in any way connected with any right-wing activities".

Such criticism may be unavoidable for a German band that deals in harsh, militaristic-style imagery. Their cover of their debut album Herzeleid , released in Germany in , showed the band members bare-chested in a style that resembled Strength Through Joy in the eyes of some critics, who accused the band of trying to sell themselves as "poster boys for the Master Race ". Lorenz, annoyed by the claim, has remarked it is just a photo, and should be understood as such. Herzeleid has since been given a different cover in North America, depicting the band members' faces.

The clip for the song "Amerika" shows people from different nationalities throughout the video and Rammstein members taking photographs with them at the end of the clip. The song " Links " Links being German for "left" was written as a riposte to these claims. Kruspe said: " 'My heart beats on the left, two, three, four'. It's simple. If you want to put us in a political category, we're on the left side, and that's the reason we made the song". The song's title refers to the refrain of the German Communist Party song Einheitsfrontlied , written by Bertholt Brecht : "Drum links, zwei, drei!

Drum links, zwei, drei! Then left, two, three! Lorenz stated that the song was created to show the band could write a harsh, evil, military-sounding song without being Nazis.

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The song Amerika is a critic of the cultural and political imperialism of the United States all over the world. The lyrics of the song " Deutschland " contain the lines "Deutschland! Rammstein were cited in relation to the Columbine High School massacre in , when a photo of Eric Harris wearing a Rammstein T-shirt was revealed in his 11th grade picture and written the Rammstein logo on a yearbook he signed. In response to the shooting, the band issued a statement:.

The members of Rammstein express their condolences and sympathy to all affected by the recent tragic events in Denver. They wish to make it clear that they have no lyrical content or political beliefs that could have possibly influenced such behaviour. Additionally, members of Rammstein have children of their own, in whom they continually strive to instill healthy and non-violent values.

Coincidentally, on 10 September , the single and video clip of Ich will "I Want" was released which portrays the band as bank robbers who want to get a message across and receiving a Goldene Kamera Golden Camera award, a German version of the Emmy award, for their "actions". In the United States, the video clip was broadcast only late at night after the attacks of 11 September , although many media officials and politicians requested the video to be pulled from broadcast completely.

Following the conclusion of the Beslan school hostage crisis in Russia in September , the Russian authorities claimed that the terrorists had "listened to German hard rock group Rammstein on personal stereos during the siege to keep themselves edgy and fired up". There's been a lot of talk about that, but if there are radical feelings in people anything can wake them — a painting, a picture, whatever. It's just a coincidence that it happened to be our music.

It's important to think about what caused them to make their decisions, how they became animals, not their taste in music. Whenever something like this happens it's like "Okay, let's blame the artist". Such bullshit. Our music is made to release aggression, and people listening to it are also needed to do that, but it's not our fault. Should we stop making hard music because bad people might like it?

Pekka-Eric Auvinen, the perpetrator of the Jokela school shooting in November , also included Rammstein in one of his favorite bands. However, he noted that the music among other things was not to blame for his decisions. On a lyric video of Mein Herz brennt , Rodger wrote: "[G]reat song to listen to while daydreaming about being a powerful ruler".

Even though Rodger wrote in his manifesto that he wished to become a dictator and punish all the people who rejected him, there was no direct link found between the band's music and the killing spree. In October , the video for " Mein Teil " "My part" caused considerable controversy in Germany when it was released. It takes a darkly comic view of the Armin Meiwes cannibalism case, showing a cross-dressed Schneider holding the other five band members on a leash and rolling around in mud.

The controversy did nothing to stop the single rising to No.

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Meiwes who was convicted of manslaughter in , then retried in and found guilty of murder [98] brought a lawsuit in January against the band for infringement of rights to the story. The band's own views of its image are sanguine; Landers has said: "We like being on the fringes of bad taste". But it serves a purpose. We like audiences to grapple with our music, and people have become more receptive".

The video for "Pussy" was released September It features graphic scenes of nudity along with women engaging in sexual activity with body doubles of the band members. It is the third Rammstein video to include nudity. Furthermore, the advisory board took into consideration the alleged promotion of unprotected sexual intercourse in the lyrics to "Pussy".

The band, as well as several members of the German press, reacted with astonishment to the decision. Keyboardist Christian Lorenz expressed surprise at the advisory board's "parochial sense of art" and regretted their apparent inability to detect irony. On 9 June, the band announced on their official website that the original version of the album was already available at their shop and that a release of the single "Ich tu dir weh" in Germany was planned in a short period of time.

In October , the album was judged not harmful to minors and deleted from the Index. In , Rammstein settled out of court against Apocalyptica 's former record label Sony Music Entertainment GmbH as the successor of the by now defunct affiliated label Gun Records for using Rammstein's label in marketing Apocalyptica's album Worlds Collide , which featured a track with singer Lindemann. Richard Z.

Kruspe , []. Since their formation in , Rammstein have had no changes in their line-up. Richard Kruspe had said in a Revolver Magazine interview that it is because of the band respecting each other's wishes to take a break, either for personal reasons or to focus on a side project. Kruspe currently fronts the group Emigrate while Till Lindemann began his project Lindemann in Christian "Flake" Lorenz — keyboards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. German industrial metal band. This article is about the band.

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  • For the song of the same name, see Rammstein song. For their untitled album that is also considered self-titled, see Untitled Rammstein album. For other uses, see Ramstein disambiguation. Universal Motor Republic Slash London. Kruspe, [80].


    Main article: Rammstein discography. Rammstein follow their own rhythm. We never give a shit about the people who think we need to get a record out every two years and that's one of the reasons why we're still together with the same lineup. We take care of each other, and if somebody needs to take the time off or do something else, we listen. Rammstein band members. Till Lindemann — vocals. Kruspe — lead guitar. Paul Landers — rhythm guitar. Oliver Riedel — bass guitar.

    Christoph Schneider — drums. This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Berlin portal Germany portal s portal s portal. Die Welt. Retrieved 27 June Feeling B.

    Mix mir einen Drink. Full interview with English subtitles. Archived from the original on 13 June Retrieved 21 June Archived from the original on 27 March Retrieved 26 March Archived from the original on 1 April Retrieved 21 July Retrieved 10 February Alt-UK, 20 July Retrieved 10 August Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 16 September Hustler Magazine. Archived from the original on 29 September Archived from the original on 25 September Retrieved 8 September Rammstein Austria.

    Archived from the original on 13 August Archived from the original on 10 June Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 27 March Archived from the original on 26 November Retrieved 13 December Archived from the original on 19 November Archived from the original on 2 June Archived from the original on 13 December Retrieved 22 November Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 13 September Metal Hammer.

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    Bloody Disgusting. Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 14 April Rolling Stone. Retrieved 15 September Retrieved 19 June Orchestra and choir recordings in Minsk for album No. Retrieved 17 September Retrieved 2 January Retrieved 28 March April 26, Retrieved April 26, Retrieved 4 June Wall Of Sound. Retrieved 28 May The New York Times. Retrieved 18 April The Denver Post.

    Archived from the original on 19 April The Independent. New Times Broward-Palm Beach. Retrieved 13 July Consequence of Sound. The Guardian. Boston Globe. Retrieved 28 November Outdoor Canada. Weekly Volcano. Stylus Magazine. Retrieved 16 January Haynes and J. Best-known for their freaked-out live shows, which feature simulated sex and enough flames to interest the fire brigade, Rammstein crank out the kind of symphonic metal you'd expect from a country that boasts Wagner among its favourite sons.

    Retrieved 10 July New York Daily News. Sunday Herald Sun. Ultimate Guitar.

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    • Retrieved 22 July Metal Hammer UK. Retrieved 10 May Grand Rapids Press. The Gazette. Retrieved 22 December The New York TimesCorporation. Retrieved 10 April Archived from the original on 6 September Marxists Internet Archive. Retrieved 19 January From alleged "schedulers" to an embattled Trump cabinet official to Bill Clinton to Trump himself, it's a strange cast of characters.

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