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This was just a Read like a Christopher Moore novel Is that good or bad?

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This was just a bit flat in my opinion. Jul 27, Matthew rated it it was ok. Sadly, I just could not bring myself to finish this book. I really enjoyed Drew Hayes's other works, but this one lacked the focus the other books did. There just wasn't enough focus or cohesion with all the moving parts and jumping perspectives. The result is a book that I just couldn't get into no matter how I tried.

Every time I picked it up, my mind just wandered.

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So give this one a pass. Oct 15, Lara rated it really liked it Shelves: z This was an entertaining an unexpected book about people finding the divine in an unexpected way. From the description I was afraid it was going to be like Joe versus the Volcano, but it was completely different.

Pears and Perils by Drew Hayes | BookSliced

It was fun and sweet and smart. There was some sharp humor and there were goofy characters and I enjoyed the adventure. Jan 06, Ophira rated it really liked it. In the first few pages, it seemed like Hayes could've used an editor, but once the story got going it didn't bother me anymore. So many great ideas that could be fleshed out into their own separate stories packed into this one tale. Feb 12, Frankie Saxx rated it really liked it Shelves: improbable-stories-about-sharks.

Fun read, good story.

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  8. Jan 08, Matthew Dodd rated it it was amazing. I am a huge fan of Drew Hayes anyway, but this one is above and beyond anything I have read of his to date.

    Interview with Drew Hayes (episode 56)

    I legit could not put it down. Hayes has an amazing way of creating worlds that feel so familiar while being incredibly fantastical and otherworldly. His writing deftly moves from eloquently philosophical and using viscerally vivid imagery to modern slang, colloquialisms, and hilariously used profanities. Hayes himself has said that if he had to pick one book for people to read of his firs I am a huge fan of Drew Hayes anyway, but this one is above and beyond anything I have read of his to date. Hayes himself has said that if he had to pick one book for people to read of his first, this is it, and I agree wholeheartedly.

    This quickly became one of my favourite books Sep 21, Dank Beans rated it liked it. Well, that was different. I really like Drew Hayes' sense of whimsy. I enjoyed the book, but hit a wall about half way through and forced myself to finish. For some reason, I kept getting the female characters confused and the underlying folklore seemed needlessly complicated. But I can't knock a book with a beer-drinking shark.

    This will be a good read for the right person in the right frame of mind. It might have been a better read for me at other times.

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    Aug 27, Moriah Smith rated it really liked it. Better than I thought.

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    I liked it and plan to force it onto those I love most. All of Drew Hayes books are clever, funny and go in unexpected directions. Jan 21, Lukas Lovas rated it it was amazing. Definitely not my usual cup of tea, however, I grew to enjoy Drew Hayes' books so I went for it The book is short and filled with humorous moments and scenes. I especially loved the way the King of the island was portrayed and pretty much all scenes where he was included.

    Lots of fun :. A nice little stand alone story A wacky comedy with corporate marketing, evil videographers, and mortals interfering in the affairs of gods. A pleasant little book and a must read for Drew Hayes completest. Jun 27, Lisa rated it liked it. I was a little sad that I didn't like Hayes' superhero series since I loved his Fred the Vampire books so much.

    But this was a delightful, light romp for me and I quite enjoyed it. It felt like he was leaving it open for a sequel so A different path, and an awesome journey This is not a book to fit nicely into a single category. It was charming and funny with great characters and a solid message.

    Pears and Perils (Unabridged)

    I loved this book. Apr 12, Kalista rated it it was amazing. Unexpectedly even more enjoyable and entertaining than I had anticipated, with quirky action, great characters, dabbling in the supernatural - all the classic Drew Hayes traits I have come to love! Nov 12, Joseph Butcher rated it really liked it. Good book, too much swearing though.

    Awesme I want to see more mythology by Drew Hayes. As always, his characters are beautiful, the story compelling, and the telling engrossing. Nov 09, Stefka rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Hilarious and entertaining! This book definitely does not take itself seriously and that's awesome. It was a light, fun read - the kind that leaves you feeling good when you are done. Every one a winner Drew Hayes is a wonderful writer.

    His characters are engaging and his stories are full of humour and positivity. An advocate for the outsider. Dec 27, Kamal Syed rated it liked it.

    Publication Order of Fred, The Vampire Accountant Books

    Nice light hearted comedy. I could picture this being a movie. Jun 10, Alethea rated it did not like it. This book was terrible to listen to! It reminded me of a stupid version of Moana! It was too short and there were too many characters. Sorry Drew. Drew is awesome! I'm really liking this guy's stories. That's all I wanted to say now I'm just adding in the other 14 words it takes to allow me to submit this review. This was a fun book to listen to audiobook , and while short was a good romp story of a Carribbean god and the value of Zen.

    Drew Hayes has a good sense for comedy and I prefer his lighter works. Quite possibly one of his best books I came to this book after reading Drew's Fred the Vampire Accountant series, Superpowereds, Forging Hephestus, all of which are well written and a ton of fun. Drew does a great job of making the supernatural feel natural, and the natural Katz takes us inside little known relationships between individual Jews and Muslims around common culture and shared interests cafes, concert halls, neighbourhoods, and athletic clubs.

    At the same time, he shows how the defining events of the past hundred years - from the rise of fascism and the Holocaust, to the French-Algerian War and decolonization, to the Israeli-Arab conflict and the rise of global jihad - have become increasingly difficult to escape and have had a far-reaching impact on the interactions and mutual perceptions of Jews and Muslims in France. A drinks reception and book signing will follow the lecture.

    I found him algorithmically by searching associations with ready player one, the Martian and the off to be the wizard trilogy- all of which are amazing. Drew Hayes has a great sense of humor and this comes out with every book I read of his. Any additional comments? This story was pretty awesome!

    A little bit of mystery, action, laughs, a God cat name Sprinkles lol , Gods behaving badly, and a diverse group of people who formed an unlikely friendship that made this fun adventurous tale worthwhile. Thunder, of course, was my favorite character even though his total valley surfer guy talk hurt my ears. His range with the Minnesota accent, to the total surfer dude was outstanding! This story was pleasant, a feel good story.

    It was a little slow moving and predictable, and yet I still wanted to know how it turned out. The characters were fun and quirky which helped the story along considerably. I wanted to know how it ended because I was invested in the characters more than the storyline. Character development does seem to be Drew Hayes's strength. The narrator was great. He had a wide range of different characters to voice and did well with it. Overall, I was pleased. I'm a huge fan of several series by this author so I picked this up too.

    You can tell this is an early work by a relatively inexperienced author. Sill though, there are great moments. Likewise, the narration was good with room for improvement. Drew has has an offbeat extremely funny sense of humor and is fast becoming one of my favorite comedic authors. If you want a good laugh or infact just need a little break from the doldrums of his writings are literary prescription you need. Better yet his humor has gotten even better in his later works.

    Buy this book in Audible as well as Kindle. His voice characteraton excellent and unique for each character in the story. Get a free audiobook. Pears and Perils. Written by: Drew Hayes. Narrated by: Matt Armstrong. Length: 6 hrs and 40 mins. People who bought this also bought What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Amazon Customer Great narration and story!

    A wonderful hidden gem! Aaron Brown