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Svetlana Alexievitch, Nobel de littérature : «Je ne suis pas une héroïne»

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  1. The Way of the Saints.
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  3. Basic Training;
  4. Stock item number: She is now a University Fellow. The French Comics Theory Reader is an impressive collection that gives insight into ongoing debates among French critics, while also integrating organically into Anglo-American discussions. It functions well as an introduction to a wide and varied critical landscape.

    The varied nature of both volumes each includes essays by academics, fans, journalists, and practitioners ensures that questions are opened rather than closed. Overall, The French Comics Theory Reader fulfills a crucial possibility condition for the acceleration of international scholarly discussion about comics, in no small part because English has come to function as the academic lingua franca and the texts that are included in the volume are thus rendered accessible to a very wide and diverse audience.

    In securing this access, The French Comics Theory Reader importantly also adds greatly to the collective memory of comics studies, which is a topic that returns often in the texts gathered in the book.