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Giulio Di Sturco

And we combed over gender pay gap data to discover that more than half of all UK companies who have filed data have managed to narrow the gap between male and female pay.

More Than A Woman

Elsewhere, there was more cautiously positive news in the hunt for a cure for HIV after the virus was eradicated from a patient who underwent a bone marrow transplant. It is the second time this has happened. As a result, doctors think a solution could lie in gene editing. The cost of medicine is one of those perennial scandals crying out for innovative solutions.

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Welcome to the club. You have a separate section for environmental defenders.

Bee Gees ~ More Than a Woman

Can we too have a section for social responsibility? This is after all what we are missing in the whole world. All we read about is inequalities, social injustices and greed by those with wealth and power. I read with great interest your recent piece on the Welsh future generations commissioner.

I thought you might be interested in one possible lever that could be at the hands of public authorities to address socio-economic inequalities in the UK. It is the socio-economic duty.

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Established in Section 1 of the Equality Act , the socio-economic duty would require public authorities to actively consider how their policies and strategic decisions can contribute to reduce inequalities. Successive UK governments have failed to activate the duty.

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Reflecting how I feel for you And thinking about those people then I know that in a thousand years I'd fall in love with you again. This is the only way that we should fly This is the only way to go And if I lose your love, I know I would die Oh say you'll always be my baby We can make it shine We can take forever just a minute at a time.

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More than a woman you are More than a woman to me More than a woman uh my baby More than a woman to me. More than a woman More than a woman to me oh so much more More than a woman oh baby More than a woman to me. Compartir 'More Than A Woman'. Canciones del disco.