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Biblical models and Christian discourses could be used for a variety of aims and identifications, and the volume provides some exemplary analyses of these distinct voices. The contributions reconstruct some of this discursive matrix and its development from the age of Augustine to the Carolingians.

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In the course of this process, ethnicity and religion were amalgamated in a new way that became fundamental for European history, and acquired an important political role in the post-Roman kingdoms. The extensive introduction not only draws together the individual studies, but also addresses fundamental issues of the definition of ethnicity, and of the relationship between discourses and practices of identity.

It offers a methodological basis that is valid for studies of identity in general. If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here:.

Militar in Rom : Militarische und Paramilitarische Einheiten im Kaiserzeitlichen Stadtbild

Ethnicity and Religion in Early Medieval Europe. Author: Walter Pohl , and Gerda Heydemann. Your Access Options. Log In If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here: Email or username: Password: Remember me. Forgotten your password? Oppenheim and Ronald W. Freeland and Stephen D. Mann and David R. Gitman and Chad J. Dixon, David E.

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Miller and Richard J. Kusuma Grace and K.

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Khan and S. Penner, Lawrence Adams, Stephani K. Bertsekas and John N. Tsiotsou, Ronald E. Jongsma Jr. Cooper and Thomas W. Garber and Robert P. Camp II und Craig A. Hall and I. Roth and Amanda C. Nasar and Wolfgang F. Gatchel, Izabela Z. Erdman and George N. Pande and S. Spong and M. Levy and B. Advanced Concrete Materials, Nov. Van Zijl and Billy P. Kelly and Donald W. Baumbach and C. Jahrhundert n.

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Meade and Robert A. Jahrhundert v. Chen and Lynne A. Merrifield and Barry W. Beckford and James T. Clayton and Sarah E.

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Jahrtausends v. Berg and Rebecca L. Honek Editor , Helmut F. Rothwell and Michael J.

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McQuaid and Anne E. Wahba and Zeinab A. Gripp and Anne M. Markowitz, Merton H. Miller, William F. Sharpe, Robert C. Merton and Myron S.