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Because every one take those issues and ask from competitor to solve it. So its good thing really.

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But there is one good thing: it has exposed a lot of fake journalists. Of course, we knew that about Wallace before, because of who he works for. Wake up, folks. The whole process is one giant racket.

Support We rely on your support to keep running. So to add nine million new jobs, to control inflation, and to plan for the future with an energy policy now intact as a foundation is our plan for the years ahead.

The Reagan-Carter Debate, October 28, 1980

President, you have mentioned the creation of nine million new jobs. At the same time, the unemployment rate still hangs high, as does the inflation rate. Now, I wonder, can you tell us what additional policies you would pursue in a second administration in order to try to bring down that inflation rate? And would it be an act of leadership to tell the American people they are going to have to sacrifice to adopt a leaner lifestyle for some time to come?

We have demanded that the American people sacrifice, and they have done very well. At the same time, as I have said earlier, we have added about nine million net new jobs in that period of time — a record never before achieved.

Also, the new energy policy has been predicated on two factors: One is conservation, which requires sacrifice, and the other one, increase in production of American energy, which is going along very well — more coal this year than ever before in American history, more oil and gas wells drilled this year than ever before in history. The new economic revitalization program that we have in mind, which will be implemented next year, would result in tax credits which would let business invest in new tools and new factories to create even more new jobs — about one million in the next two years.

And we also have planned a youth employment program which would encompass , jobs for young people. This has already passed the House, and it has an excellent prospect to pass the Senate. Governor Reagan, would you like to have the question repeated? Now, a part of that has been due to external factors beyond U. When Mr. Carter became President, inflation was 4.

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It had been cut in two by President Gerald Ford. It is now running at President Carter also has spoken of the new jobs created. Well, we always, with the normal growth in our country and increase in population, increase the number of jobs. Carter had also promised that he would not use unemployment as a tool to fight against inflation. Since then, he has blamed the people for inflation, OPEC, he has blamed the Federal Reserve system, he has blamed the lack of productivity of the American people, he has then accused the people of living too well and that we must share in scarcity, we must sacrifice and get used to doing with less.

We have inflation because the Government is living too well. And the last statement, just a few days ago, was a speech to the effect that we have inflation because Government revenues have not kept pace with Government spending. I see my time is running out here. Yes, you can lick inflation by increasing productivity and by decreasing the cost of government to the place that we have balanced budgets, and are no longer grinding out printing press money, flooding the market with it because the Government is spending more than it takes in.

And my economic plan calls for that. But we will have a very poor nation and a very unsound economy if we follow that path. You have centered on cutting Government spending in what you have just said about your own policies. You have also said that you would increase defense spending. Specifically, where would you cut Government spending if you were to increase defense spending and also cut taxes, so that, presumably. Maxine Waters on Fed independence and Facebook's Libra.

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