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Available in German only at www. It guides you through the historic city of Wittenberg, where Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the door of the Castle Church. The guide features Eisleben, Mansfeld, and Magdeburg, where Luther was born and where he went to school.

Eisenach where he translated the Holy Bible at Wartburg Castle, and many other cities of the Reformation — Leipzig, Erfurt, Weimar, and Torgau, where his wife, Katharina von Bora, was laid to rest - are also included. The guide contains tips for travel by car and train, American churches in Germany, 14 maps and full-color pictures. Available at www. It is the first volume in English to consider his deeply strange, resonantly humane letters and journal entries alongside his classic short fiction and lyrical vignettes. And what happens when an American Jew, raised by a secular family, falls in love with Berlin not in spite of his being a Jew but because of it?

The author is the Class of University Professor at Princeton, where he teaches in the Department of Comparative Literature and holds appointments in art and archaeology, English, and classics. The event was supported by the DAAD. The English translation was published by Scholastic in Sadly, Herrndorf committed suicide in after he was diagnosed with cancer. The book is available in English and German at www. Nach einer Zeit der Besinnung, des Ausbaus und auch des Verkaufs ihres letzten Turner Centers in Westchester, will sich die Organisation zur Aufgabe machen, die Geschichte der Deutschen in Los Angeles professionell zu dokumentieren und zu publizieren.

Und unter den rund 1. Sports, as well as the preservation of German culture, were the founding goals of the association. Almost years later, the organization wants to re-launch once again and has set itself concrete targets under a newly elected board. After a period of reflecting, expanding, and selling of the last Turner Center in Westchester, the organization wants to document and publish the history of the Germans in Los Angeles. One of the main tasks, which President Alexander Hast intends to do with the help of the new Board of Directors, is to make the history of the Germans and German-Americans in Los Angeles more visible.

Inside of the L. Photo: Alexander Hast. Free speech, a free press, free assembly for the discussion of all questions so men and women may think unfettered and order their lives by the dictates of conscience, which we strive to attain through a sound mind in a sound body. We believe in Liberty against all oppression Tolerance against all fanaticism Reason against all superstition Justice against all exploitation.

We endorse every effort to equalize conditions in our economic life to abolish class distinctions and maintain all human rights. And among approximately 1, inhabitants of Los Angeles were many Germans. Many Germans brought innovation and ideas to Los Angeles and we want to bring back these lost contributions and tell these stories.

The charter of the Los Angeles Turner speaks for itself and is more valid than ever today. The first gymnasium was built by the Turnverein Germania in and in the autumn of , gym teacher C. Until the year the Los Angeles Turners sent their athletes to the Olympics. We believe every human being should be accorded every opportunity to secure for him or herself by mental and physical labor a dignified and decent livelihood.

Turners President Alexander Hast l. Working towards a new future of the L. Turners: The L. Board secretary Ellen Neu is missing on this photo. Preparation Thaw out duck breast filets. Heat red cabbage with the bay leaf and a little water to boiling, salt and pepper, and let simmer minutes, stirring occasionally.

Wash filets and pat dry. Carefully make an incision in the skin, and fry with the top face down in a hot skillet for minutes. Turn and fry for another 3 minutes. Remove, salt and pepper, and bake in an oven-safe form in preheated oven at degrees F for another 12 minutes. Now peel and cut onion. Remove duck juice and saute onions in it.

Pour in sherry, add hot brew and let simmer for a while. Peel 2 oranges and divide into segments. Press out juice and save.

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Keep remaining pulp. Add juice and tsp jam to gravy, salt and pepper to taste, and lightly thicken with gravy thickener. Add and warm orange pulp in gravy. Wrap duck filets in aluminum foil and let rest for minutes. Season red cabbage with remaining jam to taste. Slice filets and serve with gravy, dumplings and cabbage. Wash the leeks, clean and slice into small rings. Add broth and wine and simmer for about 15 minutes. Season soup to taste with sugar, salt and pepper. Steep, but no longer cook, soup on low heat for another 15 minutes.

Place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper and sprinkle lightly with cheese. Place baking tray on highest level in oven around degrees F and bake until cheese melts. Preparation If the carp is whole, first divide evenly, then place pieces in a saucepan.

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In our home the head was also placed in the saucepan, as especially the cheeks were considered to be a delicacy. Cut the root vegetables into thin noodle-like slices, chop the onion, and add the garlic clove and herbs to the fish. Fill with water until carp is completely covered. Then add the vinegar. Place saucepan in oven and steam until soft. In the meantime cook and peel the potatoes. Grate fresh horseradish from the horseradish root and place on a plate.

As soon as the carp is finished steaming, arrange the fish and root vegetables on a serving plate. Place potatoes in a bowl with butter and garnish with parsley. Serve the grated horseradish with the Christmas carp. There are several options on Amazon, the more expensive ones being 3D-double-arches and cheaper, smaller options with single light-arches and mini LED. Planning your next trip to Germany, but unsure what to explore?

Treat yourself - or your loved one - to Schloss, a book that offers great stories of German castles and the royalties that lived in them. The book is written in English and contains beautiful photographs. Includes: Premium Kaiser Elisen Lebkuchen. Northern Brewer has a large selection of home-brewing kits, ranging from 1 gallon small batch beer to deluxe brewer starter kits.

Quendt Dresdner Chrisstollen , baking mixes for authentic German cookies e. Asbach Brandy Bottles with sugar crust. Frohe Weihnachten! Encased in stainless-steel and finished with a polished stainless steel bracelet this watch is a superb piece. It evokes an era of the early years of motoring. More Liebeskind Berlin products at www.

Paperthinks recycled leather cosmetics pouch with zipper and cotton lining. This Eco-friendly cosmetics bag is perfect for organizing your cosmetics. At the gingerbread museum and demonstration workshop at the Haus des Gastes, visitors can see how baking traditions have changed over the years — and even have the opportunity to make their own bread. The museum is open throughout the whole year. Did you know that Berlin was the world fashion capital throughout the s and into the s? The Nazi regime, however, brought all of this to an abrupt end.

Fashion designers who were fortunate enough to leave Germany started again in America and other countries. The dress will feature a mid-forties style and include the names of fashion companies located in Berlin that disappeared during World War II on strips of paper woven into fabric. Atlanta, GA More information: www. The Champagne Room will be open during the party so that you can enjoy the stunning skyline view and the fireworks bedazzling the city. No dress code required, but festive attire is encouraged. This year, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the AAC West, the upscale Wilshire Country Club was chosen to host the glamorous black-tie affair on Oct.

AAC West always gives an annual donation to a deserving institution. She was accompanied by a dozen of her co-workers from the shelter — young, elegantly dressed ladies, many of whom had found safety in the shelter at some point in their lives. Watching them dance to Austrian tunes beautifully played by Laszlo Cser, it was hard to image the tough work they do at the shelter.

As the final highlight of the evening, the guests were treated to opera arias and Viennese songs presented by the very talented Oriana Falls, soprano, and tenor Arnold Livingston Geis, accompanied by pianist Mona Lands. An anniversary waltz for all guests concluded the evening — which, in my opinion, was more fun than ever before, largely thanks to the presence of the vibrant young workers from the shelter, who got to experience Austrian culture at its best.

This was a wonderful reinforcement of Austrian-American friendship and a promising kick-off for the next 35 years! Wolfgang Waldner back row, r. Ewald Herr l. The luncheon honors a champion of the arts and opera in L. Since its founding in , the Zachary Society has raised funds and held nationwide vocal competitions for young opera singers. Allan Edmiston, M.

Rothfuss from Germany, and — as a special surprise — tenor James Valenti, a winner of the Zachary Competition. Valenti shared with the audience how important the support of the Zachary society has been to the advancement of his career. Today, he resides in Italy and performs regularly at the Scala and other similar institutions. Consul General of Switzerland Emil Wyss showed the most generosity and received a solo performance by James Valenti as a special thank-you for the highest bid. Even after 20 years living in Los Angeles, the City of Angels still has surprises for its residents.

That was the case when I heard about Wildlife Waystation for the first time in early September this year. Internationally recognized, WW has accepted four tigers from Ireland, lions from New Zealand and Canada, other exotic animals from across the United States, as well as native animals in Southern California and other states. Since , this privately funded organization has helped more than 76, abused, abandoned, orphaned, and injured animals. Almost all of their chimps came from biomedical research labs in and On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Wildlife Waystation, a fundraising campaign for 2.

I was thoroughly touched when meeting some of the Wildlife Waystation staff members and hearing their stories about the animals they care for. Some of the enclosures for those beautiful huge mammals like Bengal tigers should be larger in my opinion but the staff assures me that a proper enrichment program that keeps animals mentally and physically challenged make up for it.

After all, even in the wild, the big cats sleep up to 20 hours during the day. And animals like the lion Bolero who was trained to appear in shows and has been seen on a Jay Leno show, is even being taken out of his cage for a walk once in a while by an animal handler. WW provides hour care to more than permanent animal residents which is amazing given the fact that WW is not governmentally funded. It is solely supported by private donations, foundation and corporate grants, bequests and animal sponsorships.

So if you are still looking for a worthy cause to support, here it is: Become a sponsor of one of those amazing animals or volunteer at Wildlife Waystation. I certainly want to see the tigers and lions in larger enclosures. The two locales will certainly be thoroughly missed by fans of Swiss, German and Austrian food. Christmas at St.

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The two choruses performed a range of classical works and folk songs separately and combined. The German singers had been hosted by local American families and new friendships have been established. Both choirs hope that the Berliners can come back soon. Hopefully for the 50th anniversary of the sister city partnership between Berlin and Los Angeles in ! All photos: Geoffrey Pan. Both works are provocative and address weighty moral issues.

Storm Large. Information: www. Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. The writer-director Gerd Schneider had come from Germany to present his film. The actress portrayed a young woman in Germany who engages in a sexual relationship with a wolf. More information and photos visit www. Source: www. The period under consideration — was marked by profound changes in thought, philosophy, science, and religion, which in turn transformed the work of many artists of the day. The exhibition comprises over pieces, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, arms and armors, as well as decorative arts.

The next day, representatives of Dresden Marketing invited travel writers and Los Angeles-based journalists to an exhibit preview while at the same time presenting upcoming highlights in the city of Dresden and other parts of Saxony in The BMW Group intends to make an effective contribution towards resolving the social challenges that lie ahead.


All of them explore a number of future themes, autonomous and emission-free driving, connectivity and mobility services. He even brought a gift for every child. Reiner Stach. He uses words like others use cameras: he builds up tension and suspense, uses slow motion, zooms in and out, all in order to help the reader to stay focused on the important details.

Using that motif offers the reader a new and wider perspective on how Kafka as an individual was embedded in society, consequently describing all the layers of his life in the context of the times he lived through. Kafka biographer Dr. The ball is the oldest white-tie charity ball in New York, and I have had the pleasure of attending this glamorous affair more than once.

It will be interesting to see how it will unfold in since a new generation of Austrians — Silvia Frieser, Dr. Stefan Eder and Michael Pecnik — have taken over the reins of running the event, with a plan to transform the ball. However, they apparently want the ball to stay true to its heritage as they hired Viennese native Daniel Serafin as the new artistic director.

Serafin expressed great joy about his new tenure and the intention to bring back more Austrian influence to this top-tier affair. The ball will be held on February 10, , from 8 p. Over guests are expected to attend to watch 16 debutantes be presented, along with their white-tie-clad escorts. Shoe Branding Europe filed an application to declare the mark invalid.

Adidas then brought the matter before the General Court. MARQUES further emphasised that a narrow interpretation of Article 7 3 would inevitably raise the bar for proving acquired distinctiveness so as to become extremely costly and burdensome for trade mark owners and therefore unachievable in practice, especially for smaller and mid-sized companies.

However, the General Court, having regard to the alleged simplicity of the mark at issue, considered the evidence showing a reversed colour scheme to be a significant variation of the registered form, even if the same sharp contrast between the three stripes and the background was preserved in both versions. It concluded that various pieces of evidence adduced by Adidas did not prove that the mark at issue had acquired, throughout the territory of the European Union, distinctive character following the use which had been made of it.

Nevertheless, the General Court pointed out that in order to successfully claim distinctive character acquired through use, it would be unreasonable to require proof of such acquisition for each individual Member State paragraph The assessment by the Hoge Raad of these complaints started with the text of article 2. According to this provision signs consisting exclusively of the shape of goods which is necessary to obtain a technical result, shall not be registered as a trade mark.

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  7. With regard to the interpretation and the scope of application of this provision the Hoge Raad sets out the following framework. The rationale of the absolute refusal and invalidity grounds for shape marks is to prevent that, as a consequence of the protection of a trade mark right, the trade mark owner is granted a monopoly for technical solutions or characteristics of use of a product, which consumers might look for in products of competitors.

    The provision aims at preventing that the exclusive and renawable right which is granted by a trade mark registration can be used for immortalisation, without any time limits, of other rights which the legislator in the EU intented to subject to a time limitation. Moreover the evidence that different shapes exist with which the same technical result can be obtained, cannot set aside the technique exception. The identification of the essential - namely the most important elements of the sign - characteristics should take place on a case by case basis.

    The competent authority can either rely directly on the overall impression invoked by the sign, or firstly investigate consecutively each component of the sign.

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    As soon as the essential characteristics of the sign are assessed, it should be verified if all these characteristics meet the technical function of the involved product. Thus - so argued CS - the Court of Appeal ignored that the technique exception is only applicable if all essential characteristics of a shape are determined by technique.

    If the Court of Appeal considered the straight sides of the pouch functional, because the pouch accordingly is compact and can be stored without loss of space in for example a bread bin, the Court of Appeal did not motivate well its decision, so argued CS. With reference to the trade mark registration the Court of Appeal apparently identified the more or less rectangular shape which the pouch has when it is laid down flat and is filled, and the slightly tapered shape it has when the filled pouch is placed upright, as essential characteristics.

    Thereby the Court of Appeal mentioned the straight sides of the pouch as part of the description CS used in appeal of the slightly tapered shape. It cannot be derived from the presentation of this description that the Court of Appeal considered the straight sides of the pouch - within the to be held essential more or less rectangular respectively slightly tapered shape of the pouch - as a separate, essential characteristic which should be verified on its own.

    Subsequently - in a second part of its second complaint - CS argued that the technique exception is not applicable if an infinite amount of alternatives are available for a shape, as is the case so argued CS with regard to shapeless products, namely in this case a pouch for a drink. In such a case the risk of a monopoly of a technical solution is non-existent according to CS and thus the rationale of the technique exception is not at stake.

    The Hoge Raad also rejects this part of the complaint. First the Hoge Raad establishes that the CJ EU has interpreted the technique exception as follows: i if it has been proven that the essential functional characteristics of the shape of a product are to be attributed exclusively to the technical result, said shape can not be protected by trade mark law, and ii the existence of alternative design with which an identical technical result can be obtained cannot said aside the technique exception. Furthermore the technique exception in design law is of a different nature as the technique exception in trade mark law: in design law the technique exception is not a ground for invalidity, but a ground for restriction of the scope of protection.

    Accordingly the Doceram decision does not allow findings as such with regard to the scope of application of the technique exception in trade mark law. More importantly, so rules the Hoge Raad, said finding in the Doceram case relates to the question how to establish whether an external characteristic of a product design is determined exclusively by the technical function of said product design.

    From this finding does not follow that if it is established that an external characteristic is determined by the technical function of the product as did the Court of Appeal in this case with regard to all essential characteristics of the CS pouch , the technique exception does nevertheless not apply if there are sufficient alternatives to obtain the same technical result. The Hoge Raad also rejects this complaint and first points out its own standing case law with regard to the reproduction of a tangible product which is not protected any longer by an intellectual property right: such reproduction imitation is allowed in principle, unless - and this is an exception to the principle - this reproduction causes confusion at the public and the reproducing competitor fails to comply with the obligation to do everything which is reasonably possible and can be reasonably required in the process of reproduction, without detriment to the soundness or usability of his product, to prevent that by the identity of the products a risk of confusion comes into existence.

    The Hoge Raad establishes that the Court of Appeal was correct in its finding that the alternative shapes for a pouch as indicated by CS are not equal to the CS pouch in terms of soundness and usability. The Hoge Raad ruled that if it should be taken as a starting point, as in this case it should, that if there are no reasonable possibilities to prevent confusion in a different way, without detriment to the soundness or usability of the product, it can suffice to keep a distance from the external characteristics color and name mentioning of the reproduced product. In the US, the First Amendment protecting free speech from Government interference caused the Court to strike down a law prohibiting disparaging marks.

    This started to set the US on a different path from most countries we surveyed, but left open the issue of scandalous marks. Visitors to the PEC LA can enjoy instructor-led, minute experiences on the driver development track in Porsche sports cars. The eight training modules include two handling circuits, an ice hill, an off-road course, a dynamics area, a launch control and acceleration straight, as well as a low friction handling circuit, low friction circle and hydraulic kick-plate.

    Prices for the 1. This new playground for Porsche lovers in California was officially opened in November by one of the biggest fans of the German racy luxury brand: Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey. Dempsey is a devoted racing driver and indulges his passion for motorsports with incomparable enthusiasm. The charming actor also made a surprise appearance at the Porsche press conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

    Four Porsche executive models celebrated their world premieres in L.

    One key innovation is the basic engine of the four-door models. The fully redesigned 3. Porsche also unveiled the. Auto Show. Middle: The new Panamera Executive with more back-seat space courtesy of a 5. It is also a great place to take a date: awesome cars everywhere, very stylish place, and a top-notch restaurant.

    Perfect for a special night out. Art lovers and fans of Annette Winkler paintings have the chance to see some of the works of the personable artist from Berlin until the end of January Starting her career as a nurse in Germany, she switched to graphic design when moving to Darmstadt because of her husband. At night, however, she found time to learn video editing and was successful in creating wedding and travel videos. When she discovered painting as her new passion, her background in video editing and photography often help with composition and adding unique perspectives to her subjects, lately even in 3D.

    More information: www. The Airbus A will operate this route providing passengers comfortable seating and state-of-the-art inflight entertainment, according to the airline. The event targeted German companies in South Carolina and the Southeastern US that are seeking to establish stronger ties to undergraduate education in the region, and focused on workforce needs for German industries in the area. After a warm welcome by Dr. Aus Sicht eines Verpackungsunternehmens ist das leicht zu verstehen.

    Through a relentless pursuit of perfecting its own store brands portfolio and unique shopping experience, ALDI has become more than a nuisance — it is a major force that is on the verge of changing the grocery retailing landscape. From a consumer packaged-goods CPG company perspective it is easy to understand why. The German chain is a control-label retail operator, selling primarily, if not entirely, its own privately branded knockoffs of established American foods.

    Wirtschaft Es gibt keinen Tresen mit Bedienung. Alles ist verpackt und der Kunde muss sich selbst bedienen n Die Ware wird per Gabelstapler hereingefahren, auf Paletten abgesetzt, schnell ausgepackt und etikettiert. Der Kunde reagiert jedoch positiv. Warum nur? So hat das deutsche Unternehmen das Einkaufserlebnis entschieden vereinfacht.

    ALDI plans to grow its distribution network from currently 1, branches to 2, in serving an estimated 45 Mio. There are no counter service departments; everything is packaged and everything is selfservice. Except that it actually creates an ecstatic shopper. The deletion of brand as a shopping variable is something that ALDI has perfected like no other store-label program in the U.

    They n. In doing so, they trigger near instant equivalency between a name-brand, iconic product and the one they are selling as a replacement. ALDI has accidentally reinvented pantry stocking in America by subversively eliminating the variable brand and the shopper marketing that goes along with it. They have also eliminated the variable of price, for there are no price comparisons in a store with only one offering in every category. They have made it radically simpler, cognitively, to execute a shopping trip. No thinking about brands, BOGOs, deals, price comps, coupons, sudden end-cap promotions or in-aisle shopper marketing.

    The trip is also super-fast, because the stores are only about 18, to 20, square feet. Ironically, the only variable left in the shopping trip is the food. This a powerful disruption for highly utilitarian shopping trips where shoppers just want to get the stuff on their list and get out. ALDI has been opening over locations in the U. Its network has entered suburban ZIP codes significantly in the past decade. A closely knit family: Katherine with her mother and her siblings Christina, Patrick and Christopher. Aber so sieht sie es family she has three younger siblings is one of nicht.

    In dieser Hinsicht folgt sie ganz dem Beispiel ihrer Mutter. Sie hat Event on Nov 4, Jahrhundert zurecht zu finden. Und nun ist das Multitalent, das selbst noch Single ist, sogar als Fotomodell in atem-beraubenden Brautkleidern der Kollektion von Atelier Pronovias zu sehen. Katherine sieht man oft gemeinsam mit ihrem Vater oder Mutter, sei es bei der Arbeit oder einfach nur in der Freizeit. Wir sind immer an Weihnachten zusammen, meine Mutter, mein Vater und meine Geschwister. Die ganze Famile. Concentrate on your brain. Katherine is often seen in the company of one of her parents or siblings, whether working together, at a charity event or just out for an evening of fun.

    And, as she told Closer Weekly in a conversation shortly before Thanksgiving this year, some traditions hold strong in her clan. Am Oktober folgte ein Informationstag an der University of Illinois in Chicago mit Besuchern , die meistens zwischen 16 und 22 Jahre alt waren. Das Goethe-Institut in Chicago machte den Anfang und organisierte sogar drei Berufsorientierungstage. So zum Beispiel am Zwischendurch konnten jungen Leute immer wieder an. Moeller-Sahling r. Meeting industry professionals was a great opportunity for students like here in San Francisco. Photo: Barak Shrama.

    German World Magazine / Winter / by German World Magazine - Issuu

    In San Francisco kamen am 7. Various exchange organizations and German companies joined each event and gave presentations about the options they offer. The Goethe-Institut in Chicago was the first to organize the Career Booster event, in three locations. On September 28, Aquinas College welcomed students and 12 companies with branches in Michigan. On October 17, the fair continued at the University of Illinois at Chicago, attracting visitors aged 16 to 22 and five German companies.

    In between visiting booths, attendees could join in 48 workshops; and the miniclasses reached a total of participants for the day. Inga Diercks, Head of Recruiting and Ad-. The D. They held 36 workshops, all focused on the different opportunities available to students in Germany. Up in Boston, the Goethe-Institut reported similar positive results, although their target group was mainly high-school students. College and university students are more likely to attend the European Career Fair in February.

    German is very helpful for my studies in art history as well. Roger Heps, 19, ist einer dieser Auszubildenden. Bayer et comp. Seit den er Jahren haben die Amerikaner scheinbar die Berufsausbildung stigmatisiert. Mittlerweile scheint sich das deutsche Modell langsam in den USA zu etablieren. Roger Heps is in his final year of a three-year apprenticeship at Bayer. Career Opportunities Without College? I Freider Wolf, political science professor at the University of Heidelberg.

    Roger Heps, 19, is one of those trainees. Heps is in a classic German apprenticeship. It includes onand off-the-job training, while he studies at a technical college. The German apprenticeship system provides for a well-trained workforce, but also gives many young Germans a ticket to the middle class.

    Youth unemployment in Germany was 8 percent in , half of what it was in the United States. He says the 60 percent of Germans who choose the apprenticeship program over traditional college have. In the meantime, the German model has been slowly catching on in the United States. Eleven states, including Massachusetts, Virginia and California, are trying to introduce on-the-job training for students in some schools.

    This article was first published by Marketplace. Reprinted with kind permission by Marketplace. The effort to bring more German-style training programs to the US got a boost in when the German Federal Ministries of Education, Economic Affairs, and Labor and the US Departments of Commerce, Labor, and Education signed a Joint Declaration of Workforce Training, which outlined the shared belief of the importance of technical education while strengthening ties between the nations. Play on the German word Einkaufswagen shopping cart.

    As seen in a German advertisement of Smart. Languages are subject to constant changes. The AATG believes that bringing the language, literature, and cultures of the German speaking world to all Americans is a vital humanistic endeavor, which serves an essential national interest. Executive Director Keith Cothrun photo, center and President Hal Boland welcomed all guests to an entertaining program. Teaching German in the U. The AATG therefore recognizes a few individuals every year that have been outstanding in their achievements. Rachael Smith verbringt hier am liebsten ihre Pause zwischen ihren Vorlesungen.

    Ich mag die Stadt total. Und wie alle anderen tut sie es kostenlos. In Deutschland war das Studieren schon immer kostenlos. Mehr als Und dann gibt es auch noch die Sprachbarriere. Die Regierung bezahlt sogar den Deutschunterricht. But a growing number of students are getting their degrees in other countries, like Germany, where taxpayers pick up the tab. At a cafe just around the corner from the University of Cologne, students sink into big armchairs and sip lattes.

    I really like the city. I definitely get the vibe that Germans appreciate a foreign presence in the city. But when I found this program, I realized it could be an actual option. In , more than , international students were getting a degree in Germany, including more than 4, Americans.

    While the amount of students choosing that path is not enough to worry American schools, it has given German universities a. German universities are marketing heavily overseas. They highlight their strengths in research, and in building connections with professors at other schools.

    Jay Malone from Columbus, Ohio, is now living in Germany. You need to have other interests. Delisha Duran is an American from Chattanooga, Tennessee. And, Duran adds, even for the most adventurous students, living abroad is a challenge. There are no recommendations or extensive resumes. Instead, students need the same test scores that would get them into a solid U.

    The government will even pay for German-language classes. In the U. Excerpts reprinted with kind permission by Marketplace. Yet time and time again, Luther sought out smaller towns and even villages to give powerful expression to his ideas. We journey on to Marburg, where the Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli met with Martin Luther, and then to Bad Hersfeld, home to the largest Romanesque church ruins in the world.

    Zwickau is a waypoint on the Luther Trail in Saxony. In Zeitz, where Luther also preached important sermons in , and , be sure to see the abbey church and Lutheride library, as well as the cathedral and St. His family home is now a museum, and St. Torgau was the political centre of the Reformation and is where Katharina Luther died. The final highlight on this route is Wittenberg, perhaps the most Lutheran of all the Luther towns.

    Bar, band rehearsal room, table tennis cellar, bicycle repair and carpentry workshop, live venue, preaching room: so much is possible here that would be impossible elsewhere. A blues church service is also held here five times a year — Bible readings, live bands and bread rolls are just as much a part of the place as Martin Luther.

    The park is located in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in north-east Germany, and offers a unique landscape consisting of cliffs and dunes, spits and lagoons. Other attractions include the lighthouse at the national park, and the Stralsund Museum with its gold treasures. Located right next to the famous Cathedral, the Chocolate Museum in Cologne offers a fantastic journey through over 13, square feet of exhibition space, covering the culture and history of this ancient treat.

    According to the Census, over 45 million Americans claim German heritage. A great way for visitors to trace their roots is offered at the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven, one of the most sophisticated interactive museums of its kind. The exhibition enables visitors to relive some of the journeys taken by more than seven million emigrants, who sailed from Germany to the U. Left: Taryn and her mother. Right: Vilseck ]. On her first trip to Germany, the year old Taryn Barnes from California flew via Paris to Nuremberg to visit her mother who works for the U.

    Armed forces in Vilseck, a small town close to Regensburg and the Czech border in the southern part of Germany. While in Germany, Taryn also managed to include a trip to the capital Berlin in the northeastern part of the country. When visiting When my mother relocated to Germany for work, I had the opportunity to visit and explore a country that I had studied. People bumped into each other without apologizing — that was weird as it is the complete opposite to here.

    My mom picked me up and we drove to her house in Vilseck, a little town in Bavaria. It was tasty — the fries are What was your first German meal? And the Coca Cola tasted so much better.