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8 Guidelines for Ministering to Men

Indeed, Jesus and the Father are equal, yet Jesus submits to the authority of the Father. Of course, men should be responsible leaders in our home and churches, firm if necessary but always kind. You have the same civil rights as a police officer, but you are expected to submit to their authority. Likewise, equality in salvation does not negate the God-established system of male leadership in the home and church.

It is true that for far too long, men have misunderstood the proper role of women in the church, often treating them as second-class Christians. Because of this, many gifted women have been left without an arena in which to use their gifts. The fact is that the pendulum of the role of women in the church has swung too far in both directions. But where humans have failed, God promises victory, peace, and restoration. There are role distinctions in the church that are not in dispute. See 1 Corinthians The nature of a body is that different members perform different roles, yet each member is equal in importance.

Different does not mean better or worse. It can be said that God made creatures in the order of their value and complexity. First, He created the base elements of earth, water, and air; then, He made vegetation and light. Next, He made the birds and fish, and then land creatures. Finally, God made a man and, as the concluding act of Creation, a woman. We can take this to mean that women are the most beautiful and complex creatures on the planet.

They even tend to live longer than men and use more of their brains in concert. Note, God did not create the first man and woman in the same way.

He made the man from dust, but He made the woman out of the man Genesis , And while God named the man, it was the man who named the woman. Later, after sin entered the picture, God also established a system of authority to maintain harmony in the family, the church, and society. It is a system in which man would lead. We also need to back up a little and understand that the supporting role of women was established before the fall.

See 1 Corinthians —9. Thus from the very dawn of Creation, the role of a woman is to support her husband.

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Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Here we discover Paul advising the young Timothy on appropriate church life, offering practical guidelines for structuring the church and choosing its officers, with qualifications for each position. But what does he mean by quiet? The Heart of the Matter To understand this limitation on the ministry of women a little better, we need to clarify what the word teach actually means.

First, it is clear this passage is in regard to spiritual matters within the church. The epistle itself is pastoral in nature, providing instructions for the church and appropriate conduct therein. The same sentiment is echoed in 1? Corinthians ,? And if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for women to speak in church. In this particular incidence, he is addressing the proper evaluation of prophecies.

Many have argued that though Paul restricts women from teaching men, it was based entirely on cultural traditions that have no place today.

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However, although it certainly is important to understand the historical and cultural background of every Bible teaching, Paul simply does not leave room for us to disregard this passage in that manner. After giving the restriction, Paul gives a timeless reason for it. Timothy Here Paul grounds his teaching directly to the creation of all things, implicitly stating that men and women were created differently and have different roles in the natural, pre-fall conditionof humanity. Therefore, there is no room to say this is a teaching for the Ephesians in their time and place in the world. The reality is that Paul often writes about the roles and distinctions between men and women among other role distinctions.

For example, in Ephesians 5 and 6, he calls on women to submit to their husbands and for servants to submit to their masters.

Men and Women and Priesthood Power

It is the newly converted man who understands the created order and is able to live in submission to God. Thus Paul never abolishes roles; rather, he explains that Christ has abolished any distinction with regard to spiritual position: We are each justified by faith alone and are equally granted the right to be children of God. Not Just Women Some suggest that because there are generally more women than men in the church, leadership roles should be divided according to those percentages.

But by using this reasoning, it would follow that in a family with three children, kids would be entitled to the largest share of leadership! On the contrary, authority in church does not come through a popular vote, but rather from the Word of God, which equates the spiritual authority of man over woman with the authority of Christ over man.

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Furthermore, wives should willingly acknowledge the headship of their husbands. See also Titus , 5, and 1 Peter for even more about a Bible-centered relationship. Note: The terms bishop and elder are interchangeable.

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The office has always been limited. There is a long list of requirements that eventually eliminates most men and leaves only a very few eligible. Of course, every Christian, male and female, is called to minister in some capacity, but not in every capacity. The Bible is very clear that women ought to leap into ministry with both feet! Plus, throughout the Bible, women are shown as equal in the nature of their ministry. Several examples include Deborah, who was a judge of Israel Judges ; Huldah and Anna, who were prophetesses 2 Chronicles ; Luke ; Priscilla, who was active in evangelism Acts ; and Pheobe, who was a deaconess Romans Women also played a prominent role in the ministry of Jesus and ministry to Jesus Matthew —10; Luke ; ; John —46; —8.

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Further, no spiritual gift is limited to men in the lists in the New Testament 1 Corinthians —31; Romans —8; 1 Peter —11 , and women were commanded to edify the body of Christ, which included teaching Titus and prophecy Acts , 18; ; 1 Corinthians However, even though men and women both serve the Lord in significant ways, we should not conclude that God has intended men and women to function in the same capacity.

Yet just because 1 Timothy explicitly teaches that a woman is not to teach a man, women are nevertheless free to teach in many other ways. In fact, women are commanded to explain the gospel to everyone, including lost men cf. Acts Within the church, women may teach women and children. With men in the church, women should discuss spiritual matters in a manner that informs but is not authoritative.

Others even contend that Paul was simply wrong, but this must be rejected on the grounds of the doctrine of inspiration of Scripture 2 Timothy Even though we can conclude that a woman should not assume the office of a pastor or elder within the church, it is clear that women are important to the church and do important things.

The woman who fulfills the role God established for her is not inferior in any way to a man; rather, she is acting as a godly woman. A Powerful Influence in the Church While it is abundantly clear that women are not to be pastors or elders, because doing so would place them in a leadership role over men 1 Timothy —14; 1 Corinthians , 35 , there are other things that women can and should do.

Their ministry revolves around support, service, and ministry to women and children. For instance, women can teach other women. Therefore, mature Christian women are to disciple younger women, teaching them to exercise self-control, to be affectionate to their own husbands, to correct their children wisely, to be restrained in their passions and desires, to be modest, and to be upright in character.

Further, women should minister with the Word to other women. In Acts —11, Philip the evangelist has four unmarried daughters who minister in this way. While some point to this passage as evidence that women can be pastors, the context shows differently. He used a male prophet from another city to instruct Paul. Women can also share the gospel in a private context. For instance, Priscilla and Aquila shared the gospel with Apollos privately. It was a team effort, but it is clear from the passage that Priscilla took part Acts Women should also be involved in supporting roles in the church and missionary work.

And I entreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellowlabourers, whose names are in the book of life. Servants of the Church Even though the Lord has chosen many women to serve as prophets through the ages, He has never hinted that a woman should be ordained as a priest.

Pastors and elders, of course, are roughly the New Testament equivalent to the Old Testament priests. Pastors and elders lead out in communion, which is the New Testament equivalent of offering a sacrifice—a role that was performed by a man. And while many priests were prophets, no women prophets were priests. All three were prophets, but only the boys served as priests.

Of course, women have served a vital role in the church from the very beginning, but men were assigned the role of church leadership. The apostles were all men, the churches were started by men, the Scripture was written by men under inspiration, and the churches were led by men. This does not mean that women are less capable of teaching than men; it simply means that God created us this way. Romans ,? I bring this up because some say that Phebe held the office of a deacon. She did not. She was a servant, a helper around the church, and she succoured assisted, helped, or was hospitable to many such as Paul.

In 1 Timothy ,? She was to have a history of good works, have been a faithful mother, hospitable to strangers, and willing to serve fellow Christians in humble ways. In short, she was to have a history of diligent labor for the Lord. One such example is Tabitha, or Dorcas, found in Acts 9. Embracing Our Roles F.

Submission is the putting of oneself under the authority of another. It is an act of humility, something that both men and women in our churches should practice much more. Within the church, Paul teaches that women ought to submit to the authority of men in the church. But this must never be an excuse to foster inequality. Christ submitted to the Father, yet He is equal to the Father in worth and essence. Therefore, submission is about order, not value! At the same time, there is a tremendous problem of ignoring the clear statements of Scripture in respect to the role of women in the church.

Christians who sweep aside plain statements of Scripture as outdated traditions or local customs are building on a foundation of shifting sand. We should not undermine the Scriptures so easily. The fact of the Bible is that there is not a single example of a woman being ordained as a priest, pastor, or elder.

Indeed, Jesus only ever ordained men. Was He just conforming to the popular customs of the day? Well, the truth is that in His time, most of the pagan religions had women priests. Moreover, the notion that Jesus confined Himself to following the traditions of His day is completely opposite of His teachings.

Yet everyone needs healthy boundaries. To safeguard marriages and maintain integrity in our pastoral care—or other leadership—women require principles that get at the heart of our relationships preemptively. We can create guidelines for situations, rather than stringent rules collectively applied to all unforeseen events.

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Here are 8 guidelines I follow as I minister to men. For married women, healthy boundaries with other men are the result of a healthy marital relationship. This is where it starts and ends. The best safeguard against infidelity is focused time with your spouse. It happens when we have left ourselves open to emotional need because of a lack of commitment to the work of marriage. My husband and I talk about sermon plans and what gifts we see in church members.

He is great at discovering alternative solutions I had not considered, as well as constructing sermon illustration ideas. Often, he will have noticed issues men are having before I will. My husband is an active part of what I do. Conversely, I try to be active in what he does. Sign up for our free WomenLeaders. July 31 Jill M. A nuanced alternative to the Billy Graham Rule that views men—and ourselves—first as being in the image of God.

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