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You must automate all parts of the builds, tests, provisioning, and deployments. Oh goodness, I listed more challenges than benefits. We are building a great product, we have a great culture , and we want you to be a part of it! Using Agile processes, teams own their code from their desktops to production. All services scale for high availability within a cluster and across zones. TDD is heavily practiced for unit, integration, and automated acceptance tests along with SonarQube rules analysis so that peer code reviews can focus on the fun parts.

BetterCloud is a meritocracy. Those that excel have the opportunities to do so as quickly as possible.

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Join over , IT pros Subscribe to our newsletter today. Thank you for Subscribing! What is a microservice architecture? Source: Martin Fowler A microservice architecture breaks an application down into smaller applications, then segments them by logical domains authentication, user directory, reporting, checkout, etc. Behold, the Monolith!

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We needed to: Track down bugs to figure out what the problem was and who should fix it Make risky all-or-nothing decisions when moving to a new framework or technology Synchronize codebases and coordinate releases among teams We gained a number of benefits by breaking down our application into microservices to overcome the issues above. SonarQube gives our development team the ability to track their own code quality metrics.

Logging is a fundamental aspect of monitoring and alerting, particularly with microservices. Experimenting with New Techniques and Technology Smaller codebases allow you to experiment more. Developing and Deploying Code Faster Microservice architectures let teams develop in parallel and deploy code independently. Microservices: The Challenges No architecture is a cure-all; microservices present many real challenges.

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Handling Micro Outages When you break your application into smaller applications, it requires more planning to decide how to behave when only one microservice is down. Source: Martin Fowler Creating Microservice Boundaries Choosing the boundaries for your microservices is a difficult decision.

RabbitMQ and Kafka power our application messaging system. An additional test was made with the top ring gaps set to 0. In this final test, the results again showed a reduction in blowby; but a noticeable loss of horsepower was observed at higher speeds. Examination of the rings indicated that the top rings were butting. The top ring gap will change based on the amount of heat introduced into the engine. Adding nitrous or boost turbo or supercharged , or building a combination that runs abnormally hot, will affect the gaps. As a basic rule of thumb, a gap of 0.

The following is a recommended gap chart for conventional gap style rings from Total Seal Piston Rings :. Total Seal notes that these are general gapping recommendations and should not be considered absolute. State of engine tune, operating environment, and personal experience should also be considered. First, install the individual ring into a specific cylinder we typically begin with cylinder 1 in the engine firing order.

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The ring must be squared in the bore. In this case, the ring is inserted in the bore, followed by the squaring tool.

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In order to check the gap, a common feeler gauge is used. Insert the feeler gauge in the gap if one exists to determine the dimension. To reduce the ring size increase the gap , you have to file fit the ring with a ring gap tool. A relatively inexpensive and easy-to-find alternative is available from Sealed Power or Summit Racing. Go slowly when filing your rings.

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Once the gap is set, you should gently deburr the end gap with another small, fine-tooth hand file. Piston rings should be installed after the piston — pin-rod package is assembled. In the past, piston rings were thicker, much higher-tension versions than we see today. Back then, some engine builders installed the rings on the piston by way of a special set of pliers.

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The oil ring pack is simple to install, starting with the oil ring expander. Finally, stock pistons or cast aftermarket pistons may not be strong enough to handle a significant boost in horsepower. Hypereutectic Pistons. Show Full Article.

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