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Of course, he chose property! Trevor Cutmore, renowned for his successful property training courses run through his company Table of Twelve, has found new property success using his old pensions to buy and invest for substantial tax-free gains. The modern business world is more advanced and competitive than it has ever been before, much of which is thanks to the consistent evolution and success of small businesses.

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With that said, the little guys of the industry often fall short of large organisations when. In the UK, pension systems largely fall within one of two buckets. In many ways, they could also be called.

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What is Pension Income - What is a Pension Income Option for Retirement

Discover all the latest about our services, news, and culture on our blog. Celebrating a Property Pension Richard Hutchins, 64, of Hayling Island near Portsmouth has made substantial gain by investing his pension in property since July 8, July 1, Simon King SSAS pension expert and national speaker Simon King was invited on the Property Nomad Podcast to discuss why you can benefit greatly from pension schemes — and how you can pick the right one for you.

Your State Pension choices

May 28, May 23, May 2, So what exactly is a pension? A pension is the money usually income that you will live on when you stop working. It will replace the salary that you earned before retirement and is the most tax-efficient form of saving available.


Provided you are under 75, you can have a pension plan, regardless of whether you are working full-time, part-time or are in casual employment. You can even have a plan if you have no earnings — and are a jobseeker, home-maker or carer. These are usually monthly amounts but they can be paid less frequently, for example quarterly or yearly, or even as one-off lump sum payments. How much you pay is up to you to decide but if you join a pension plan arranged by your employer there may be a minimum level of contribution.

Pensions explained

If you change jobs you can take your pension plan with you. So how much do you need to pay in? So what are your potential pension savings gaps? This is the difference between what most people expect to live on in their retirement and what they currently make provision for. The government wants to encourage everyone to set aside money for their retirement, there are 3 valuable tax breaks available for savers now, whether you have your own pension plan or are in a company pension plan.

This is a big advantage, as the value of your plan should build up much more quickly than in a fund that has to pay tax.

What is a pension?

To start the process, an hour with a financial broker is probably one of the most important things you can do. Anybody under the age of 75 can have a pension plan and how much you pay into the pension plan is up to you to decide. The contributions are then invested by the firm — usually an insurance company — that operates the pension plan. When you retire, the accumulated value of your plan will provide you with your retirement benefits — which could be in the form of a monthly income or a lump sum subject to taxes.