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A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

That was resolved, and it was agreed that I could stay on the Coumadin. I could not go through with it, however, as it was so intensely painful, and after only a few seconds, I started to bleed from it. So my urologist, a great guy with a great sense of humor, who has been very helpful in not letting me get too discouraged about all this — I mean, literally, my pride has been hurt! So this morning, after being off of the Coumadin and having to inject myself with another anti-clotting medication called Lovenox for the past five days, I went to Bridgeport Hospital and the urologist performed another procedure on me, in which he used an instrument to widen my urethra to break up the scar tissue.

Oh, yes, another side effect of this whole shebang was a horrible tummy from the Cipro, for which I had to take ten days of Flagyl, ANOTHER heavy-duty antibiotic, which did do the trick. Hopefully this procedure, which I looked forward to and dreaded in equal parts, will also do the trick, and allow me to feel more normal going forward.

So far things point to that. Yet through all of this, the new ticker prevails! I have a return-to-work date of July 10, and I look forward to getting back to a normal routine.

You don't judge people by appearance important is the heart!

My team is in the process of figuring out how I can best do my job while protecting the good work that has been done on my body. Now, on to the next phase of this journey!!! You must be logged in to post a comment. Blog Surgery.

Don Stewart :: On What Basis Will People Be Judged?

They're lazy, don't care about the inside. They're superficial, don't care about those that don't fit the mould" This particular post hits very close to home. The song posted above, is about a person who suffers at the hands of society. Society produce a mould for us all to fit and if we don't then we become easy targets for those who do fit the mould.

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The truth is, in today's society, appearance is seen as the first impression of people. If you are wearing a baggy jersey, your first impression is that you don't have any personal hygiene or maybe that you are too lazy to dress is 'normal' clothes. This is close to home for me because I have been a victim of bullying due to my appearance.

The sad fact of life is that almost everyone can say that at least one time or another, they were too victims. High school was a very hard time and is for a lot of adolescents as there are sudden social rules that one must abide to or you will fall prey to those who fit the mould.

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It is rather upsetting that appearance is looked at before personality. Some people who have unbelievable hearts are not even given a chance because they are too short, too fat, too tall, too something! When did our society become so materialistic and superficial? During my teen years, shyness, insecurities and having a lack of control of my life seemed to place me in the perfect position to be bullied. I was called all types of names by boys and girls.

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There was something inside of me though that wanted to fight back. I woke up not wanting to go to school but something told me to do it and something told me to make new friends.

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As I got older, this inner strength became stronger and stronger and by the time I finished school I was more confident and started to tackle my weaknesses one by one. Click here to register. For further information or queries please email us mcemindia gmail.

A Heart is not Judged…. – Ken Sawicki

It was the best workshop I have ever attended and brilliantly planned. The most important thing was the genuine concern to improve our performance and faculties always crafted their words so carefully to encourage us as well as warn us about the caveats. Faculties were so amazing and inspiring….. Regards, Dr.

This course has been a real eye-opener for most of us and especially for me. Got an insight into many intricacies of this exam.