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Cookie Lyon Forest Whitaker Eddie Barker Tisha Campbell-Martin Giselle Mo McRae J Poppa Pej Vahdat Kelly Patel Charles Malik Whitfield Reverend L. Pryce Opal Staples Tasha Melanie McCullough Denise Claudette Burchett Juanita Paolo Nieddu Assistant Sean Bradley Phil Weiss Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Oscar Dorsey Stage Technician uncredited Melanie Jewel Howard Leviticus Patron uncredited Alex Zelenka If you worry about stuff like this then you end up changing how you write to try to get the few vocal trolls off your back. I say let em go — sometimes goodbye really is a second chance.

I am blunt, opinionated, direct and own my opinions. Nathan, I agree with Stanford Smith. We need to be careful not to encourage pointless provocation and bluntness. Some people are just waiting for that. I wrote a whole post on this using yours as a starting point. I think that when writing, people should remember not to mix self-confidence with arrogance. Arrogance creates enemies. Writing a blog that is assured and assertive by not demonstrating intelligently placed deference can result in blogging that is presumptuous and domineering.

Is that really a strength? Being a confident writer is one thing, but being bluntly opinionated is potentially offensive. And, honestly, is that the way to write a blog? It works very well for me, and many others. You have to be to survive in this world. You are so wrong! The customer is always right, period. Does being vanilla work for you?

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Marketing online is similar, but I represent myself, and I have to create my own positioning. By being me, I get to do that pretty easily. Sounds like you are dealing with elderly folks. Excellent post—instantly shared with my buddies on both Facebook and Twitter. Well said, thanks! Awesome Corey, I love this. That is exactly the thing I feel that really sums up all the contradicting opinions here.

Same principle, regardless. Nathan rocks, I know he provides value, whether I agree completely with what he says or not. In fact, often by not-agreeing have I found people evolve, come to consensus, and reach new heights together. Thank you for this!! I want to be myself, because no one else can be me, and I want you to be yourself and buy my jewelry only if it fits your style. No lies, no pretending, and no apologies just for being who we are. Being clear and concise with confidence is so important… Love it or leave it.

Thanks for this post. Nathan, Thank you for this post. I should have more and no one responds to my tweets. I am working to hard on my blog to have people ignore it. This blog is my last chance as a small business owner. The story is the heart of my blog. I will post the prologue tomorrow, which is free. It will be used to get people to subscribe to the blog. Again, thank you Nathan and all of you making comments to give me the strength to complete the prologue.

I need to find the audience that will read my story. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Do you? Then why do so many people ask forgiveness right before they actually do something worth doing? You can see it in the way they write. What are you doing this for? But if I lie to you to make you like me, what does that make me? Want to lead your own tribe? So get out there. Be real. Be yourself. Chat with you later… Josh. I can smell you style a mile away, Nathan.

Thanks Nathan! To hell with popular on with the profits. Nathan Awesome article. Thanks for putting this together. Mars You make a killer point there too. Good stuff!

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Some smart people here I say…. Good stuff Michelle. Nathan: Funny, I only remember and like my K teachers that were hard-asses who forced me to step up my game with stern, no-nonsense words. Thank you for the reminder to stay true to our message! Refreshing blog and a nice timely reminder. Many thanks Jules. I love it. Leaders who do not compromise themselves are awesome, and a rare breed these days.

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Hey Nathan, No more messing about with pussy footing around people. Im here and here to stay. This is the best way to think as you cant please everyone there will always be people that will follow you no matter what you do Great post Glyn. I wholeheartedly agree. I understand, this is about blogs… In my niche, a blog is a stepping stone to a real relationship. Catherine Caine wrote a great post about this on my blog recently.

Great post! This post reminds me of my favorite poem: Our Greatest Fear. Very motivational. Crush the competition!!! Nathan, great post! I agree with your post completely, and I find the comments you inspired fascinating. Thanks for the well-timed, thought-provoking post!

Great job Nathan, right on the money. Great point, thanks for sharing!! And the only good way to get discussions going is to have a little controversy. So it should be done at an absolute minimum. Daaaamn Brother. Effectively walking the communicative tightwire is a gift. Of course it was you. Good work. Funny, yet with a sense of gravitas.


Like you, I want to be liked, in fact, I often go out of my way to be liked. But only on my terms.

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Let me explain my thinking… 1. What sort of discussion would you have in your comments? See previous point. How am I going so far? This is getting a bit long. Lucious is back in the office and is eager to take his place behind the big desk in the big office. Next, we cut to Tiana, Jamal, and Hakeem on stage in a rehearsal. But their performance is really just a backdrop for a conversation between Eddie and Giselle.

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During a break in rehearsal, Hakeem tells his ex Tiana that he noticed the way she was looking at him. And just like that, the two are back together. But drama always finds the Lyon family. Oh, and they just happen to have a reunion album to promote…. Everyone fears the interview will send Kelly running. Lucious says he wants to handle it but Cookie steps in and promises to solve the problem. Someone actually unplugs their speaker to charge their phone.

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She has one condition: Scrap the interview. The group has a condition of their own: Lucious has to apologize to them. Jamaal wants to wow Kelly at the upcoming showcase and is thinking of performing something new for the mogul, but Eddie suggests that Jamaal sit the showcase out as to not remind Kelly that Jamaal was involved in the shooting of Angelo. Becky finds Jamaal playing the piano like a sad little puppy.

It all ends with a hug.