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We can often stop feeling after the honeymoon stage and then start to feel disconnected. Being in the analytical mindset suppresses emotional feelings. What makes children day in and day out connect in their relationships? True experiences together whether they be dancing, ice-skating, singing, hiking or any other passion brings us quality time and moments to remember.

Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of A Child

Sharing laughter and tears gives us a sense of heart to heart connection. None of us have the perfect relationship. What kids naturally embrace is being in the moment and not having another care in the world when they are engaged. On the other hand, have a difficult time focusing on the present matter. There are so many distractions with technology and information overload.


How can we plant seeds to further connect us emotionally? If we can consider getting to know another person without preconceived notions and judgments, we can make progress to a fuller connection. Sharing thoughts, words and inspiring experiences will only bring you closer together. If you want to be reassured about your child's vision, they can have their eyes tested when they're old enough to attend a sight test at a high-street opticians, which is usually after they're 3 years old.

All newborn babies in the UK have an eye test in the first days of life, and then again at 2 to 3 months old, to look for eyesight problems such as cataracts.

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Problems like squint and short or long sight may not develop until the child is a few years old. It's difficult to treat lazy eye after the age of 6, so it's recommended that all children have their vision tested after their fourth birthday. This is the responsibility of your local council , which should organise vision testing for all children between 4 and 5 years of age.

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You can also visit your GP if you have any concerns about your child's eyesight. The eyes work like a camera. Light passes through the lens of each eye and reaches a light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the eye called the retina. The retina translates the image into nerve signals that are sent to the brain. The brain combines the signals from each eye into a three-dimensional image. A lazy eye happens when the brain connections responsible for vision are not made properly.

To build these connections, during the first 8 years of a child's life, the eye has to "show" the brain a clear image. Wear eye protection every time you handle liquid or powder chemicals. Prescription glasses or sunglasses do not provide reliable protection, because the loose fit allows liquids or powder to splash behind the frames. Appropriate safety gear is the best way to reduce your risk of injury.

Options depend on the job, but may include:. The following content is displayed as Tabs. Once you have activated a link navigate to the end of the list to view its associated content. The activated link is defined as Active Tab. Most vision problems are avoidable or can be treated so have your eyes regularly checked by an optometrist or other eye care health professional A standard eye examination with an optometrist includes a screening for all common eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts You can help prevent dry eyes and minimise the risk of tired or sore eyes while reading or using a computer The eye's complicated design means that an image can pass through its many layers and end up crisply focused on the retina Regular eye tests or check-ups detect problems early, so you can have early treatment to minimise any permanent damage to your eyes If you are short-sighted, you will have trouble seeing objects clearly in the distance and they will appear blurry A person suffering from dry eye syndrome does not have enough of the right kind of tears to keep the eye comfortable Some eye floaters look like small dots, while others appear like threads or little hairy clumps Don't try to remove a foreign body from your eye - go to your doctor or hospital emergency department for help Some babies are born with a blocked tear duct, but other events, including infection and trauma to the nose, can cause a blocked tear duct People who are colourblind can't see some colours or see them differently from other people.

Colour blindness is inherited, and affects more boys than girls. Out of 20 boys, it is likely that one or Conjunctivitis is an eye infection caused by a bacteria or virus.

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Symptoms include eye redness, a discharge and swollen lids. Conjunctivitis is treated with antibacterial eye drops or ointment Giant cell arteritis is inflammation of the arteries that can cause sudden blindness in one or both eyes Glaucoma can happen at any age and without early detection can lead to permanent vision loss and blindness Retinitis pigmentosa is the collective name for a range of diseases that damage the retina and cause vision to fade Age-related macular degeneration AMD is a type of vision loss where there is a distortion or absence of the central field of vision A significant amount of long-sightedness can lead to blurred vision, particularly for close objects Refractive errors are common eye disorders causing blurry vision and are related to the focusing ability of your eyes Neurological vision impairment ABI VI is vision loss caused by damage to the areas of the brain that are responsible for sight Corneal transplant surgery would not be possible without generous donors and their families, who have donated corneal tissue so that others may see During laser eye surgery, a computer-controlled laser is used to remove microscopic amounts of tissue from the front surface of the eye Vision therapy is effective for everyone; however, its impact is greatest in children and young adults Braille is a reading and writing system for blind and vision impaired people, made up of raised dots that can be?

Occupational therapy for people with vision impairment offers new strategies and alternative ways to do things With planning and preparation, most social events can be adapted to suit people with vision loss Guide dogs are specially bred and trained to enable people who are blind or vision impaired to achieve freedom and independence Content on this website is provided for information purposes only.

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