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What age are apprentices?

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There is also local support through their Excellence Coordinators as well as a number of HEE funded Community Education Provider Networks, which will have increasing responsibility for engaging with NHS primary care community providers around workforce planning, education and training. If SWGP member practices would like to find out more about apprenticeships, including how the federation can support you with this, please email: admin southwarwickshiregps.

There are all sorts of potential benefits to taking on an apprentice. According to studies by the British Chambers of Commerce and the Centre for Economic and Business Research, employers feel apprentices help to:. In General Practice, there are many examples of apprentices making a real difference.

Several of our SWGP member practices have experience of employing apprentices and are very positive about the benefits they bring to their practice. To find out more, read our case studies below. Read more…. Tim Morris talks about the tangible difference apprentices can make, having seen big improvements in the take-up of health checks and engagement with patients in their practice.

Kate Young now works full time at the Waterside Medical Centre following a successful apprenticeship which gave her the opportunity to build her skills as well as a real enthusiasm for working in general practice. Read our myth-busters page to find out how some of the common misconceptions about apprenticeships might be holding you back unnecessarily.

There are also video case studies available on the National Skills Academy website to show how primary care providers are using apprenticeships to enhance service delivery and provide great patient care. Apprentices must be aged 16 and over paid at least the minimum wage employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week There are a wide range of clinical and non-clinical apprenticeships, which can be a great way to fill a particular need in your practice.

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How do we go about taking on an apprentice? Trades are designated as either compulsory or voluntary :.

Employ a school-based apprentice or trainee

A compulsory trade is a trade in which registration as an apprentice, journeyperson candidate or certification as a journeyperson is mandatory. We will send you an application once you become eligible for the Apprenticeship Completion Employer Bonus. If you have any questions, contact your local Employment Ontario apprenticeship office. We are currently reviewing funding for apprentices and employer sponsors.

HITMAN - Taking The Plunge - Plumbers Apprentice Challenge Pack - Master Plumber

Get advice on attracting and recruiting the right employees, and how to get money to help with on-the-job training costs. Visit the Open for Business page to find resources on how to grow your business. Get help in-person at one of the 32 Employment Ontario apprenticeship offices across the province. You can also contact us over the phone, email, chat live with us or request an in-person appointment with an Employment Ontario counsellor. Skip to main content.

Taking on an apprentice

Hire an apprentice. Post an opportunity, search for an apprentice or hire a skilled tradesperson on our job bank. Benefits of apprenticeship Taking on an apprentice has many benefits, such as: Your business, your training When you train an apprentice to provincial and national Red Seal industry standards, you also train them to understand your unique workplace. Taking on an apprentice trains the next generation of workers and helps you prepare for the future of your business.

Loyal employees Hiring apprentices early in their careers fosters company loyalty. A Canadian Apprenticeship Forum report shows that apprentices felt more loyalty to employers who trained and eventually hired them. Hire the best Local colleges, high schools, training, and pre-apprenticeship programs can help you find the best talent and match you with the most qualified apprenticeship candidate.

Six-step guide to hiring an apprentice Assess your training ability An employer, individual or a group of employers can sponsor an apprentice and provide hands-on training for a trade. If you want to train an apprentice, you must: have the facilities, people and equipment needed to provide the training make sure the apprentice has time to attend classroom training as part of the apprenticeship program meet any Ontario regulations applying to your trade , such as wage rates and ratios where they apply—including Ontario minimum wage where applicable Under the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, , the journeyperson to apprentice ratios are set at one-to-one for all trades with ratios.

Here are some ways you can find an apprentice: Online job listings : Post opportunities on our job bank to recruit across Canada. They can also help to assess prior training and learning to determine where an apprentice begins in the apprenticeship program.

Taking on an apprentice – the full details

Contact your local OYAP coordinator to get started. Apprentices registered in another province or territory Hire an apprentice who started training outside of Ontario. To evaluate out-of-province training and job experience, you can ask for the following documents: Work experience : For example, a signed letter or record of employment from previous employer s Technical training : For example, a program transcript or letter from their college or training institution Apprenticeship registration in their home province or territory : For example, a copy of their training agreement or a registration wallet card We strongly encourage you to work with your local Employment Ontario apprenticeship office to recognize previous workplace and formal training completed outside of Ontario.

Register the apprentice Once you've found someone you'd like to train as an apprentice, they must complete an online apprenticeship training application , which includes your information as the sponsor. Sign a training agreement Once the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has approved you and the apprentice candidate, you will get more information about your roles and responsibilities from a local apprenticeship office within five business days.

The agreement confirms that: The apprentice can apply for provincial and federal financial incentives. Your local Employment Ontario apprenticeship office will coordinate school scheduling for the apprentice.

What you need to do to get started

You can assign the apprentice work in compulsory aspects of the trade for applicable trades, such as plumber, electrician, automotive service technician. You will confirm when the apprentice has completed their workplace training based on apprenticeship training standards, hours logged and skills acquired.