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The Grand Canyon is notorious for fine silt, which eats into every orifice of everything that exists. And the camera worked the entire trip, 71 days. More, because I was shooting beyond that, shooting outside of our walk, too. I was amazed. I was afraid it was going to break down. I would give it two thumbs up on its durability. It was sitting in a tiny little Think Tank bag on my chest getting beat around, in and out of the bag, in and out of dust, doing time-lapse for six hours at night. And it just kept ticking. While low weight and durability were crucial, image quality and low light sensitivity were equally important.

And so that means stars, and time lapses with star trails and trying to capture that. One of my favorite images from the trip is the writer and another guy talking under headlamps with this huge spray of stars behind them by a little tiny spring in a very remote section of the Canyon. And another shot of the south rim. There was actually no tripod; I set up in the rocks because it was too windy.

And then the image of a guy with a headlamp. I think these highlight the dynamic range.

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Sometimes less. Yeah, it was a hard place to get to, but then to have the camera perform that well? It was great. It was exciting. That really impressed me with the camera.

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But the more you weigh, the more on your back, the slower you go, the longer it takes you to get to water, the more risk you have of not making it. Equally daunting, if not a matter of life and death, is the journalistic challenge presented by the editors of National Geographic. What that camera did for one lens and one camera?

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It blows my mind. Native Coloradan Pete McBride has spent two decades studying the world with a camera. A self-taught photographer, filmmaker, writer, and public speaker, he has traveled on assignment to over 75 countries for the National Geographic Society, Smithsonian, Outside, Esquire, Microsoft, The Nature Conservancy and many more.

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Featured Articles. Read More. Photographing Foxes Learn the habits and habitats of these readily accessible wildlife subjects to capture their lively interactions.

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Human life can be likened to a flowing river. What is a river? A river is a unique phenomenon of nature. In the river fresh water is being added to the existing water at every moment. This everyday phenomenon is responsible for the freshness of the river water. In the absence of this continuous flow of newly added water, the river will lose its freshness: it will not be able to maintain its health-giving, even life-giving, properties. Comments 0. Be the first one to comment. Read All Comments Post a Comment. Know his workout routine and diet plan Weight loss: Is it possible to reduce only stomach fat?

English words that have a Sanskrit origin.