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Most importantly, the concept of avatar presents the theological view of a deeply personal and loving God who cares about the fate of humanity rather than ignores it. Time and time again, the various avatars are willing to intervene on humanity's behalf to protect its overall cosmic wellbeing loka-samgraha. The avatar doctrine is a seminal concept in certain forms of Hinduism, particularly Vaishnavism , the sect that worships Vishnu as the Supreme God.

The word Avatar in Sanskrit literally means "descent" of the divine into the realm of material existence. Through the power of maya "illusion" or "magic" , it is said that God can manipulate forms in the physical realm, and is therefore able to assume bodily forms and become immanent in the empirical world. Hinduism states that the Absolute can take on innumerable forms and, therefore, the number of avatars is theoretically limitless; however, in practice, the term is most ubiquitously related to Lord Vishnu, of whom Narasimha is an incarnation.

Hinduism recognizes ten major avatars collectively known as the 'Dasavatara' 'dasa' in Sanskrit means ten. Scriptural lists of these ten divine manifestations frequently differ, however, the most commonly accepted has Vamana preceded by Matsya , a fish; Kurma , a turtle; Varaha , a boar and Narasimha , a man-lion hybrid; and followed by Parasurama , a man bearing an axe; Rama, a noble man; Krishna , the teacher of the Bhagavadgita ; Buddha , [1] a spiritually enlightened being and Kalkin , the tenth and final avatar who has yet to arrive.

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These avatars usually take physical form for the purpose of protecting or restoring dharma , the cosmic principle of order, when it has devolved. Krishna explains this in the Bhagavadgita: "Whenever there is a decline of righteousness and rise of unrighteousness O Arjuna, I send forth Myself.

Vamana entered into creation as a response to the tyranny of Bali, great grandson of Hiranyakshipu, perpetual rival of Vishnu and the reigning king of the demons. By his acts of sacrifice, Bali became incredibly powerful, usurping Indra so as to attain rulership over the cosmos. Indra and the other gods begged Vishnu to come to their rescue, due to the fact that the demons were about to overrun the universe. Aditi, Indra's mother, asked that Vishnu be born of her for purposes of killing Bali.

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Vishnu complied, emerging from her womb as Vamana, a dwarf. Once he had reached boyhood, Vamana went to Bali and begged his charity.

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Moeller 1,3 , W. Mueller 1 , A. Schiller 1 , K. Starosta 1,3 , A. Stolz 1 , J. Terry 1,3 , A. Volya 4 , V. Zelevinsky 1,3 , and H.

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