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My Lesbian Roommate

Living with Erin showed me that I need to accept everyone in this world, no matter what. I think I am doing that each and every day. When I think about what she has gone through and the people she has faced, I know that I want to handle it like she has. I want to be all of these things: brave, strong, different, and accepting.

So when people make comments about living with someone that is lesbian or gay, I take those moments to my advantage. I tell them that she is just like me, we are best friends, and I would not change my freshman year in college for a second. But most importantly, I tell them that I learned so much about another person and that I grew from all of it. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!

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Cover Image Credit: Erika Szumel. At Syracuse University. She said we needed to set boundaries, this couldn't happen, she didn't want anything romantic with me, etc. Yet I found it hard to believe her because when she was drunk she would still flirt with me, and occasionally when she was sober too. We constantly had sexual tension. One night, when we were both completely sober, we came really close to hooking up again. She stopped it from happening and the next day told me that she had talking to the Office of Residence Life and she was moving into a different room in our building.

I freaked out, told her she was an awful friend and everything that happened was just as much her fault as it was mine. She moved out within a week, started casually dating some guy, and I got a new roommate. Sophie and I didn't talk very much for a few days, but eventually we started talking again and hanging out on a regular basis.

About a month after she moved out, one night Sophie was in my room late at night. She asked if she could sleep in my bed instead of going to her room, and I said of course. This hook up started a month long sex binge. We slept together every single night, skipping class and avoiding our friends so that we could fuck instead.

Lesbian roommate confessed to me. What do I do?

However she never went below the belt with me, I was always the giver which I didn't mind. She continued to claim that she was straight, and also continued to go on dates with guys. She said that she wasn't interested in a relationship with me, she just enjoyed the company and the sex felt good. It wasn't easy for me to deal with, but I thought she was worth it. This basically continued for the remainder of our freshmen year, although we managed to control ourselves and maintain normal schedules. Eventually she fingered me albeit not often , but never ate me out and I never asked her to.

Right before summer break, Sophie said we had to call it quits. We were also just really close; best friends with benefits, I guess. We shared everything with each other. I was very upset about calling it quits, but more or less obliged, although we fought about it often. We saw each other a few times over the summer we live 6 hours away from each other when not at school and ended up hooking up despite our efforts not to.

Sophomore year started and we lived in the same building again but with different roommates. Sophie was more intent than ever on putting an end to our sexual relationship. But at that point I knew I was head over heels in love with her. I couldn't let her go. A few weeks into the year we went to a party together, and both got pretty wasted. We got into a huge fight which ended with me slapping her across the face definitely not something I'm proud of.

I [20F] have been hooking up with my "straight" college roommate [20F] for 2 years : relationships

She cut off all contact with me for a few months, and I moved on and started a relationship with another girl. She also started dating another guy. Towards the end of fall semester of sophomore year, we somehow ran into each other again and started talking.

Even though we were both in committed relationships, we hooked up again. And it was just as amazing as ever.

Replies to: Lesbian roommate confessed to me. What do I do?

We ended up both ending our relationships in the spring, and hooked up a few more times that semester. Sophie still said she was straight and didn't have feelings for me. So let's move on to the present. We're both juniors in college, living off campus in different parts of town. I didn't expect us to speak much this year I don't get along with her roommates and she doesn't get along with mine. But last week she randomly called me one night and we ended up talking on the phone for over an hour.

Every night for a week we talked on the phone for an hour or so, and eventually she invited me over. Unsurprisingly, we ended up hooking up twice. It was one of our best hook ups yet. It was more passionate than ever. We cuddled for hours after and I left to go home after she fell asleep.

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I went home for the weekend, and when I got back she told me that she had hooked up with some guy over the weekend. I couldn't help but feel devastated. I've been invested in this girl for 2 and a half years but she still says that she's straight and doesn't want to be with me.