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Every title is edited by a guest editor and contains essays by different critics, scholars, and colleagues, an in-depth interview, and biographical notes.

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Ideal tools for students and anyone interested in the work of write. Nino Ricci: Essays on His Works. This book of essays examines the fictional work of Nino Ricci from a variety of Gail Scott: Essays on Her Works.

Michael Frank - Italian Journeys of American Writers Series

This collection of essays examines the varied and influential work of Montreal writer Gail Scott, This collection of essays is devoted to the work of Antonio D'Alfonso, a pivotal figure Jack Hodgins: Essays on His Works. A master of magic realism Jack Hodgins has set his novels in rural Vancouver Island Cultural activist, teacher and editor Maria Mazziotti Gillan is one of the leaders of the David Helwig: Essays on His Works.

In a Utica marked by economic devastation and racial tensions, Eliot picks up one strand after another, weaving his way through a web of allegiances, grudges, and his own dark demons. Who is the spider at the center of it all? A chaired professor of literature at Duke University, he is the author of several highly acclaimed and often controversial critical studies; novels, including Johnny Critelli and The Knifemen ; and a memoir, The Edge of Night.

Lentricchia, Frank 1940–

We hope to see more of Conte and perhaps of his promising romantic interest, a Troy policewoman. Central to the novel is the conflict of family loyalty versus family disintegration that makes the best of Italian-American fiction so riveting.

The sabotage and sadness are real, and the language out of the streets and kitchens and bedrooms is obscenely authentic.