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Since reading it, the boys keep talking about their favorite parts!

74 Books I Read Aloud to my Children – Roman Roads Media

Spoiler alert — In the last chapter, the family moves and must give the owls away. The Seventeenth Swap — Read aloud for ages 7 and up, independent reading for 4th grade and up. But boy was I glad we read it!

A Perfect Father's Day by Eve Bunting - Children's Book Read Aloud - Storytime With Ms. Becky

The Seventeenth Swap by Eloise McGraw tells the story of Eric, a sixth grade boy who is paid to stay with Jimmy two afternoons each week. Jimmy is a nine year old boy who is schooled at home by a visiting teacher because of his various medical conditions, and Jimmy is confined to a wheelchair. Eric has no way to earn enough money for the boots before the sale ends, but he accomplishes this feat through a complicated series of swaps trades for various items with several different people!

A theme throughout the book is making a collection.

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One more thing that I want to add is that throughout the story, Eric contemplates the way his father lives his life and wonders if he is very much like him or not. His father is not a risk taker and has always chosen to stay in a low-paying job.

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Eric is not sure that this is the life he wants for himself. Eric is not sassy or disrespectful of his father, just pondering whether he wants to be like him or not. Just be aware that this issue in present in the book. He thinks that children are a nuisance, until he meets a little family who make their way into his heart!

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Caddie Woodlawn — Read aloud for ages 5 and up, independent reading for 3rd grade and up. Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink was another book that we loved as soon as we started it!

Younger Students (Grades 1–4)

Caddie Woodlawn is a little girl growing up in Wisconsin during the pioneer days. Caddie loves her life and her adventures, but through a massive mistake and a poignant conversation with her father at the end of the book, Caddie decides that it is time to become a young woman.

This book is a fantastic combination of hilarious adventures and character building moments. Henry Huggins — Read aloud for age 4 and up, independent reading for 3rd grade and up. Henry Huggins is the first book in the Henry series, written by Beverly Cleary in In the exciting first chapter, Henry finds a stray dog, keeps him as a pet, and names him Ribsy. One of my favorite chapters in this book is one in which Henry accidentally loses an expensive football belonging to a neighbor boy.

74 Books I Read Aloud to my Children

He ends up working until late at night with the help of his parents catching the 1, worms needed to earn enough money for the football. Henry and Beezus — Read aloud for ages 4 and up, independent reading for 3rd grade and up. You can use the links below to view all the books in a group in the CM Bookfinder for easy scheduling in our CM Organizer.

You can also see our suggestions for where to find the books. You can easily skip it as you read aloud.

Receive useful CM-style homeschooling tips and site updates once a week. No spam or junk. Unsubscribe any time. Your address stays private. We promise. The Black Stallion — Walter Farley Black Beauty — Anna Sewell The Wind in the Willows — Kenneth Grahame Huguenot Garden — Douglas Jones Scottish Seas — Douglas Jones The Incredible Journey — Sheila Burnford The Wizard of Oz — L.

Frank Baum Henty Robin Hood — Paul Creswick Peter Pan — J.

Barrie Mary Poppins — P. Travers and Mary Shepard Mary Poppins Comes Back — P. Watership Down — Richard Adams Taylor The Wanderings of Odysseus — Rosemary Sutcliff The Enormous Egg — Oliver Butterworth The Chronicles of Narnia 7 — C. Lewis The Hobbit — J. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings 3 — J.

150+ Best Kids Story Books to Read Aloud: As Voted by Parents

Redwall — Brian Jacques The Prince and the Pauper — Mark Twain The Runaway — Patricia St. John Farmer Boy — Laura Ingalls Wilder Dear Dr. George The Yearling — Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Swallows and Amazons — Arthur Ransome Swallowdale — Arthur Ransome Penrod — Booth Tarkington