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Just how much power does it take? How much divine power does it take to get a believer from grace to glory? It involves the continual, unending, relentless intercession of the Son and the Spirit. Do you think that you can hang on by yourself? We could never attain to the resurrection of glory by the strength of our own flesh. We could never overcome our own sinfulness. We could never protect ourselves from failure unless we had been given by God a faith that would not fail, and it is sustained by Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Illustration: Job. We need somebody beyond us and above us with far greater insight, far greater power than we have, and it is the Spirit Himself.

I love that pronoun, auto , which points back to the Spirit Himself, not someone delegated by the Holy Spirit, but the Spirit Himself. This is His work. It was He who gave us life. It is He who conforms us increasingly to the image of Christ. It is He who secures us. How does He do it? The magnificent beauty of this is that the heart of the Holy Spirit aches for the glorification of every believer. And that aching, compassionate longing for the glorious manifestation of the children of God causes the Holy Spirit to speak silently to the Father in inter-Trinitarian conversation about the well-being of believers.

We are not secure because God said it.

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The Holy Spirit understands our flesh, understands our weakness, understands temptation. It is a securing that is a constant work by the intercession of the Son and the Spirit. The Holy Spirit yearns for our final glory. This is the heart of God, really. How can I surrender you, O Israel?

My heart is turned over within Me. All My compassions are kindled. How can I give you up? These groanings have content. They have meaning. They have purpose. They are individually expressed, inter-Trinitarian, wordless communications that transcend language, that secure your place in heaven. And who is the Holy Spirit speaking to? Who is that? You know when I sit down; You know when I rise up. Who can know it? The One who searches the hearts, God, knows the mind of the Spirit, perfect communion, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. What is the will of God for the saints?

That we be glorified? Is that His will? Was His will that whomever He predestined He would call?

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Whoever He called He would justify? Whoever He justified He would glorify? Is it His will to bring to heaven a redeemed humanity? Is that His purpose? Is that the plan? Absolutely the plan. The Father planned it. The Son provided for it. And the Holy Spirit preserves it, protects it. The Father planned our glory, the Son provided our glory, and the Spirit protects our glory.

Groaning in Prayer — How to Pray in the Spirit Part 4

This is just an astonishing verse. As you go through your life, you think about a lot of things around you and outside of you. Do you ever think about anything inside of you? Do you ever think about the ongoing, intercessory work of the Spirit of God who never slumbers or sleeps because God never slumbers or sleeps? Do you think about the fact that in all the vicissitudes and struggles and issues of life, the Spirit of God is relentlessly interceding on your behalf, silently, in perfect communion with the mind of God to effect the purposes of God? Now, all of that produces the truth of verse All of that gets us to verse And it sort of gets isolated a little bit, but the context gives the rich meaning of this verse, and you must see it in the context.

It is because of the groaning, intercessory ministry of the Holy Spirit in perfect harmony with the purposes of God to bring us to eternal glory. Not everything in this life works out for good — far from it. Oh, you might draw a good lesson from it. You might draw a good outcome from it. You might be drawn to the Lord. It might increase your prayer life. It might strengthen you.

It might give you patience. It might perfect you, mature you. The good that dominates this passage is that ultimate, final good that is the glorification of true believers. We are secured to that final good, that which is the best. Nothing can change the ultimate good — nothing. There are no limits on that.

Everything that comes — everything — is woven together by God for our final good. God is the great synergizer. Some of you are living with that. But in the end, there is a good, the ultimate good, eternal glory, that will come to pass. And this is good in the moral sense, not kalos , which is kind of good in the appeal to the eye. Good things work together for our good. But so do bad things.

Bad things work together for our good - suffering, struggling with temptation, even sin. God gets a hold of all of these things and works them, in response to the intercessory work of the Holy Spirit, to our final good. How could we ever lose our salvation if everything that happens to us works together for our eternal good?

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Who are the recipients of this? The recipients of this security, this promise — just quickly. How do I know if somebody — you know, they prayed a prayer, they go to church. They love God. Why do they love God? That is an absolute call. This is the effectual call, as theologians have called it. All those who have been called in that way, called into life, called into salvation by the power of the Holy Spirit are then described as those who love God.

How can you tell a true Christian? Basic - they love God; they love Christ. Being Christian is about loving Christ, loving Christ. The great command of the Old Testament is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. We desire to do that. All through Scripture, true believers are described as those who love God.

If you love the world, the love of the Father is not in you. We love Jesus Christ. It is a love that meditates on His majestic glory. It is a love that longs to worship, to sing His praises. It is a love that seeks the fellowship of others who love Him. It is a love that loves those who love Him and are loved by Him. It is a love that seeks communion with God, intimate communion. It is a love that seeks the knowledge of God in the Word of God, to know Him more.

It is a love that hates what God hates and loves what God loves.

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It is a love that grieves over sin and rejoices over righteousness. It is a love that rejects the world. It is a love that longs for the coming of Jesus Christ. But mostly, it is a love that obeys the Scripture. For all those true believers who love the Lord, the promise is a wonderful promise. The Holy Spirit is interceding in perfect harmony with the will of God so that God is causing everything that happens in the life of those who love Him to come together in the end for their eternal good and eternal glory because that was His purpose from the very beginning.

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  6. Predestined to that purpose. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. We do a lot about worshiping God. We say a lot about worshiping God. We seem particularly in this current era to celebrate, and could neither be over-celebrated, neither the Father or the Son; to celebrate the cross and the work of Christ, and you could never do that too much. But in the midst of all of this, seems to me the Holy Spirit has been left behind.

    And He is equally God and equally to be honored and adored. These are things that are confidences that we have. This is the certainty of our security. Because we know the purpose of God to predestine, call, justify, and glorify a redeemed people. This is the plan. Christ provided the necessary sacrifice, and the Spirit makes the plan work all the way to the end. Now, verses 29 and 30 are two profound verses for next time. But I want you to listen to me right now. The member center is open for membership, baptism information, you know all that.

    Can we do that? And just kind of close in that meditative way after this prayer? Father, thank You for — thank You for this. What can we say? What can we even comprehend of this magnificence of this generous grace, of this overwhelming mercy that You have given to us? We thank You for not only giving us Christ as our heavenly defender, but giving us the Holy Spirit as our earthly intercessor who cries out for our glory. We give glory to You, O Son of God, for the mighty work on the cross, for the purchase price of our redemption.

    We give You glory, O blessed Holy Spirit, for regenerating us, sanctifying us, securing us, and one day glorifying us. We want to honor You, the triune God, in every way and live lives that adorn all that is true about You, as much as is possible for weak humans such as we are. In anticipation of that, we offer You the rest of this grace journey in obedience to You, that Christ may be honored and lifted up and draw others to Himself.

    The Holy Spirit's Intercession: Groanings too Deep for Words | Everyday Jesus

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    Episode 3 Groanings that cannot be uttered

    Mama Mary is the one who shared so deeply in the suffering of Christ throughout all the mysteries of His life, groaning with Him till His last breath on the cross so that His life may be in us too. In short, she is our Mother who continues to labor today to nurture the life of Christ in us. Mary has been tested and trusted to help us in our groaning as we grow in the life of Christ. She did not disappoint the Father who gave her His only begotten Son and she will never disappoint us too if we take her as our Mother, advocate, exemplar, and guide in the Christian journey.

    Our Eucharist is always an encounter with Jesus Christ, who never ceases to sow His words of life in our hearts. Temptations, trials, tribulations and worldly anxieties may have quenched His words in our lives in the past because we were reluctant to groan as these seeds grew in us. But Jesus continues to sow His seeds of new life in us. Let us never strop striving today to let this seed of new life grow within us continuously even as we groan now so that we will experience the joy of the Lord to come. Tagged as: conversion , homily , mass readings , Spiritual Life. Benedict: Luminous Star of History.

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