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Everything went fine untill I showed him the Book of Mormon. People look strange when you say you are a saint. Of course Catholic saints are a little bit different than we are. That sounds very secterian. Great post and comments. I think that Wilfried was asking for some consistent branding, and that for good or ill most people know us as Mormons. I did have a funny experience with LDS, though. Somebody at a restaurant asked me if I knew that LDS was spelled incorrectly. Very interesting comments, Pr. Where I served my mission, in Portugal, the term SUD was used frequently by members—having the advantage of being easily pronounceable in Portuguese.

This request appeared sometime before the Olympics came to Salt Lake City. For all that this was seen as silly or annoying to some, reports I remember seeing were that this was a great help in explaining the Church and establishing who we are to a worldwide audience—to those who simply had a bad stereotype or virtually no knowledge. Pretty catchy marching band tune there. Now you, too, can be haunted with this inane tune!! In English it can mean that these are the last days, or it can distinguish the Church of the Former days from the Church of the Latter Days.

Transliteration is enough. LDS is not alone as a frequently used abbreviation for the name of a church. Two things that I like about Mormon in comparision to LDS are that it works equally well as a noun or as an adjective and that it seems to have a stronger identity. Given the teaching in the Book of Mormon that a church has to be called after the name of Jesus Christ to be his church, it would be nice to have a better substitute for the long full name of the church, but some of the obvious alternatives are already taken, and I have never seen a positive use of the more complete abbreviation COJCOLDS.

Thank you for all the comments thus far. The main idea of my post was of course missionary work and how we can get people interested in the Church and the Gospel in international perspective. That is the whole point.

The Substitute Mormon Chaplain : Will Watson :

Based on an analysis of press reports in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, I found that overall the image of Church improved between approx. There are numerous examples of these well directed efforts by the Church to tie positive images to the word Mormon. Until it was decided to stop that practice. After approx. The problem has been compounded by various factors, one of course our own avoidance of the word Mormon, the other the rise of a strong anti-cult movement. Self-appointed vigilantes started watch organizations, often fed by Evangelists, that make sure the Mormons are mentioned as part of the dangerous cults.

The internet has made their influence pretty strong. Another factor is the continued tendency of journalists to prefer scandals and scurrilous stories. Hence the need, from a PR standpoint, to counter this imagery with positive elements tied to the word Mormon. We know that opens doors.

I mentioned the example of the Osmonds. There were many others in past decades. Of course, once the door is open, those people will hear about Christ, the Restoration, the fullness of the Gospel. Gilgamesh remembers correctly the reference by Pres. Here are all the lyrics I could find in a quick Google search:. I found another reference to the song in an October conference talk by Elder Haight, who said he wished that we could hear it more often. One comment about Pres. A Marmon not a Mormon won the first Indianapolis in and the company was noted for several innovations in automobile manufacture, including the first rear view mirrors.

Your articles in Dialogue and Journal of Mormon History demonstrate that you have many interesting and promising ideas for ways to get people interested in the church in Europe. Or even gone ahead and put some of them into action? Yes, there is a definite interest from Church leaders in ideas and suggestions from the basis. Yes, I have been asked to write reports based on my experience. Church leaders ask for such feedback often from experts and from members with experience in certain fields. But next, you must wait and see what will happen in the long run.

Some ideas and suggestions will materialize, in their due time, and often in different forms. I believe therefore members should think and exchange ideas about issues that can help the Church forward see my questions in comment 28 supra , but always carefully and constructively. And accept that the final decisions are not yours. I did it to show the need for such a magazine. It was very succesful. It is also another example of interest in such things by Church leaders in SLC: I was asked to write a detailed report about it.

I believe it had some effect on the changes in format and content of the Liahona in the 80s. Even so, the need for such a binding, more local magazine remains, especially in countries where members have little access to news about the World Church. The Internet, of course, has changed much for many people, but not for all. I cannot remember on which thread it was. For the Dutch saints there is e. More and more local Young adults have their own sites, e. The story told in introducing Grant Underwood was that when the scholars and LDS Council were at loggerheads over titles, Grant stepped in and explained what was at stake in such a seemingly simple thing for both sides.

Obviously, they came to an agreement. Photo by Lt. Ryan Williams. Air Force chaplain, Lt. Kleet Barclay is sometimes assigned to visit military families and inform them that their son, daughter, parent, or spouse has died. During each death notification, the lifelong Latter-day Saint relies upon his plus years of chaplaincy and his extensive academic training to provide comfort at a time of extreme grief.

Air Force Lt.

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Barclay is an LDS-endorsed military chaplain. Photo courtesy of Lt. Kleet Barclay. No two death notifications are alike, he said.

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Each has unique circumstances and prompts unique reactions. And each demands different words of counsel and spiritual guidance. Barclay is one of Church-endorsed military chaplains serving in the U. Army, Air Force, or Navy. The Church also endorses another non-military chaplains serving in a variety of locales—including hospitals, police and fire departments, universities, prisons, and nongovernmental organizations such as the Boy Scouts and private relief organizations.

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Ryan Williams, an LDS chaplain. The Church has been in the chaplain business for over years. Several more served during World War II. But by the early s, Church leaders recognized the importance of having LDS-sponsored chaplains serving during peace times. There were thousands of Mormons in uniform. Did the soldier cut down an enemy in a firefight or spill innocent blood? If the latter, did it happen accidentally — combat can be chaotic — or intentionally, with malice? These are not easy conversations for Whitmore. He knows them.

He has rejoiced with them. He has mourned with them and their loved ones. He has prayed for them, worshipped with them and ministered to them — whether they belong to his Mormon faith or not. But your priority is to everybody. But part of our process ensures that we have pretty good people going in. To become a chaplain, one must be endorsed by his or her church. Because the Defense Department prefers chaplains to have a strong foundation in their own religions presumably to prevent one from having a faith crisis while deployed , Clawson said, many Mormons choose LDS Church-owned Brigham Young University for their advanced schooling.

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Once they obtain their degrees, the military decides whether would-be chaplains get jobs. A retired chaplain himself, Boatright got his start that way. He was ready for a change.

From Mormon to LDS in international perspective

That decision led him to Lubbock Christian University in Texas and a master of divinity degree. From there, he became a full-time chaplain for the Utah National Guard. The chaplaincy traces its U. Golden Kimball.

Following him came B. Roberts, Herbert Maw and Calvin S. Smith, who served in World War I. World War II swelled the ranks of Mormon military chaplains to