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We'll be so full of joy and gratitude to our Saviour that we would not want to recall this era even if we could. In Isaiah God speaks of this future. In verse 16 He says "; because the former troubles are forgotten, and because they are hid from my eyes. Revelation clearly shows that redeemed humans will have hearts free from the suffering and memories of 'the bad old days'. Praise the Lord!!! Thanks for these thoughts, Sue, but in the Hebrew mindset, the heart was the seat of thought, while the gut was the seat of emotion.

So it really does mean 'will not come to mind'. But it takes a bit more interpretive work to figure out precisely what that's referring to, and that is outside the scope of the article. Philip U. AU May 1st, I think David P. David has partly answered the question himself. The Bible teaches that we will have the will of God written on our hearts.

New earth -

This is open to interpretation but for me the most logical explanation is that we will be determined to live within the boundaries of God's will rather than our own. We will accept the creation as God's reality and possession rather than resuming the position taken at Eden, in which we chose to make ourselves gods to bend reality to our own will. The first commandment constrains this idolatry.

The other very important part of this issue is the absence of the satan in the NHE. It has been argued that a primary purpose of the creation and resurrection was to 'deal with' satan and evil for eternity. Thus there will be no tempter in the NHE to lead us into idolatry, and that is of the utmost importance. Gary Bates May 2nd, Thanks for the comment. However, I would not agree with the idea that Creation and the Resurrection was specifically to deal with Satan.

Remember that Creation was pronounced very good by the Creator so Satan could not have fallen before day 6. Meaning that the Creation was not made for the purposes of dealing with Satan and evil. The Fall did not take God by surprise so I think the purpose of Creation and the Resurrection was to bring forward and eternal bride for Christ, fulfilling God's original purpose for Creation--to have fellowship with humans.

David P. CA April 28th, Since writing in, I worked out a different answer, which allows for us to have freedom without sin. Those who inhabit NHE will have been transformed in this life into the image of Christ, ie fully obedient, so sin will not be an issue. We will also be in a different position from Adam in that we will remember living as sinners in a sin-filled world and will have no desire to return to that. Lita Cosner April 28th, I'm glad you were able to work through the issue in your own mind. Thanks for letting us know. CA April 25th, I very much appreciate this well thought out analysis and explanation of what scripture tells us.

I have a question concerning the absence of sin in the NHE. In the beginning, God created humans with the freedom to choose because of His great love, understanding the risk that Adam would fall He already had a plan to redeem us at Calvary. Please explain how, in the NHE, we could be free and, "there never be any possibility for sin or another Fall? There is no indication that we will be free, if by 'free' you mean 'free to choose sin'.

Roger T. AU April 25th, A wonderful thought that the righteous redeemed from earth will be given a new home that Paul was at a loss to describe adequately. But Lucifer like us was given the power of choice. God does not create robots that blindly accept Him or love Him. So, on the New Earth we will still retain that power of choice God is consistent but we will not have the propensity to sin as we do now.

So sin is still possible. BUT, now there has been a precedent set. Everyone is well aware of the consequences of sin, so should sin ever raise its ugly head again God will not be restrained from dealing with it immediately and wipe it out. Jesus died ONCE for sin not a second time.

Blessings, Roger Tilley. Lita Cosner April 25th, Roger, Eden proved that if humans can sin, we will. Adam and Eve were perfect humans, and they fell. The end of Revelation depicts the end of all the effects of the Fall, and promises that there will never be another one. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want the ability to sin against God--I wish we didn't have that propensity in this life, and Paradise wouldn't be Paradise if we could still sin.

Those who trust in Jesus can be sure that we will inherit eternal life, and that our life on the New Earth will be one entirely without sin, or even the possibility to sin. Rolland H. NZ April 23rd, To Do with culture I say that in ways cultures have bad points worshiping false Gods, worshiping creation Etc but there are many good things about other cultures, When the Earth is restored everything good will be there. When God confused the languages it was to be for good.

Jason V. US April 22nd, What a glorious difference we shall experience from Adam who upon opening his eyes had no recollection of former time. But you and I have that previous knowledge of our former state so that we can appreciate it all the more giving all glory to God for richness in mercy. Donald H. CA April 22nd, If the earth is to be renovated as you say where will the then living people of the earth be? How will they survive this reconstituting of the earth? Lita Cosner April 23rd, Everyone, living or dead at the time, will be transformed in the Resurrection.

The believers will then live in the New Earth, while unbelievers will go to eternal judgment. The destruction of the universe will be total, because it paves the way for an equally total restoration. Gunnel B. I really like this article, and agree with the explanation, however, I am curious about something. Will we never see any babies on the new earth, since there will be no more pain as in childbirth everybody will be an adult? Lita Cosner April 22nd, Gunnel, there are two modes of thought about this.

One is that everyone will be raised as they would have looked at 'the prime of life', whether they died as babies, elderly people, or in between. Another mode of thought is that babies will be raised as babies and mature until they reach that stage. ZA April 22nd, Chandrasekaran M. One cannot infer that from the text.

As for there being no sea - that is clearly stated in Rev although I have heard some people wanting to interpret that as being an indication that there will not be any more turmoil. I prefer to take the words literally in this case. King T. Gordon H:, My understanding of Revelation is that the current heaven and earth will be completely replaced. This is found in Rev "Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it.

The earth and the heavens fled from his presence, and there was no place for them. That means then that they have to be replaced by something completely new. I hope I've stated that in a way that makes sense. Grant Z. AU April 21st, Leslie H. AU April 20th, What a wonderful Easter message. Thank you all so much for your ministry. I became a Christian without knowing any Christians, I was reading Andrew Murray's "The New Life" picked it up in an op shop - knew I needed a new life and a Bible I'd had since I was 10 but never read I came from a family of atheists. After meeting Jesus I was launched into a sea of conflicting doctrine.

Your ministry has been a haven of reason in a world full of Big Ideas. Vern R. US April 20th, Over the last few years my thoughts have run along this line and I am glad to see that I am not the only one to do so. The question of "what will happen to planet earth" has been asked by some I know. I started to look in the scriptures for an answer and found there is a lot in the Bible about hell.

When I looked at the things being said I began to try to imagine what was being said. As my mind tried to come up with what has been described the only thing I can come up with is the description science gives of a "Black Hole" in space. The utter darkness, no escape, the agony of the never ending heat. One could go on with more description from the word but the idea of what hell would be seems to fit the idea of a black hole. The idea that God has created a "New Heaven and a new Earth" physically, works for me. The old heaven and earth was corrupted with the fall, there will not be any remnant of the devil in the new creation.

The beauty of the earth we know and the heaven we see, will be magnified far more than we can ever imagine in the new creation. Gary Bates April 21st, Creation is a supernatural event. Hell was created and reserved by God for those who deny Him so presumably He did not use naturalistic phenoms like black holes to do so. Just a thought. CA April 20th, Your message is so wonderful today. Thank you. Full of hope and a beautiful future.

May all who read this come to a place of peace about their future. Susan W. Thank you for this article. It has helped me to have a deeper understanding of the new earth that is to come. How great God is, that His plan is full of mercy, that His plan for us is good and loving! God bless you in all you do, your staff is in my prayers.

Xavier A. Great, just great! Thanks for doing what you guys do. Your ministry has been such a blessing to me, I don't have the words and its been filtering out to all my friends and family. Mark G. God will destroy "millions of years" How is that possible when we believe the earth is only thousands of years old? I'm sorry, but I can't see where that is stated. Perhaps you misunderstood. We were challenging the evolutionist's tale of millions of years. That is, if they believe that God took millions of years of death and suffering to create then there is nothing wrong with the current creation, so why would God create a new one?

That's the point being made. Death would not be an enemy etc. Interestingly, most long agers and theistic evolutionists have no problem with God creating a NHE instantly but then limit Him to millions of years of a creative process back in Genesis! According to Revelation , not only the risen Savior Jesus the Lord but God the Father also will reside on the new earth and all those who followed the last Adam, who died on the cross and rose again, right from the first Adam will be there for all eternity.

Jesus purposefully took six long 24 hour days to create the present earth and heaven equipped well for the fall of Lucifer and the first Adam. The redemption plan of God for Adam and his descendants is not a afterthought for Elohim. But according to Revelation , the NHE is created just in an instant as it is done. While the present earth has a sun, night, sea and marriages and death, but the new earth will not have a sun, no night, no sea, no sea shore and no sex.

While the grand theory of evolution from almost nothing to moral homo-sapiens suggests that the present earth and heaven is eternal and homo-sapiens are not eternal, but the Bible indicates that humans are, whether they believe in the Savior or not, are eternal and the present earth and heaven are not eternal. The grand theory of evolution, which holds on to an archaic science, does not hold water in this day and age of technology especially after the discovery of DNA information.

The sophisticated Windows 8 program is nothing compared to the DNA molecular program. Just a point though. Not everyone agrees that there will be no things like a sea. A sea is described that is so nice it is described as crystal. Whether it is a real sea or not is of some debate. Robert B. Why, even the highest heavens cannot contain you. Heaven and our Universe were created. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. Gordon H. I've heard another interpretation of the NHE that is quite compelling.

The fire on 2 Peter 3 is not a destroying fire but rather a refining fire. This creation is not going to be destroyed and replaced; this creation which we know will be renewed and made right by the removal of evil. The "elements" refer to all that's wrong and anti-God in the world. Evidently, this is a reasonable interpretation of the original Greek of the passage. It also makes more sense of a creation being restored. To say this is 'evidently a reasonable interpretation of the Greek' is simply not correct.

One of the authors Lita has a Masters in NT and would strongly disagree. The article went to great lengths to show how the NHE was analogous to the original creation, and none of those points were addressed, which they would have to be to suggest that it is a partial 'refining' restoration. Romans 8 is clear that this creation is winding down because of sin.

The ground was cursed, as were the animals and plants read Genesis 1. That's why there needs to be a new creation. This other view does not take Scripture at face value? Making a new creation is not too hard for God given that He created ex nihilo once before! I am not sure why people come up with man made ideas limiting God's creative power. Michael T. What will our spiritual bodies be like? The Lord Jesus had a spiritual body after his resurrection.

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He appeared many times to the disciples, and ate fish, and honeycomb before them Luke One can only presume that they will be physical if the NHE is physical as the article suggests. Let's remember that Adam and Eve were physical but would have lived eternally if they had not sinned. The creation was similarly eternal but subject to decay once they sinned. As it is a restoration I think Eden is a good analogous example.

Hans B. AU April 19th, Great article and a nice read. I'd like to ask a question however. You mention that: "God will redeem the best parts of culture as well as the earth. The earth and universe will be made new entirely. Will some parts of culture be kept? Doesn't this indicate that we will have no and are to have no memory of the former earth or the activities we engaged in? Isn't our current culture, whether it be sports or the arts, borne our of the fallen state the world is in? I hope you can clarify this for me.

Best Regards.

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Gary Bates April 20th, And God then takes the holy angels and the godly of all the ages and creates for them a new universe, which is to be the eternal dwelling place of the redeemed and of the angels who worship God. This is it. This is the eternal state. This will exist forever and forever. It is used when the Lord returns. It is then used at the defeat of Antichrist. It is then used to introduce the banishment of Satan at the outset of the kingdom.

It is then used at the introduction of the kingdom, the millennial kingdom. It is used at the opening of the release and the destruction of Satan. It is used to introduce the scene at the great white throne. And it is used to introduce the new heaven and the new earth. What did he see? A new heaven and a new earth. Now this terminology is drawn from the Old Testament. Be glad and rejoice forever in what I create. And so, John is taking that phrase right from, as it were, the pen of the prophet. What Isaiah had predicted is now a reality in the vision that John is having.

But I am saying the idea of preserving this world runs contrary to the plan of God. It is disposable, it is unraveling, it is declining, it is winding down.

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The law of entropy which says that matter is always breaking down and tending toward disorder is indeed occurring. And consequently we are living on a disposable planet; God does not intend for it to remain. The goals of all those who want to save the earth, the save-the-planet people are really wasting their time, because this one will be replaced by an eternal new heaven and new earth.

In fact, the earth is not headed for an ecological crisis; I want to take that burden off your back. The earth is not headed for an ecological crisis, it is not headed for an ecological holocaust; it is headed for an eschatological holocaust. The quality of it is completely different from the one we now know. God originally made the universe and the earth, I believe, to be the permanent home for mankind. And Eden would have been his permanent home and he would have lived forever, except that men and women sinned in the garden. Sin and death entered in, corrupted the world and the universe.

The fall of angels, of course, added to the corruption. The earth became a place that had to be destroyed. Decay entered in, it started unraveling and decaying; and ultimately, God has to wipe it out. There will come a new heaven, think about it: a heaven with no more tempests, a heaven with no more storms, no more fierce winds, no more thunder, no more rain, and no more demons and devils roaming. And there will be a new earth, with no miseries of godlessness, no longer smarting under the curse.

An earth whose forever hills will flow with holiness and the river of salvation, and whose eternal valleys know only the peace of the paradise of God. This has to happen. There has to be a new heaven and a new earth. And because the universe is gone, He has to create a new one. The heavens and earth that we now know must be destroyed.

You remember how the Old Testament prophets said the heavens are not pure in His sight, Job That was true. Even they will perish, but Thou dost endure; and all of them will wear out like a garment; like clothing Thou wilt change them, and they will be changed. So because heaven and earth, as we know it, this whole massive universe will be uncreated. And when you think about the creation of it — I mean, think about the creation of a universe where you can go quadrillion miles, reach a star million miles in diameter and still be in your galaxy, and there are billions more galaxies beyond it.

Imagine that massive universe being uncreated; and then in its place a new heaven and a new earth. Did you know that? Your blood is ninety percent water, and your flesh is sixty-five percent water. This then, this world in which we live is basically a watery world. And the earth — did you know? The sea is emblematic of a water-based environment. So what is he saying here? No more evaporation, distillation, and condensation. New climatic conditions. And whatever we are in our glorified form is not going to depend on a process that demands consumption of water.

So in our glorified form, no water is needed. I might get thirsty even there in heaven. The eternal state is totally different. So, verse 1, the appearance of the new heaven and the new earth. We will be literally raised, we will be literally given resurrection bodies, we will dwell in an eternally new heaven and earth that will be based on a completely different life principle than what we know now in this created universe.

The New Heavens by George Ellery Hale

He starts out with the appearance of the new heaven and the new earth; and then secondly, the capital of the new heaven and new earth, the capital. Now here we are introduced to the capital city of heaven which is the New Jerusalem. It is even measured out down there in verse 16 as fifteen hundred miles cubed.

Well, what does he mean? There was a holy city, called the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God. That city that still exists today and can be visited; people live there. There is that city, that old city of Jerusalem, that historic city. And by the way, even as the historic Jerusalem it is called the holy city. It is referred to, the historic city, as the holy city. It was set apart for divine purposes. It was to be devoted to God.

The millennial Jerusalem, which will come during the thousand-year period, will be holy as well, because Christ will sit on the throne of David in the city of Jerusalem, and rule with a rod of iron. And so, there will be a greater holiness to that city, as Christ, the holy One, reigns there and maintains order through swift judgment. But this is not the historic old Jerusalem and this is not the millennial Jerusalem, this is the eternal city.

It is called the holy city, New Jerusalem. And this is holy, not because it is set apart to God, not because Christ is there; but it is holy now because every person in it is perfectly holy. And so, Jerusalem will have gone from a holiness by virtue of being devoted to God, to a holiness by virtue of being ruled by Christ, to a holiness by virtue by being occupied only by holy people. Everyone in it will be perfectly holy. But this city is the holy city, the sinless capital city of eternity where everybody who lives in it is perfectly holy.

And the idea of a city talks about relationships and activity. It talks about responsibility, unity, socialization, harmony, communion, living together, doing things, cooperating. In Revelation this city was first mentioned in the book of Revelation. But there is the same description. It is the city called New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God. Hebrews talks about this. Do you remember Hebrews chapter 11? It says that Abraham was looking for the city which has foundations whose architect and builder is God.

What do you think he was looking for? He was looking for what? For heaven. And God is there, the Judge of all, and the spirits of righteous men made perfect are there, and Jesus is there. Abraham looked for that city and one day went there. I think the best way to understand this, beloved, is that anybody who dies, any saint who dies goes to the heavenly Jerusalem; that heaven is the heavenly Jerusalem. In fact, we could say that all heaven is contained currently in the heavenly Jerusalem, because the universe as it exists is touched and stained by sin. To put it another way, think of John 14; and I think this will begin to pull some things together in your mind, I know it does in mine.

In John 14 Jesus, of course, was telling His disciples He was going to leave. I believe Jesus left the earth, went back to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city that has a foundation whose builder and maker is God. He went back to the heavenly Jerusalem, where there are just men whose spirits are there, and the angels are there, and God is there and, of course, Christ is there; and He went back there to prepare a place for us.

And when a believer dies, they go to the place the Lord has for them. And it will be the home of all the godly. We can just go anywhere we want, but home will be the New Jerusalem. In fact, in chapter 21, look down at verse So the heavenly city will have already been prepared; Jesus is preparing it now. And then finally the holy city will become the capital city of eternity. Now in Jewish terms there were three parts to a wedding. First was betrothal. And there was a period when the couple did not come together physically at all during the betrothal.

It was followed by a period or event called the presentation. Presentation was when the bride was brought out and presented, the groom was brought out; and there was usually a week of feasting. The end of the week there was the ceremony. So you had the betrothal, the presentation, the ceremony; and after the ceremony was over you had the consummation.

It is that magnificent imagery that you see here. The betrothal took place in eternity past, when God the Father pledged to give to the Son a redeemed humanity that He would choose. The presentation? The presentation occurred at the rapture of the church, when the bride was taken to be with the bridegroom. And for seven years there would be a wonderful feasting. At the end of that period the ceremony takes place.

You could liken the ceremony to the millennial kingdom — the great celebration, the final great feast as the bride and the groom are joined together. It was to go get a bride for His Son. And He did. And the city descends with all the redeemed in it into the eternal state. And it was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

So when we studied that we pointed very clearly that the bride is the church, the bride is the church. And the picture of Christ being joined to His bride is the picture of Christ being joined to His glorified church. The church is the pure, faithful bride, never a harlot like Israel. The church is the bride during the presentation feast in heaven after the rapture. But then when the church comes down to earth when Jesus returns and sets up His kingdom, you come to the full, final ceremony of the wedding. I believe then all the saints are collected and gathered in; and so the bride becomes all-encompassing, and so does the bride become all-encompassing in the eternal state.

So here is the consummation. All things resolved in Christ, all things resolved in the Father. So John then sees the capital city, and it is adorned as a bride because it contains all the redeemed of all the ages who ultimately are the bride that the Father has sought to give to His Son. And the New Jerusalem is a bridal city. The old historic Jerusalem, back in chapter 11, verse ,8 was called Sodom and Egypt, because it was so rotten and so wretched. This is the holy New Jerusalem, more gloriously wonderful than the present Jerusalem, as Paul calls it in Galatians 4, or the millennial Jerusalem.

So as we look at heaven then through the eyes of John in his vision we see the appearance of the new heaven and the new earth, and the capital city. Then one last point. We see the supreme personality of the new heaven and the new earth, the supreme personality. Look at verse 3. Who is it? Behold, amazing, God is living in the same house with men. I will also walk among you and be your God, and you shall be My people. The Immanuel God with us is really with us, not just in human flesh in the form of Jesus Christ; but now Immanuel is with us in all His fullness, no more veiled in flesh, no more in a Holy of Holies in a tabernacle or a temple, no more in a cloud by day or a pillar of fire by night, no more is God transcendent.

God comes and makes His home with us. That is the amazing reality of heaven. He says it another way. Yes, we understand that. Personal possession. God Himself is the addition. He dwells among them. They are His people. Yes, you heard me right: God Himself. God appeared in the theophanies of the patriarchal time, and God spoke to the prophets audibly and personally.

God led His people by day and by night with His presence.