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Hubert Burda is an honorary citizen of the city of Munich. Moritz Wanke, editor-in-chief of Chip Foto-Video. Officedogs: Introducing Terrier Barth. Burda continues to invest in Rockets of Awesome. Kerstin Schneider, Harper's Bazaar' s editor-in-chief, about sustainable fashion. BurdaPrincipal Investments : Opening of new office in Berlin.

Rethinking media: Burda invests in Waitwhat. Remembering Karl Lagerfeld. Follow-on investment in Southeast Asia's fashion platform Zilingo. How do our Burda colleagues work in Singapore?

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Come on in! Thanks sxsw See you next time! DLD Munich 19 : Check out the highlights in our video. On day 3 of DLD , the stage belonged to politics. The opposite of fear! Check out day 1 of DLD Munich We accompany Kerstin Weng, German Instyle 's editor-in-chief, to work. C3 positions itself for the future of marketing with a new agency model. Theater meets Science Raising the curtain on fake news As part of a series of events co-organized by the Berliner Ensemble and the Helmholtz Association, a science day was held with a focus on the topics of distrust and responsibility.

Helmholtz Blogs. How to Plan a Cruise — Searching for the Methane Signal in the German Bight Tanja Brandt - June 29, For our June cruise we were planning to locate a methane or chlorophyll anomaly in the German Bight and measure its extension, shape and possibly development Back on the Sea Ice Neumayer-Team - June 24, One of the projects at Neumayer that continues virtually year-round consists in measuring the thickness of the sea ice at regular intervals. Helmholtz Centres.

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They aim to unravel the changes taking place in the global environment and System Earth which are partly natural and partly caused by human action. DESY develops, builds and operates large accelerator facilities, which are used to investigate the structure of matter. The German Aerospace Center DLR headquartered in Cologne is Germany's national centre for research and technology development in aeronautics and aerospace. In addition DLR holds a leading position in the selected research fields of energy and transportation.

The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases DZNE examines the causes of diseases of the nervous system and develops respective measures for prevention, therapy and care. The GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt uses a modern accelerator facility to do basic research in physics and also carries out biophysical and radiation medicine research.

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How does matter behave in strong fields and at small-scale dimensions? How can malignant tumours be identified at an early stage and treated effectively? How can resources and energy be utilised in an efficient and safe manner? The researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf are seeking to answer these questions. The UFZ aims to research the interactions between humans and environment in impacted and damaged landscapes. Concepts and processes developed by the UFZ aim to help secure the natural foundations of life for following generations.

How will we get our energy in the future? How can we master the threat of climate change? And how can medicine help us respond to demographic change?

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Researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research are developing concepts that will provide answers to these questions. Helmholtz Centre Potsdam combines all solid earth science fields including geodesy, geology, geophysics, mineralogy and geochemistry, in a multidisciplinary research centre.

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT creates and imparts knowledge for the society and the environment. From fundamental research through to application, it excels in a broad range of disciplines, i.

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  • It makes significant contributions to the global challenges of mankind in the fields of energy, mobility, and information. Its goal is to emulate on Earth the way the Sun generates energy.