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In this irresistible compendium of unusual facts, Charles Panati, the foremost specialist on everything, tells how hundreds of our everyday items, expressions and customs actually came to be.

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Sure to delight the curious fact and trivia lover in all of us. On the Calendar. Charles Charles Perrault chemist Christian Christmas Church Cinderella clothes color cooking cream custom death developed device earliest early Eastre eating Egyptians electric Emily Post England Europe European fairy fairy tales fashion fingers fire folklore France Fred Waring French German glass Greek hair heat historians hundred invention inventor iron Josephine Cochrane king kitchen known later legend machine magazine manufactured Middle Ages million modern Mother Mother's Day nursery rhymes origin paint paper patent perfume Perrault person plastic popular practice produced Pyrex razor rhyme ring Roman rubber shoes Sleeping Beauty soap sold story superstition symbol tale teeth Teflon Thomas Edison thousand throughout toast tradition tree umbrella woman women word York.

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From Superstition. For lovers of facts, students of popular culture, history buffs, and science enthusiasts, the foremost specialist on everything tells how and why hundreds of the everyday items, expressions, and customs we take for granted came into existence. Learn the fascinating discovery stories behind over phenomena, including:. S empire.

Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things

Fallopius and Condom made strides in inventing and popularizing a male means of birth control. Charles Panati is an industrial physicist, former college professor, and for many years was the science editor of Newsweek.

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He's published 13 non-fiction books exploring the 'origins' of things, and two novels. See how to qualify. Quarto Drives More Subjects.

Panati's Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things : Charles Panati :

Quarto Lives More Subjects. Athena Perrakis.

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