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#20 – Gareth Stevens, author, inspiring creator, dude from England.

It has done everything from gutting fish to cutting wood including bamboo when I was in the jungles of Thailand. It has a very comfortable grip and has so many built-in features. It is very well designed and strong and just as importantly it looks great. All up 5 stars for the knife especially when you can get it cheap in stores. This knife is must have companion. Has its features that are dependable.

Sturdy construction, good grip. Hammering using its pommel is good for cracking. I like desert camping alot. It helps to have a dependable knife for all purpose use. The sheath is heavy duty. Highly recommended knife. I was give the knife as a Christmas present. I thought it was just a celebrity endorsement. My Brother broked the Holding of the knife but the knife is a very good knife. It's the perfect knife with a fire starter and a sharpener I recommend this to everybody that spends time in the outdoors.

This knife works very well, it can start a fire with the flint which I find extremely useful. Great blade, grip, and sheath. A perfect knife, heavy, powerful and durable. Great knife the only reason i give four star is because there's to much serration.

I am a Boy Scout and find this knife to be very useful when I go backpacking the serrated edge is a great addition to the knife. Loved the knife and the sheath features. Put the fire starter upright instead of upside down. I lost mine. Other than that awesome knife.

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This is an amazing knife. Very good design, well thought out, excellent quality, great features. I own 2 and have bought it for friends. I would add 2 things to push up the survival-ness of this knife. Make the blade shiny so you can use it as a reflective surface to signal planes. However, the dark gray stainless steel looks more bad ass to me. But who cares about looking bad ass when you're lost in the woods trying to survive.

I'd make the string that's attached to the whistle a paracord lanyard that can detach. It's an extremely useful item. That's all. Still, really great knife. I love mine. Nice knives.. I ordered one from my friend in US.. Absolutely astounding knife! All the features people look for in a knife can be found right here, the pummel does and astounding job and the fire starter is an awesome addition, this knife is Deffinatly in my top rated outdoor knifes!

What can I say? I own two of these knifes. I also picked up a couple of extra fire starters. Excellent service. Ordered the extra fire starters off the website. Went camping three times in the past month. There is nothing like using good tinder with this knife. It throws brilliant hot sparks every time.

I just got it today and it can do anything it was outstanding. I really like the feature bear did were you could cover the blade to hammer something. I also tried lashing it to a spear and that worked perfect. Other than that it was a awesome knife :. My wife and sons presented this knife to me last Xmas and it has surpassed all expectations.

I wasn't keen on the Bear Grylls branding at first due to typical profit hoarding, but the knife is well engineered. I recommend to anyone who's looking for a knife that can handle all outdoor duties. This knife is pretty awesome. About 2 years ago I used mine as a spear latched onto a 1m50 thick stick.

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After about what must have been 15 throws, the top about 1cm of the blade broke off. A blacksmith friend of mine recently took a look at the knife and noticed there were some serious issues with the purity of the metal right at the breaking point. Yes I'm from Europe, but does this mean I shouldn't get any after-sales service for the item I bought online?! I think this knife is the best me and my Friend used for taking down SmaLl tree's and it work This knife has everything! From the fire starter, diamond sharpener, and the awesomeness of everything about it.

I ordered this knife from Amazon for I have owned a lot of knives, and this is the best in my collection. If you have any questions about Gerber knives, go to Amazon. The blade is ok but the back of the knife is shit they say that the back can be used to bang things when i tried it broke out thus concluding this knife is junk!! Got one from PX, I am station in Guam.. I even was able to blaze a okay path through some thick woods with it. If I could only take one 1 item into a survival scenario, this would be it.

I added feet of para-cord around the sheath and it made an already excellent tool I have yet to find a challenge I could not tackle while carrying this knife. The one feature that does not get the credit it deserves is the 2 holes at the top of the handle. It allows you to easily, yet securely, transform this bad-ass knife into a even more bad-ass spear. All in all i would recommend it to anyone and everyone I have already "sold" 3 of my friends on it. This knife also inspired me to purchase the entire bear grylls line up. I have owned MANY different "so called" survival knifes.

Thank you Andrew. When you think of survival knives, you think of those cheesy, cheap knives with the compass in the handle. However, this is a quality knife that any outdoorsman would use daily. Every feature has thought out and is very practical. Definitely a knife to own. Great knife for the up - and - coming survivalist. I love this knife.

The feel of the knife is great. Well balanced and just "feels" good in your hand. The sheath is a 4x4 and the diamond sharpener is perfectly placed. With a whistle, fire starter and checkered pommel this "tool" will be with me at all times. Razor sharp OOB. I havent field tested yet but plan to this weekend. I have always been a fan of Gerber and they did not let me down here.

Definitely would buy again. Thanks for a great product Gerber. Great knife, very useful. I recommend taking the whistle off the hilt, and putting it on the ferrocerium rod. This is not a durable survival knife. The blade is weak and does not hold an edge well. It is also very difficult to sharpen. The flint rod is as good as any flint you could buy in a store, lasts fairly long, and is a decent size. But recently i discovered the flint rod fell out of the sheath while fishing up in the mountains.

I love the Gerber brand, and am a fan of Bear Grylls, but this knife was a disappointment. I am going to try the ultimate pro knife though hoping for it to be better than this knife. So this knife is great!! But when I went to buy it one major problem. This thing is HUGE. I'm really not trying to give it a bad review but wow Gerber and Bear Grylls really have made a great knife. I have the Folding Scout Knife and it's the perfect size. This looked like a good one. But wow. I'm really sorry guys This IS a good knife. Just purchased the knife this week. Was eager to try out the fire starter feature.

Fire starter broke right at the base. Do not buy for its features. Jury is still out on the blade itself. First off, overall it's a decent workhorse of a knife I would give it a 3. I'm a very avid camper, hiker and adventurer. I like good tools and tools that are reliable. The pros for this knife are that it does work well under stress.

I've chopped logs for firewood, cut 2"-3" branches, used it to clean fish, used the firestarter and keep it as my primary survival tool. The blade does stay sharp and I don't have sharpen it often. Bottom line, it get's the job done. Not a huge deal to me but shows the overall quality of the knife. However I was able straighten it out simply by sharpening the blade. I would recommend the knife to others, though time will continue to tell how much punishment the knife can actually take. This a good knife if you are looking for a beginners survival knife. I purchased two of these for my tweens.

They are just the right size for women and young men. Overall this is a good knife with some bells and whistles. I have not yet had a failure in the pommel. The fire starter is of good quality and the whistle is nice and loud.

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I would not say that this is an ultimate blade though. Thanks, Frank. This is the first Gerber knife Ive ever owned and Im 46 this year. I never looked at Gerber knives until I stumbled on the Bear Grylls line a couple months ago. The Ultimate Survival Knife really cought my eye. It looks great and it feels like the handle was made just for me.

I liked this knife so much I bought a second knife so I could have both blade designs. Since then Ive purchased a few more Bear Grylls Gerber knives. I am very happy with every one. These are now my everyday knives. They hold an edge longer than all the rest. This knife will Not let you down in the field. Great knife but could be better with a built in compass on the sheath. This knife looks great and high tech, has lots of little extras which are handy, and is being marketed as the ultimate survival knife, so whats not to like? Well, I will only get a knife with a full tang, for obvious reasons, and it says this knife has such a tang, thing is it is FLOATING in the handle- nothing holding it in place, offers zero structural support.

I found this out straight out of the box, during my first go over I simply tried hitting the pommel on my floor, which it seems to be designed to do, and it practically EXPLODED, I can now see straight up into the useless, hollow, handle. Buy something good, not this, because it don't matter how good it looks when its sitting in the landfill.

I got this knife this weekend and went straight camping with it. First I used it to baton some wood for a fire. It work great for for the smaller pieces but anything over about 3" was difficult, but that could have been my fault also. The cheesy looking fire starter had me worried, but boy was I proven wrong. Second drag across the rod first to remove coating threw amazing sparks about like a Roman candle! I am very pleased with this knife. Super impressed with the knife!

Affordable, full tang construction, rubberized grip and the striking surface at the butt are strokes of genius! Great job to the team at Gerber for the knife design! The sheath is well thought out and the integrated fire starter, sharpener and pouch for the survival priority guide are smart.

The durability of the sheath needs an upgrade though! I've only taken the knife with me once on a fishing trip, but the sheath is already splitting at the side seams on each side of the opening where the blade slides in, and the loop on the nylon backing on the knife point end split its stitching. With a few durability upgrades to the sheath, this knife package would be a 5!! It's now the scond year that I have it and I can say you that knife is is reeeealy hard.

I go to the scout with it and I never saw a sing of problem an exellent knife for the price is the best! This truly is and Ultimate knife! I've done almost every thing you can think of to it. I've smashed cinder blocks with the spine of the blade. I've used the pummel a lot. I used it to fix a creaky floor board! A really awesome knife and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality fixed blade knife for a low cost. I bought one of these, and it's fascinating I took it on my every trip. Congrats from Romania Europe. This knife is a great, all-around, useful knife.

It is sharp and durable. It also has a very nice sheath that keeps the knife from falling out. I've had mine for about 2 years now and during that hole 2 year the blade was AMAZING i could use this knife in almost every situation i could possibly need it for Ex: self-Defense, Survival and bush crafting and thats just to name a few. The only thing i could find bad about the knife is that today i was using it to cut some wood and accidentally hit some metal I think it was a screw and now my blade has a small crack in it : but again that was kinda my fault..

I have used this knife on many wilderness survival and camping expeditions and it never let me down. I can truly view and appreciate the features that this knife has, having used this knife a lot. It is light weight in my opinion for such a strong and durable knife. I could honestly go on and on about every single well thought out feature on this knife, but I think it's best if you go out and get yourself one and find out for yourself.

I have this knife until 2 years almost and it's impossible to destroy! The flit work just fine ant its really great for.. Had the knife for years, no problems. It's been in and out of salt water catching me dinners for years, kept me warm and def has miles on the blade. Never used the whistle though, but all in all, a great knife! I look forward to using and abusing Gerber for years to come!

I just got this knife today and have been looking it over. As a survivalist a 15 year combat veteran, I really wouldn't call this a survival knife. A survival knife should be made of polished stainless steel so you can use it as a reflective signaling item, not have a matte grey non-reflective painted surface. But a very good knife by all means. Simply, a fantastic knife. Great feel, extremely sharp, well designed. I just live it. I have 1 of these knifes and I would not trade it for two any other type knives I love it fire starter works great the knife holds edge very nice stays sharp long lasting sharpener if u know how to use it same as the flint.

Awesome knife!. Really like the accessories and sheath too! Would have been nice to have the blade angle etc.

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I purchased the knife yesterday and i must confess I have been wearing it around the house on my belt. All of the features that it comes with are great. I really enjoy this knife it is awesome it slices through a lot really well, and it is nice to also have the serration. Just Picked this knife up wasn't sure who Bear Grylls was till my wife told me.

Nice heavy knife for outdoor survival situations. Good sheath. Fire starter works great too. For the price, this is one knife you want to carry with you. It is just the right size so that you do not draw unwanted attention to yourself. Always a part of my packout. I have had slot of fixed blades over the years, but this is the best by fare. The knife is an all in one survival tool that allows me to lesson the amount of gear that I need to carry. The knife is great. My sister dropped the sheath and the part that says "Gerber" , the part that locks the knife in, and it broke.

The flint did too, which is predictable and ok. I ordered a nylon sheath, but the knife is Great! Awesomely durable and sharp knife. Cuts just about anything from dry branches to wet ones exactly where the serrated edges come in handy Fire starter is just as great makes you feel like a real survivorest when you start the campfire with it. Strap it on with your belt and carry it with everywhere.

I bought this knife a wile ago and found the sheath broken. I sent them a email Then sent it away. With no questions asked 4 days later a brand knew sheath with a Flint not asked for. I recommend this company however I don't like the made in china tag on the sheath.

Best knife out there for the money. I love this one and the compact fixed blade so much that I even occasionally use them while cooking! However it can be fixed with some gutted para cord. If you want to buy this knife i recommend the fine edged knife. I have had it for about two years and it is still holding up very nicely. I love this knife and would buy another one in the very unlikely event that it broke. I've tried a knife in real conditions on one training with the Army Special Forces. The knife is good, quality is good and the functionality is at a high level.

I as a doctor in the Croatian special forces, I was pleased. This knife has become an indispensable tool in my backpack for first aid. Knife fits well in the hand with limited slippage. Etra stuff not just slung on the sheath, but placed out of the way and fasten down tight. I would recommend this knife for any outdoor usage. This knife is an incredible knife.

I was really surprised at how well this knife held up at cutting, slicing, starting fires, held an edge, and how comfortable it felt in my hand. I have the serrated edge version of the knife and I absolutely live this knife. My pomel has held up and hasn't cracked or anything like that. Defiantly recomend it. Keep up the good work gerber. Amazing quality really useful for scouts recommended it to my whole troop and they are all going to get one as well. Great knife the serrated half useful but it was clever not to be full length. Pommel not amazing but still good fire lighter really useful.

This is without a doubt the very best functional knife I have owned so far. Heavy enough to chop stuff, grip is awesome and I was surprised to see how sharp it was when I opened the package. The sheath fits nicely on my backpack but the whistle has to go - gets in the way too much so it will probably end up on the sheath itself. I got this knife about a year or so ago, and it has served me well. I love the grip and ergonomics and the blade shape. The only things I don't like about this knife is that over time the Velcro started to wear out. The friction lock retention system is wearing out but still holds the knife.

After a few or so months the sharpener quit working and the pommel slightly loosened up but is still working just fine. Whistle and Ferrocerium rod works awesome. This is a good strong but they're only two problems the sheath is a breaks easily and it's really hard to get sharp Other than that it's a great knife.

I purchased this knife about a year ago, and it is still looking good!

I have cut wood with this and cleared some brush and it is still alright. Only problem with this is the sheath. The first time you lock in the knife it is super solid but after awhile you need no effort to put it in and the knife would fall out if it wasn't for the Velcro strap by the handle. Otherwise It is a great knife for the money and it holds up good.

I am from Croatia, and I have several different types of knives for my mountaineering, but this one comply all my needs. It's really cool knife, but the paint is very cheap i think. If you ask me, this knife deserves 5 stars. Paint is not the problem anyway. The whistle is a good bonus. The firestarter is nice, but i don't like the sharpener on the back. Purchased this unit, the clip locking piece got damaged.

Thanks very much. Field sharpener is not really a hit for me. I will take it to a professional to make it razor sharp. I don't think that you will use it for something else that beating the hell out of it. Received my second knife today. I was skeptic about ordering my first one but my wife wanted one for her Disaster Kit.

I have to say that I'm impressed. It's a solid knife and sharp as can be. The sheath holds the knife securely in place. The fire striker and magnesium work extremely well. I used it to light my ultralight camp stove with no problem. The whistle is a nice bonus. All in all, I would give this 5 stars for quality, usefulness and overall bad-assery. Reasonable price, reasonable quality. Also tested the pommel on a post model not the incipient, the problematic model and I was satisfied about the resistance.

Although I do not recommend this pommel for smashing rocks or hitting other blades. To use only in emergency situations — otherwise a simple stick can be used as hammer. Also tested the blade by throwing at distance, in hard wood, but no defections neither at the pommel, neither at the blade. After the testing the coating is nearly off of the blade, but I think is not a problem. When the weather is wet, water gets into this pocket and subsequently destroys the paper with instructions. Also not a full tang blade; a big disappointment for me. I dont like the sarretions and think fine edge will be better.

But this knife exsels at being used in a short term emergensy kit. This knife seemed to work well with cutting, and hacking, and slicing. As far as that goes, it did its job well. However, when I bought the knife. I had expected it to be a full tang blade like the new ultimate pro , when it wasn't. I was VERY disappointed to see this. The second or third time I used the pommel, it broke sideways out of the thin and rather flimsy plastic holding it. Not very pleased. Let it be noted that I have yet to try this. If it wasn't for the upside down hanging firesteel It would be a 5 star.

I tied paracord to it to keep from losing it. I used it as a hammer on some nails in boards, I tied it to a pole for spear and tossed it at the archery target, I cut a small tree in half beating the back of the blade with a rock and so forth. It passed and went in the bag where it has gone thru several courses with me and skinned several deer, an antelope and a hog now. This thing rocks and is a solid knife. My Son now owns one too with similar results. Great Job! I think swiss knives are better.

They have more options and they are smaller. I bought two of these knives. One for me and one for my friend for his B-Day. We soon after went camping and put the knives through the ringer. The fire starters were great little trinkets. They worked and started a few fires but soon wore out and were just show pieces on the knife. Also I lost mine going through a rough hike, I later removed the whole firestarter from my knife. The diamond sharpener worked like a charm but there was nothing to sharpen the serrations. Carrying the knives on our sides in its sheath was a bit uncomfortable considering it dug into your side, but it was bearable.

Now to the knives themselves. The handle although a little beat up due to the softer material used still stays in hand with no slippage. My friend and I both love these knives and he has told me that it is the best and most useful gift he has ever received. Awesome blade, does a whole lot of stuff and still performs well. Also it's handy having a sharpening stone on the sheath. Flint works well, but can be lost sometimes.

Great knife. I have owned several Gerber blades, all of which were folding knives, until I got this one. I love it. It keeps a wicked edge, and will be perfect for when I go camping. Right after I had bought the knife, I had noticed on the site that there is a fine edged one as well, and that is my preference, fine edged blades. So, I may have to go and buy that one too. Pros: The blade is carbon steel. Need I say more? The sheath is built like a truck. It's durable, and it does not scratch easily.

When the book begins, flickers and power shortages are commonplace, and Lina never knows when an outage might be permanent. Of course, we get the standard dystopian tropes: career assigned to you in this case by picking out of a bag , no strong parental figures, a younger sibling to care for. But what makes it unique among the bevy of early aughts young-adult books is how visceral her fear is. There is a clock running out, and we have no idea how much time is left. With the self-centeredness of just about any high-school-aged kid, narrator Kathy details the drama of a love triangle and the sexual awkwardness that comes with being young and curious.

But as she grows older, it becomes apparent that Kathy and her schoolmates are meant for a different life: to be cogs in the wheel of a larger system that is so dominant, so all-consuming, that mere thoughts of rebellion never even emerge. Here, she finds state-of-the-art fitness equipment, art and cultural materials, and a friendly staff. It all seems decidedly pleasant — except for the mandatory nature of it, and the fate of all of the residents there. The result is a powerful meditation on questions of societal obligations, families or the lack thereof , and how one best leaves a mark on the world.

Instead, he zeroes in on essential questions: What does it mean to be part of a family as the world reverts to a state of nature? Is it more important to uphold some remnant of morality and idealism in this broken world, or does survival take precedence over everything else? This is not the kind of dystopian narrative that extrapolates contemporary events far into the future, or uses fantastical or uncanny elements to heighten a mood.

The novel follows the title character as she escapes from a totalitarian nation and finds herself in a series of nightmarish scenarios, from grotesque industries to urban violence. As she ventures north, she joins up with a group of like-minded women living on a farm called Carhullan. In the U. There are a few stylish flourishes that make this novel veer in unexpected ways.

Hall offers plenty for sociopolitically minded readers to ponder in this haunting narrative. Can poetry also bring the reader into a dystopian landscape? Most definitely — there are several writers whose experiments with literary forms and narratives take them into futuristic spaces and transformative narratives.

The writings of Bhanu Kapil come to mind. In these poems, Hong also hearkens back to a horrific real-world incident of political oppression: the Gwangju uprising, in which South Korean citizens protested military rule and encountered a violent response. Sometimes the dystopian narrative extrapolates contemporary trends and fears; sometimes it summons up memories of a grim moment from history. Beukes is fantastic at capturing metropolises where things have gone ever-so-slightly off. Her first novel, Moxyland , uses the lives of four characters to zero in on questions of class, commercialization, and the overlap of media and technology — urgent ones to this moment in time.

The South African author writes about pop culture better than most, both in terms of forecasting the plausible artists and trends of tomorrow and how media consumption in the future might look. The series that launched a million think pieces. Say what you will about the craze that followed, but this novel brought a new era of young readers into bookstores, had them questioning authority, and turned the braid into an act of rebellion. While it will perhaps not be remembered for its prose, generations to come will know the international phenomenon The Hunger Games ignited. Though its most prescient social commentary was warning us how easily reality TV could take over politics.

When the world is on fire, will you be a passive viewer, or will you volunteer as tribute? For all of the heightened talk of reducing societal dependence on fossil fuels in recent years, said fuels still play a significant role in our lives. The Windup Girl offers an in-depth look at a society where oil is no more and kinetic energy is abundant. The ravages of genetic engineering is a frequent theme in science fiction — the way that the promise of science can suddenly give rise to something that brutally alters the fabric of society.

Nearly everything here seems off: The rationale for the missions suggests that things are deeply wrong with this society. Shteyngart imagines a financially gutted New York City that the world has left behind, where a vaguely and aimlessly authoritarian federal government issues labels and missives with obvious typos and everyone lives in fear of their publicly readable credit score. There is no apocalypse on the horizon, just more malaise. And yet, the next-most-operative word is love , as the romance in the foreground — however troubled it is — reminds you that common, private humanity survives in almost any fallen world.

On one hand, Ready Player One is an all-encompassing tribute to all forms of geek culture and fandom. But in its midst-century setting, where environmental catastrophes and economic issues have radically upended the U. Can nostalgia be dystopian in and of itself? It just might.

This is a subtly postapocalyptic world; some of the conflicts feel timeless, and a subplot about weaponized rape is particularly wrenching to read.

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The novel takes place in a future Sudan, where the light-skinned Nuru oppress the dark-skinned Okeke. Martin attached as executive producer. Forget what you know from the HBO show. Can the people who remain, the titular leftovers, resume their normal lives when such an event has taken place? And, yes, although some characters find meaning in joining a cultlike community called the Guilty Remnant, who chain-smoke cigarettes while wearing white, Perrotta is at his best when he focuses on the mundane — the teenage girls who have regular teenage-girl problems, even while the world feels so profoundly broken.

The ripest fruit borne of the Hunger Games tree. In the wake of Katniss mania, a new era of YA dystopia was ushered in, and Divergent was the cream of the crop. Every teenager has seen these groups before: The Dauntless are brave jocks ; the Erudite are intelligent nerds ; the Amity are peaceful do-gooders. Though the series takes many convoluted turns and ends on a pretty unsatisfying note, Roth created a story where every reader could see themselves and imagine what their role in the rebellion to come would be. But what makes this novel lodge in the mind is the inherent fragility of nearly everything: the shreds of civilization looking to piece themselves together; the wall keeping parts of lower Manhattan safe; even the handful of zombies who remain stationary, a reminder of the people they used to be.

Whitehead impressively blends fatalism with a sense of hope, and sustains tension on multiple levels throughout the narrative. The novel memorably encompasses the complexities of a society in which art, love, and politics are intertwined. The collapse of technology; diseases that decimate the population; natural disasters; the arrival of an extraterrestrial menace. In The 5th Wave — the first book of a trilogy — humanity must deal with all of these things in rapid succession. Sometimes, an abundance of disasters can make for a compelling read; such is the case here.

On Such a Full Sea taps into that sense of community in memorable ways. Lee posits a future in which isolated communities are populated by the children and grandchildren of migrant workers who settled in the United States. The novel is more interested in the marriage at its center: Cal and Frida are making the most of the apocalypse, living off the land, interacting only with a bartering network to exchange for the goods they need. Lepucki manages to remind us that if the world were to end, human drama would exist until its last breath.

Like her postmodern predecessors, Kleeman gives us a story that holds a warped mirror to the world we live in, saturated with ready-made foods and ads, making for interchangeable consumers. But she does this from the perspective of a woman who fears that sharing her makeup routine with her roommate will make the pair indistinguishable, inside and out.

Gender and identity are seldom explored so saliently in dystopian stories, which tend to take a broader view of society, rather than honing in on individual tumult. And as always happens when abstractions come up against human realities, the situation on the ground is far from ideal. But who actually wants to be a survivor in a dystopia? The horror has just begun for her. Just at the point when claustrophobia threatens to overtake the narrative, Joy escapes, and begins a journey both physical and spiritual as she contemplates who she is and what makes life worth living.

The Dark River

Gold Fame Citrus neatly splits the difference between two different schools of dystopian literature: the naturalistic and the surreal. The title is a reference to the various motivations that have lured people to California over the years; when the novel opens, its central characters are living in an abandoned mansion in the southern part of the state.

San Francisco, New York, and London are often the nexuses of American apocalyptic stories; densely populated and tech-focused, the settings are fodder for stories about invention gone too far. But what does the end of the world look like from the vantage point of a writer or protagonist from, well, anywhere else? When encountering a dystopian story set in the future, one question invariably comes to mind: How did we get from here to there? Some authors connect the dots; others drop their readers in the midst of a new society and let them puzzle it out.

A frequent trope in dystopian fiction is a future in which class differences have become heightened to a terrifying extent: The rich get much richer, and everyone else struggles even more. An elite stay eternally young, while others rage at them, taking up activism or more extreme measures to strike at the heart of an unjust society. I would have gone back through and counted how many times variants of either of these two words appeared on each pa These books are extremely poorly edited.

I would have gone back through and counted how many times variants of either of these two words appeared on each page if I could have stomached reading through the atrocious non editing a second time. While the storyline was decent, it felt redundant. Teenagers killing each other for the amusement of adults in arenas. Once you've read one story like this you've read them all, it feels like.

I was extremely bored one day and read the first two books in the series in less than 24 hours. I had to pause and set the books down for a few minutes to clear my head of all the teenage nonsense and lack of editing every so often. Maybe if it had been better edited and things happened for a reason instead of by pure dumb luck every single time I could have enjoyed the story more. The main character is what I look for in books these days: a strong, independent woman who has the gall to get things done. But two seconds after meeting a cute boy she falls head over heels. Have a little more respect for yourself girls.

Jan 31, David Wright rated it really liked it. Actually 3. This sequel is far superior to the previous book. The characters no longer possess indestructible superhuman powers, but get injured and infected and are susceptible to proper emotions. The storyline is also much better, creating more of the survival element aspect, rather than the full on, gung ho Hollywood cheese of book one. The Arenas also are much more interesting. It appears that the author took more time with this follow up - Creatively at least. Unfortunately, this boo Actually 3.

This detracts from the enjoyment of this sequel, which is why I say 3. It is still not a realistic dystopian series, but a worthy read nonetheless. Jan 21, Sascha rated it did not like it Shelves: sci-fi. I hate Brooklyn. I hate the forced love triangle. I hate the stupidity of all the characters and I hate the unrealism.

And why the hell is there a giant squid in an arena is a nuclear war demolished country? And again why are they wasting resources on a stupid weird arena thing? And how are they still finding so many survivors to fight in it after 3 years? You'd think the people that would be still alive after 3 years would have enough intelligence not to get caught!! Stupid story. Stupid I hate Brooklyn. Stupid plot. Stupid characters. Don't waste your time reading this. While I liked the first book in the series enough, I thought this one fell very flat for me.

My main issue with this book are the inconsistencies within the story and the grammatical errors. It distracted me from an already shaky story. I had a hard time getting into Arena Two because I felt like it moved a bit slow for me. I would have appreciated a whole lot more action throughout the story-but I will say that I enjoyed the Arena scenes towards the end very, very much. This could have been a good book but instead it counts as one of the absolute worst reads of my life! The editing if there is any! I won't list everything but there are two instances that stick out like the proverbial sore thumb: "de-thaw.

If you de-thaw somebody or something it means that you are re-freezing it. I hope you get my drift. Bottom line: get it right! Mar 10, Ash Freeman rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed the second installment of this series. In a world trying to kill her, the main character doesn't lose her humanity. She faces every challenge, afraid but determined to get her sister and her friends out which the author portrayed brilliantly. And all I can say before I start the third Mar 09, Julie Powell rated it it was amazing.

Part two of this harrowing survival story is fast-paced and brimming with action It has a great writing style though numerous typos, editing errors and repetition. The characters are engaging as is the plot. The cruelty is horrendous - mostly a product of fallout and mob temperament. All that seems to be left of this wintry world is disgusting entertainment. Great suspense and descriptions make this a compelling read, alongside characters you are willing to succeed. Recomm Part two of this harrowing survival story is fast-paced and brimming with action Feb 16, Richard Todd rated it really liked it.

Dispite the errors and all it's very entertaining. At least it's better than twilight. Mar 19, Tara rated it liked it. Added a new element that will appeal to readers of the Hunger Games. Still pretty all over the place, and not very well written. Amazing story. I can't wait to read Arena 3. What an imagination this author has. I am thoroughly enjoying reading her work. Jan 22, Danielle rated it it was ok. See review for book one, I pretty much feel the same. But here I go, gonna read the third one.

Can't miss the end if I've come this far. Jan 13, Melike Doludizgin rated it it was amazing. Why I cant read this book in the application. The story is good. Quotes to the wrong character, obvious wrong words. After a while it wore on me. I have better hopes for 3. Shame on the editor here for this rating.

Exciting Can't wait to read the next book. I have falling in love with these characters! Brooke is the modern day hero!!

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Jan 29, Mitchie Baudelaire rated it liked it. Logan honey, why? I liked you. You can't leave me alone in this ship with those lost puppies. Dystopian aspect of these books hooked me, which was done well, but lacked some multi layerness you might expect from it. To end on positive note though, author does a great job at throwing a dreadful thing near the end at unsuspecting audience aka reader, following in footsteps of writers who just love to give us something nice and then unmercifully take it away without warning signs.

Feb 09, -RadioactiveBookworm- rated it really liked it. Goodreads Synopsis: Having just escaped from the treacherous island that was once Manhattan, Brooke, Ben, Logan, Bree and Rose make their way up the Hudson river in their stolen boat, low on fuel, low on food, and desperately needing shelter from the cold. As they make their way upriver in this post-apocalyptic, action-packed thriller, on their way to try to find the mythical city in Canada, Goodreads Synopsis: Having just escaped from the treacherous island that was once Manhattan, Brooke, Ben, Logan, Bree and Rose make their way up the Hudson river in their stolen boat, low on fuel, low on food, and desperately needing shelter from the cold.

My Review: This book was crazy. It starts, and everyone's on a boat. Brooke had been passed out drunk. I guess you need to celebrate when you escape Arena One. I'm not sure if the second book was as good as the first one. I felt like I was reading the same book again, only with a couple different characters, and a different arena. It's weird, I wasn't expecting that. The book is good enough on it's own, aside from that big thing. It's a fun read. I liked it. I mean sure there were parts I didn't like, like how easy the escape was for them, and and how they just kind of sat around for a chunk of the book, but that's okay with me.

It is a middle story in a series. It happens. I'll definitely check out the last one, and hopefully it's not the exact same as the other two Thanks for reading. Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Science Fiction. About Morgan Rice. Morgan Rice. Morgan loves to hear from you, so please feel free to visit www.

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